24 thoughts on “December 1, 2016

  1. I have actually had this questions before at my work and I somewhat knew the anwser. The original store where my current work is was a Walmart that was built in the 70’s. After Walmart opened a super Walmart in the 90’s down the road they cut the building in half so the bathrooms that were near the front went to one company and the employee break room and bathroom at the back of store went to the other. Lets just say the customer wasn’t pleased because it was inconvenient to walk to the back of the store to find a bathroom. I eventually just told them to go talk to walmart and ask them why they moved.

  2. I hate people like this customer with the white-hot intensity of a million supermovas. They are so incredibly self-centric they honestly believe the entire world revolves around them and ONLY them, and a minor inconvenience to them is supposed to be the end of everyone elses’ life.. They’re impossible to please and a colossal pan in the arse whenever you encounter them. They’re seldom ‘correct’, but they’re never, EVER wrong.

    • very true and we have raised an entire generation of self absorbed people so things will no doubt get worse and yes I realize there are exceptions, but not as many as I would like to see

      • Ugh, are we really going to #BlameTheMillennials again? Because there are just as many assholes in Generation X and the Boomers.

      • Not sure what you might have done, but I’ve raised three Millennials to be as considerate of the rights and feelings of others as I was raised myself. Unless you think Boomers raising a Gen X must have done just as bad a job?

  3. It looks like they’re standing right next to the escalator. It would be a matter of moments to get up to the third floor or down to the first. Hardly a major inconvenience.

  4. Oh yeah lady, I keep those kinds of phone numbers memorized just for fools like you! Don’t be surprised if no one answers…

  5. I actually don’t even have a bathroom on the main floor of my house, there’s one downstairs in the converted basement, and one upstairs next To the bedrooms, but none on the main floor with the living room and kitchen. Somehow, we not only live, we even manage to not pre ourselves. Well, except for the baby, but he’ll be going up and down the stairs soon enough.

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