18 thoughts on “August 7, 2017

  1. There’s three ways I see this possibly going. Either they’ve uncovered his plot, and are in time to foil it before inventory happens. Or they’ve uncovered his plot, JUST LIKE HE WANTED, and he stays a step ahead a little longer to draw this out.

    OR there is no plot, Sanzen moved on years ago, and Cooper’s just being paranoid.

    …Or I guess a fourth where there is a plot and acting like there was no plot to make Cooper seem paranoid and mess up the inventory because he’s got himself and their best stock counter so busy looking for the plot was part of the plot. This could get rather convoluted.

    • That’s the problem with trying to out-scheme a dedicated schemer. You never know when they know you know they know you know they know you know…

      Really, it all depends on what lengths they are willing to go to for their revenge. Knowing The Sanzen, those lengths could be pretty long.

    • It could be he has a big plot behind a little plot. Cooper finds the small plot and thinks that’s it, he’s found it and taken care of it. He’s congratulating himself but then comes the BIG plot which hits him blindsided.

      • That’s probably a very accurate prediction, but I wish it wasn’t.

        Please! Cooper paid back for his ‘slacking off’ as a younger worker, and then some. He’s built an awesome team… let the plans be completely foiled, for the sake of empathetic readers everywhere!

  2. In the real world of real retail and real inventory counting, there is no way that a lowly inventory team leader, who was probably hired through a temp agency, could screw up the inventory count and keep it screwed up for three years.
    Cooper’s losing it.

  3. This all seems ridiculous…. It doesn’t even seem plausible that an employee who was fired from a business would be allowed to be responsible for the inventory count of that same store, while all the key players are still working there. I mean most retailers won’t even let managers continue their two weeks after they quit, what are the odds they would be okay with a fired employee coming in and doing inventory for them?

  4. I think its obvious now. The VP is going to show up for real, and the inventory is going to be horribly screwed up. Maybe even have “evidence” of Cooper being behind the shrink. That could get cooper arrested, and marla fired. This may even happen, and lunker and friends get to the bottom of it, find what sanzen did, bring the evidence to light, and get everything restored.

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