37 thoughts on “August 9, 2017

  1. Oh, cripes, is Crystal going to turn out to REALLY be psychic?

    Well, we should give whatever Mr. Feuti is planning a chance, but I have a sinking feeling that a lot of us are going to be saying, “That character was a lot more funny when she was just nuts.”

  2. And so the unlikely trio set off to find the Sanzen …..

    If my theory from yesterday is correct, the reason Norm has them looking for Keith is so Keith will discover that his plot failed.

    • I like your angle of thought that the plot involves diverting inventory from one of the stores to the other.

      Though this doesn’t necessarily mean a failure. If Sanzen was inflating their inventory by sending them a percentage of the other store’s stuff, Cooper wouldn’t catch it; his counts would all be “accurate” as far as he knows. The other store on the other hand would show MASSIVE shrink, leading to the fraud investigation.

      • “Failure” in that it was intended to work the other way around – NH would look great and Cooper would be on the streets right now. If I’m right about a swap, then Keith would need a store that’s a bit smaller, but that store’s sales grew a bit and became a bit bigger.

  3. *ring ring*
    Oh my, I do hope someone answers that phone…BECAUSE I FREAKING CALLED IT!!

    Also on an unrelated note, Lunker’s overbite has been missing in the pass two comics. It really throws me off each time I look at him and don’t see his teeth.

    • I’d say you’re the first to bet on it, but myself, Drone2903, Macushlalondra and Dani suggested the possibility before that. There might be more, but I only went back to the start of the month. There’s a possibility it came up when she was hired.

  4. If this comic is going to feature a seance or something similar, I will have to stop reading it. Please, stop before it is too late. Let this comment stay posted.

    • David Schick,
      Séances are for contacted the dead. Although that would be an interesting twist on things wouldn’t it.

    • why would you stop reading it if there is a seance (which wouldn’t even make any sense here). But regardless, your opinions or nor, the comics are long at the printer.

  5. Let us not forget that this all takes place in a universe where a terminally sick character wins the lotto and pays for his surgery with the winnings. Anything is possible here.

    This is an opportunity for Crystal to prove her worth. As a naive nutjob she needs more depth/ability to her character.

    And no. I don’t believe in psychic nonsense.

    • Cooper was not terminally sick when he won 20K to pay off his hospital bill, and it wasn’t by the lotto. He had an emergency appendectomy and had no idea how he’d pay the bill as he had no health insurance. He was barely making ends meet as it was. Then he pulled the tab on some soft drink from the food court and won 20K to pay his bill. He’s been healthy since the appendectomy.

      • Norm ended that arc with a panel saying something like “Cooper had a friendly cartoonist to solve his problem, but most retail workers don’t.” I’m short on time and using my iPad, so I’ll leave it to someone else to find the link.

  6. Perhaps the ‘powerful forces’ she can contact are the IRS or someone high up in the inventory company world….or even the CEO of Grumbel’s!

  7. I was going to point out, powerful forces doesn’t mean anything supernatural, necessarily.

    (Although Lunker has been hinted to have superpowers before.)

  8. Crystal is in on it.

    Brice got to leave because of an opening caused by an “investigation”. Probably an investigation into theft/shrink due to Keith’s meddling in stock/audits. Somehow Crystal was set up to be a replacement, and her connection to Lunker got them to drop their guard, or else their connection is part of the plan (so that she can send them on some wild goose chase/keep them distracted/put them in a compromising situation).

    Keith had something big up his sleeve.

    • Doubtful; that would require Lunker to be betrayed by someone he considers one of his oldest and closest friends. Lunker’s just too inherently good-natured to picture Feuti ever doing that to him.

  9. My guess is that by ‘powerful forces’, Lunker means Crystal knows a lot of interesting people who can set them up. 🙂 This could go somewhere good…

  10. I’m gonna go with “Crystal comes up with some whacky answer – yet it turns out it was right all along! Then along will come the “Or was she?” rational explanation. Then she and Lunker will do something minor yet randomly inexplicable just to keep the question floating. Or something completely different! 🙂

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