29 thoughts on “December 1, 2015

  1. This is worse if you take the question(s) by phone and are constantly walking back and forth between the product and the phone. Please ask all questions up front so I don’t have to walk to the product 20 times!

        • Exactly.
          Da Boss always assumes that you’re wasting money on company time if you’re caught with your phone, looking at a clock, talking to your co-workers, getting a drink of water, using the restroom, straightening aisles as you walk from point A to point B.
          In other words, Da Boss doesn’t like it when you do your job. And then when you stand there glassy eyed because no matter what you do you’re going to get a reprimand, you get reprimanded and then criticized for not showing any initiative.

  2. Lol, well, at least Val gets to answer the questions before being asked the next one………..which in my experiance, is the same freakin’ question slightly reworded before being interupted and asked the “new” question…..

    • That’s only if you didn’t give them the answer they wanted the first time. Obviously it can’t be because what they are wanting just isn’t there, it must be because you didn’t understand the question. Reality forms around them, don’t cha know

      • I’m trying to answer them, they just don’t let me finish answering the question befodlre rewording then reasking the question.

    • Exactly! Does she think they have the women’s brown Uggs boots hidden behind door #3? Or behind the mysterious “back” door?

      • Someone may have taught her by publicly-humiliating and “too late to be helpful” example that the answer to such questions is always “yes”.

  3. But But But… It’s too much trouble to walk to the shoe department. It’s even more trouble to ask the essential question first.

  4. Do you have them in smaller sizes?

    Do you have them in size 5.5?

    Do you have them in wide?

    Can I try them on?

    30 minutes later.

    Oh I am not buying them here. Amazon has them for $1 cheaper.

  5. All of which supports my theory that
    American consumers aren’t ready for self service stores, they can’t even grasp the basic concept.

        • Same here. And… extra text because “same here ” is somehow too short a post. Even though that’s all I wanted or needed to say.

        • I’ve cashiered–a lot–and self checkouts don’t work for me. They always freeze on me and an associate has to come reboot it. And I currently work retail, so it’s not like I’m out of the loop, they just aren’t reliable. (Neither are regular registers, but even less so for self checkout)

  6. This, or when you tell the customer, “No, I’m sorry we don’t carry that item” and they go to the next available associate and ask for the same thing, and then the next, and the next, and the next…

  7. Ugg, this lady. Just ask “Do you sell UGGs?” straight up. This is like going into a GameStop and asking if they sell video games… then Xbox games… then Call of Duty… then Black Ops 3. Skip the two obvious ones, please!

  8. I work in a drugstore, and I once got “where is the medicine”?

    When I asked what kind of medicine they wanted, the customer got annoyed, rolled her eyes and said “you know, just regular medicine!”

  9. She’s in a dept store with at least 2 floors; in fact I think I remember a reference in a previous strip to a third floor. Therefore, the first two questions were stupid. I mean, I could see if it was a sporting goods store or a bookstore, but a dept store with 2-3 floors is bound to have a women’s shoe dept. Yeah, I just have no patience with people like this.

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