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  1. I’m surprised that stuff is still up there, albeit in rough shape. I expected it to have been blown off by a storm.

    • Yeah me too. We haven’t seen Cooper’s Lounge in many years, how is this stuff still there through many winters, rainstorms, etc.?

  2. Is it that hard to figure out, Cooper?

    A lot of shrink went unreported in the past three inventories. What do you think an accurate count of your store is going to look like now?

      • No, not like that. I think what Phenglei Kai means is that any sudden, unexplained change in the shrink rate of the inventory compared to last year looks suspiciously like someone was tampering with the results in previous years.

  3. I think this will end with Marla and/or Cooper losing their job. It has to. It would really reinvigorate the strip (Not that it needs it, but it’ll make for great story arcs). Possibly seeing Crystal promoted to store manager, and her and Lunker going on a crazy escapade together to prove Marla and Coop’s innocence.

    Or maybe it’s nearly 4am on a Saturday morning and I’m woozy.

  4. I know that it is still a comic strip and that “facts” can be manipulated to serve the strip but I do have a question for those in the know.

    Someone made a point yesterday on how unlikely The Sanzen would be able to changes the numbers to make the audit results look better then they actually where. I had been under the assumption that the Audit Company has the numbers of what the counts are supposed to be (according to the computers) and they take the actual physical counts, compare them and then make a report that calculates the Shrink.

    Now what someone mentioned yesterday sounded like all the Audit Company does is do the physical counts and then sends those numbers to the stores corporate offices and they generate the Shrink report. The Audit company never knows the numbers of what is supposed to be on hand. And it actually makes a lot of sense to do it that way as it allows for no chance of manipulation of the numbers by either side.

    So is that how it is actually done in “Real Life”?

    • In my experiences, the auditors or inventory counters just take the counts then provide reports with the results of the count to corporate, and corporate calculates the results based on their records of merchandise received, sold, or written off as damage. The auditors/counters can’t provide final results as they don’t have that information.

      • Inventory involves a ‘blind count’ – the store does their pre-count & an outside auditor does the actual physical count.
        Neither side knows what it ‘should’ be, only what they counted & what’s actually there so no one can manipulate the numbers to favor one side or the other.
        Sounds like Sanzen found a way to add inventory in to favor the store’s counts, probably that business where Cooper’s pre-count sheets ‘disappeared’.
        After all, Sanzen used to work at Grumbles so he’d be familiar with their system.
        All the more reason why he should’ve been disqualified from working an audit involving a former employer who fired him.

  5. The answer may not matter. Take a look at the last panel for the strips on June 13, 2014 and June 21, 2014. Clearly Phase 2 is dependent on something that got installed while everyone was distracted. That could easily be the answer to your question.

  6. The store that I work for runs mini inventories every week. With hand held scanners, it is fairly easy to do. If the numbers don’t match then we immediately find out why so when the main inventory comes around, there are no major surprises.

  7. Somehow, they need to prove to Stuart that Keith previously underreported the inventory. Won’t be easy, but their jobs depend on it.

  8. Sanzen was inventory guy three years ago. This plan could work the next year but not this many inventories later. If Sanzen was there for those inventories Norm would have shown him being there. Also they should have noticed empty shelves by now despite the numbers/computer inventory system saying everything was right. Lastly, this is why a company uses a computer inventory system. It keeps track of each individual item in the store. The old days they would say we counted $3,085,355.87 and you think you should have $3,448,896.09 and then get the shrink %.
    Sanzen doesn’t have access to the computer anymore so he doesn’t know which items to put in the system to make the numbers come out looking good. Even if he did thats quite an unbelievable Herculian task to get it right. If Grumbels didn’t have a computer for inventory I could totally believe the most likely scenario. I hope Norm explains how Sanzen pulled this off. One last thing. People are going to say that the computer is never right so that solves everything. Sanzen’s plan would result in the computer showing with overages of 20 or 30 items or negatives of 20 or 30 items depending on how he did it and the systems used. Someone would have noticed long before now.

    • Sorry if it looks like I lost my train of thought a couple of times. There was so much I wanted to say and I had to abbreviate it.

        • We’ll have to see how it plays out before we can judge. I think it was a bit of a long shot just waiting 3 years. I’d imagine given the typical turn over in retail that there’s a good chance that Cooper would have been long gone.

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