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  1. By “my boy friend is an idiot” it, for Amber it translates as “his nerd opinion differs from mine” lol. It always helps to be at least a little familiar with another person’s interests before bonding 😀 Saves from all the awkwardness.

  2. My bf and I differ in some nerd circles, and I have had some complaints that friends/coworkers can’t share.
    my bf and I challenge each other mentally, but he has ADHD and dealt with the best people in the field to get to where he is today, and his brain works different from mine. So, sometimes I have a complaint for my friends or close coworkers and they don’t get it.
    Plus, my bf and I are more nerdy than just under half of my coworkers. He doesn’t get friendly with his coworkers. So that’s fun.

    • No. Benjamin Sisco was. Because, unlike either Janeway or Piccard (and like Kirk) he would do whatever was necessary to win and if Starfleet had a problem with that, tough. And unlike Kirk, after winning, he’d take the consequences of his actions, assuming Starfleet figured out what really happened, which, given the massive incompetence in the higher levels of Starfleet, didn’t happen very often. See, for example, how he got the Romulans on side during the Dominion War.

    • I would like to see them expand on the other captains that we’ve seen – for example, in one of the films I believe we saw Uhura in command of her own ship.

  3. Have we ever met Amber’s Boyfriend? As a reader now for a few years I am surprised that I have learned or seen very little about him.

  4. I’m thankful my wife is only a casual geek. She loves Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel movies…but she doesn’t follow the communities or go any deeper than the surface. Because of this I can tell her things or spoil her and she likes it.

    Plus, like me, she WANTS to be spoiled. It sucks because I’ll DVR her shows while she is at work and when I sit down with her to watch them, after I already watched them live, she’ll ask me what happened at the end of the episode.

    In that respect, it’s annoying, but better than the opposite way, I suppose.

    • Sounds kind of like me and my husband. I’m a casual fan of the stuff he likes, but for my own fandoms I’m super hardcore. So he’s welcome to tell me what’s been going down on Agents of Shield or whatever, and then he just kind of nods and smiles when I try to explain Skyrim. 🙂

      • Me and my Best Friend are like that too. I’m the superfan he’s the casual. Before during and after the movie he asks who that person is, whats their power etc. Explaining all the problems with X-Men: First Class took the whole ride home.

  5. I would dearly love to have a wife/gf who could discuss such nerdy things with me. If I mentioned Tattooine to my wife, she’d look for the ink.

  6. So if Amber was referring to her boyfriend getting wasted at a party and completely embarrassing her, and Heather had said Donne did the same thing at a comic book convention, would Amber have still given that same retort? Just because you don’t share the same specific interests it doesn’t mean you can’t commiserate and bond over broad situations that are similar. I just found it a bit snobby that Amber seems to be rejecting the bond simply because Heather is irritated about something to do with geek culture and obviously she isn’t.

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