17 thoughts on “December 11, 2016

  1. Sassy Val is best Val.

    But boy have I been in her position before. That is why at this point I just say the standard greeting give the occasional “uh-huh “, “eyup”, and “better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it”. Tends to get the people moving when you speak as little as possible.

    • Viss,
      And if you take the time to have an actual human conversation with everyone in line who is in the mood to talk, you won’t get disciplined, you’ll get fired.

  2. I’ll never understand why people do this (What the customer is saying, not Val) I know a lot of folks who have said the same to me, though mostly at work.

    Maybe it’s due to the fact that I started in retail when I was 18, but I always viewed Christmas as a simple rewarding of friends. The more I liked someone, the better gift they received. If I didn’t like them? They’d be lucky to get a card. As you can imagine, this is hard to do with work-borne pollyannas.

    • I agree. I’ve been in retail-arts and craft chain to be exact, where Christmas starts in July and the music starts November 1-for 17 years so I’ve become a bit jaded to the Christmas season. The one thing I’ve always enjoyed, tho, is giving Christmas gifts. If it stops being fun and becomes a chore, then it’s probably time to take a break from it. There’s enough going on in the world to stress over, buying the “perfect” gift shouldn’t be one of them. It’s not what Christmas is about. Most people are not silently judging you b/c your gift isn’t “good enough” and, well, if they are, then they probably deserve to get a lump of coal anyway!

    • What I want to say in cases like this is the same as the complainers over stores being open/having sales thanksgiving or black Friday crowds: you chose to participate in this event, you could just go online and get the same deal without the inconvenience to everyone. You obviously do not feel that bad about it happening or you would not be here telling me about it.

  3. I always hated hearing a customer’s life story. When I’m bagging for them and they say “pack them lightly” or pack them in “paper inside of plastic” they have to tell me their life story about why they need the bags packed lightly or paper inside of plastic. I don’t need to know your life story. Just tell me your bagging preference and I’ll comply. When you tell me to “pack them lightly” I’ll even ask you if they’re too heavy or not.

    • If only everyone just complied with requests. Unfortunately, there are people who won’t unless you explain why.

      This happened to me a lot when I didn’t have a car, back before using reusable bags was commonplace. Publix had just started selling them. No amount of asking them not to stuff everything into one bag stopped them from doing it. I had to explain that 1) I had to walk to the bus stop and 1 heavy bag was harder to deal with and 2) it was damaging the bag handles making them that heavy.

      Same with asking for the cold items to be placed in the thermal bag(s). They wouldn’t do it unless I explained it takes me almost an hour to get home by bus & walking and the food wasn’t going to make it unless it was in that bag.

      Believe me, I’d much rather be able to make a request without having to justify it.

  4. Aw yes, the “every now and then type of customer” who thinks that the cashier at a retail establishment is a bartender that they can pour their soul out to.

  5. If this is all Christmas means to you, the gift giving and receiving then forget the whole thing. I don’t understand why people put themselves through this, and spending holidays with family members they can’t stand, often traveling many miles to do so, and don’t enjoy themselves. It’s no wonder so many give up on Christmas and other holidays if this is all they mean.

  6. If Christmas sucks for you, give up some of it. I did. It’s honestly refreshing. My parents are financially secure enough to buy what they want, I have weird hobbies, odd taste, and too much crap as it is; it makes no sense to get each other an errand. We made an agreement: Pick a charity that gives you the warm fuzzy feeling and the others will donate in your honor to that.

    Christmas morning, we open a card and have breakfast. No 60s music, no gaudy lights, no junk under the tree. I don’t miss it, and my time in the retail trenches just adds to the cynicism.

    Also, the Grinch was a man who lacked convictions. He had stolen all the stuff and was about to throw it off a cliff, and then he wimped out. Pathetic.

  7. I had a customer do just that last week. Starts talking my ear off, and I’ve got a long line of people. His transaction was done, he was just standing there talking to me. I remained as polite as possible, and as soon as he paused to take a breath I called up the next customer. He took the hint and went on his way.

  8. In the real world, the person behind her in line would be getting ready to follow her out to her car and slash her tires.

    Christmas just so brings out the wor … er, best in people.

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