31 thoughts on “August 4, 2017

  1. In a film this would be the same as two soldiers in a fox hole and one says, “it’s quiet.” “yea, too quiet; they’re up to something.”

  2. Cooper seems to imply that there’s been multiple inventories since the Sanzen incident. I don’t think any have been mentioned, but 3 years seems like a long time to go without one. It will be most interesting to see how Keith pulled this off. He was taking a chance that Cooper wouldn’t quit before the payback.

  3. I hope black woman with glasses does not catch cooper and hippie redhead alone in back room or she cuts off his manhood

  4. Well Cooper has an idea that “payback” could be in motion so he’s going to be keeping an eye on things. Forewarned is forearmed.

  5. I don’t know how an inventory company could possibly give the store a “good” count. The counters count what’s there, they aren’t given what is expected to be there. If they rounded up and the count goes higher than what the store expected, that would also set off alarms. When I worked as a custom sprayer for a large co-operative, I got to do the inventory. My boss would rip me up if the count was too low OR too high.

    Sanzen would have to have found a way to get a hold of the “expected” numbers.

  6. The old joke ‘How do you cause a flood?’ comes to mind. Cooper comes up with a way to write off the missing inventory that keeps everyone out of trouble.

  7. Cooper is smart enough to figure out what Dr. Evil is up to. Question is… is he clever enough to outwit the nefarious plot? The Sanzen isn’t betting on it, since Cooper can’t change past inventory results. But this IS Cooper…

  8. Ok here’s my prediction.

    Sanzen’s revenge solidly implicates Cooper & Marla in serious fraud.

    Bryce is instrumental in proving their innocence.
    The fraud at the other store is related (Sanzen’s dry run? Or something that coincidentally gives Bryce exactly the right insight and experience? )

    50% chance Crystal is a pivotal figure (either Sanzen’s ally or helps defeat him).

  9. An over count significant enough to matter is not going to sit there unnoticed for three years. Items are reordered based on what’s in stock and what with everything being tracked on computer, it’s a matter of a couple of weeks or less before it’s obvious that somebody screwed with the numbers.

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