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  1. Yeah but you know how often we get told the Owners are stopping by or are in the area and the Manager panics. We run around trying to make sure everything is magazine looking perfect and they NEVER stop by our store? We’re one of the few ones that aren’t right off the highway so it isn’t easily accessible and they pass us by..

  2. They do this in the restaurant world too. It’s just a way to get everything looking perfect for a while but they never show.

    Stuart’s funny. First he says he’s travelling with the VP all week, then admits he’s never even met the guy.

      • 1 – The veep has never once showed up though 5 times in the past (we’ll assume this is the 6th) he was supposedly going to.
        2 – Stuart says next week he’s traveling with him and they’ll be visiting stores.
        3 – Stuart has never met the guy, has only seen his pic a few times.

        Therefore I conclude Stuart is either lying about the whole thing or the veep is making a fool out of him (easy to do) telling him they’ll be travelling to the different stores together and it will never happen.

        Besides this week is inventory and it’s not likely they’ll descend on Marla’s store in the middle of that when it will be a colossal mess since when they show up the store’s supposed to be neat as a pin. Or would they? I put nothing past these sadistic creeps. Yeah show up in the middle of an inventory with a mess all over, and wonder why it’s not neat as a pin.

  3. There’s no such thing as a VP. VPs are a myth created by main offices to frighten employees into good behavior.
    Sort of like the boogie man, though I’ll admit VPs are scarier.

  4. I hated when the big-wigs were scheduled to visit. At the chain I worked for, they generally did show up — not the VP tho, just top district folks. but we always had to modify how we did things to make it look good. Like, not paging for assistance for customers, even tho that was a constant thing on “normal” days. Drove me crazy.

  5. The VP of my company actually came to my store a few months ago. First visit to a store in my state in 14 years, but I’ve always heard once every 6 months, “Oh, the VP is coming here” and then it never happens.
    I work overnight shift, and the VP was due to come by at 11AM, long after I’m at home and sleeping, but my bosses still wanted me to come by and dress up nice to make an appearance so “our department can be properly represented.”
    I said no.
    They were stunned, and saying, “But it’s the VP!!!”
    “Then the VP should be pretty understanding about how much sleep I need before having to go back to work that night,” I said. “I’m not driving 90 minutes round-trip in a suit and tie just to shake her hand ONCE for a three-second smile and a hello, and miss out on my sleep over that. Unless you wanna let me have the night off from work that day, I’m not going, especially because you’re not paying me to be present for this visit, so I wouldn’t be on the clock, and I’d be no different than a CUSTOMER.”
    So the VP came and went, and my managers told me how much “fun” I missed out on, but some of my friends told me there was no fun involved. She just walked the store aisles(some of them)while everyone flocked around her to kiss her ass.
    I spent two shifts getting MY department ready for her visit and she never even came close to there. She mostly lurked on the other side of the store.

  6. This is very true. They’d do this with our store and instead of the owner coming, it’d be one of his subordinates or a few of the buyers at best.

    I worked at Boscovs briefly though, and we actually did have old man Albert Boscov show up once, but he was so old he just stumbled around like an idiot and looked at clothing like he was half brain dead. Which considering the bonehead coupon rules at his store, he probably was.

  7. It’s not only retail this happens in. In my park service days we were constantly told the Executive Director was coming. Needless to say, he never showed up at my park. Never. Not once in 30 years.

  8. Explains a lot about Grumbel’s if Stu-baby has never met the VP. We don’t even hear much about Stuart’s direct report anymore (which probably explains why he gets away with his behavior).

  9. Where The Werefrog work, we are occasionally warned the CEO will be coming to our daily meetings. Amazingly, after 2 warnings, he did show up.

    Also, he sometimes drops by the department just to see how everything’s going.

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