22 thoughts on “December 10, 2016

  1. I’ll stay away from the chemicals poisoning her house, thank you.

    P.S. I have pretty bad asthma so her home would likely send me to the ER.

  2. That would be wasted on me. I never light candles since I’m scared of fire. So that pretty candle would go on a shelf to look nice but that’s it.

    • You can use an electric candle warmer to just heat the wax and get the same effect without the fire!

      My SO and I recently bought an oil diffusion machine that uses a sonic emitter (Just like the good doctor woo!) to whip the water (With oil drops added in) into a mist which it exhudes out the top. It’s actually BETTER then burning the oil like we used to and there’s no danger of fire either!

      (We did pick up a couple of household fire extinguishers recently and I went nuts mounting them in just the right place. The general-use one is right next to the door of our apartment, and the kitchen specialty extinguisher is on the wall as you exit the kitchen. No point heading TO or THROUGH the fire to get the extinguisher to put it out with!)

      • We used a candle warmer in the last two apartments we lived in, since at least one of them had rules against open flames and the other was just too crowded to have a safe place for a lit candle. It’s surprising (to me) just how well the candle warmer works. As a bonus, it’s good for melting the last bits of wax out when my husband wants to salvage the jars for glass projects.

  3. Yuck. There’s a reason I referred to the scented candles/other stuff aisle as the “chemical weapons aisle” when I worked on a reset crew for a national chain store.

    Brotip: If a purveyor of scented stuff offers a sandalwood scent, it’ll probably be both the strongest and foulest scent in their product line.

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