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  1. Cooper, who should be running a spy network instead of a stockroom, can’t figure this out, when about 100 people in the comments already have? Come on, Coop, why would someone who hated the stockroom supervisor make the inventory look good? So that when an accurate result is finally allowed, it’s compared with the inflated numbers from previous years, and boom, 9001% shrink. Pink slips fly like confetti, people get cuffed, you hear lots of words like “theft” and “prison”, real end-of-the-world type stuff. There you go, solved it for you.

    • Some people look at the computer as their lord and god. If the computer says so then that is the final word. If he got acess to the network he could make a whole truck load of stuff disappear and few if any would question then the truck ever exsist in the first place.I see it happen before. 10000 pounds of ard went missing at ttttthe mill I worked at. Everyone was freaking out. Turns out the missing yard never even exsisted in the first place.

  2. I think what may be going on in Cooper’s head might be guilt. Cooper started the feud by hacking into and shutting down Sanzen’s blog site.
    Karma is a bitch.
    That said, there is no way in the real world that inventories can be manipulated like that and certainly not over a period of years, and certainly not by someone who does not work in the store or for the company. Even back in before times, before everything was computerized, such large discrepancies would be picked up rather quickly.
    Staff and shoplifters walking off with pens and candy bars is one thing. Large expensive items or items in large enough numbers to make a difference is quite another

    • It’s a bit arguable to say Cooper /started/ the feud. He certainly escalated it, but Sanzen was a reader of his blog for whom he did a solid and got him a job at the store. Sanzen then proceeded to, knowingly and with intent, copy Cooper’s blog – if I recall properly, down to the formatting even, so very much ‘intentional copy’ – and I believe actually admitted that his goal was to steal Cooper’s readership and overtake him. THAT is the action that started the feud in the first place. Cooper’s actions against Sanzen’s blog were retaliation for an acknowledged slight.

      Now, it was Cooper’s Lounge that caused the real meat of the problems in the end, and he may feel guilty about that. That said, that was years ago, and Cooper has grown and actually matured a good bit since then. I’d sort of hate to see him too severely punished for it now. I will admit part of me kind of hopes that even Sanzen’s forgotten about the whole darn thing and there is nothing coming, but as he’s a comic villain, both the real-world rules and the idea that maybe he’s gotten a life since then likely don’t apply.

  3. The Werefrog think that Sanzen isn’t even involved. He just did that one to put Cooper on his guard and get paranoid, but he didn’t do anything at all.

    Living well is the best revenge.

  4. We… are the Crystal Staff
    We’ll always save the day
    And if you think we can’t
    We’ll always find a way
    That’s why the people
    Of this store
    Believe in
    and Mel
    He’s Lunker! 😀

  5. Many of the commenters are in agreement that Sanzen’s plan appears to be to artificially inflate the inventory, and then pull the rug out by allowing the real numbers to suddenly appear.

    Many of the commenters are, I think, right in pointing out that this is pretty much impossible, for a few realistic reasons.

    I propose that if Sanzen has inside help, he can do it. I don’t see any of the characters we know and love being a mole for him… but they wouldn’t have to be *knowingly* doing it. Donnie is naïve and impressionable, for example, and Stuart isn’t tech-savvy or particularly caring… Sanzen could have gotten backdoor access to the store’s computers somehow.

    I still think Bryce is going to be the unlikely saviour and that the fraud in the store he went to will somehow be involved – either that store may have been a victim of the same scheme our heroes are facing, or Bryce’s experience with the aftermath of it will give him unique insight into Marla’s predicament, and he offhandedly gives them exactly the clue they need to unravel it and put the blame back on Sanzen.

    • That would be interesting, actually. I guess the question is if the important bit that was set-up by previous plots is Crystal’s presence in the store, Brice’s departure and circumstances thereof, both, or neither.

    • “Sanzen could have gotten backdoor access to the store’s computers somehow.”

      See the June 13 and 21, 2014 strips. That sure looks like computer access to me.

      I also posted a few days back that I thought the NH store was part of Keith’s revenge. I’m thinking the stock was moved from NH to Marla’s store somehow. In fact … I wonder if Keith’s plot backfired – the stock went the wrong way! NH should have looked great and Marla & Co should have been sacked. That would be a very easy mistake for Norm (the sidekick) to make.

      • And it dawns on me just what Keith could have done – switched the shipping address between stores. The stock intended for NH went to Marla’s store. So, of course the inventory is off. And guess who benefits from Cooper discovering this? Well, who ends up the fall guy if NH continues to have problems? Brice.

        • NH was the practice store, possibly? Good theories! Is Crystal going to feel the bad vibes (Spidey Sense) when near the source? (She demonstrated that for us, already)
          (I read a whole weeks worth, every Sunday, for all my bookmarked comics! I can’t wait to see what happens “Next”)

  6. if sanzen has let inventory audits be good for so long, then why hasn’t he struck sooner? (assuming that his revenge scheme really is this straight forward) whats the evidence saying that sanzen is going to strike this audit and not wait it out even longer?

    • My theory is he’s already struck – but got it wrong. Management at the wrong store got fired. Cooper will end up saving Brice.

  7. Lunker hops out of the comic panel tomorrow, and every newspaper in the country prints him walking across the comics page to Dick Tracy (or Spider-Man) somehow, even though none of the editors put him there.

    Never underestimate the power of Lunker.

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