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  1. Maybe the weather has been nice. Grumbel’s is in Rhode Island a state that borders Connecticut. Connecticut has been have very nice weather and there was just an article in the paper yesterday that holiday sales are down because of the nice weather.

    • That’s the way it has been here too. It’s hard to sell winter coats and sweaters when it’s 70 degrees outside and people are shopping in shorts.

      • Wait, wait, wait! It’s 60 degrees on the East coast??? I’m in Phoenix (ish), and it’s been 50-60 all week! We’re supposed to be the warm city…

    • Actually, That’s been there relationship, or lack there of, Marla does something right Stuart gets credit, Marla something goes wrong, the buck stops with her. it’s been going on for years.

  2. Good old Stuart. Always predictable. Can’t fathom that there are other factors that may be affecting the “light” sales. It has to be all Marla’s fault. She’s supposed to twist people’s arms and force them to buy stuff.

  3. Stuart is the male version of my DM. If we don’t get sales because there’s a blizzard outside we obviously didn’t sell enough to the one person who came out to shop. If we had two customers all day who already had our credit card we obviously didn’t talk them into opening one for their spouse (illegal, but still expected). She wants no excuses except admittance of our own failures.

    • People like this must be a pleasure at casinos. In blackjack or any other game, you can do everything right but still not win any money, and in fact lose some. I can’t help but imagine people like your DM getting into an argument with the pit boss (and, inevitably, security) that they followed the rules and guidelines, thus should have won but didn’t, and therefore the dealer is at fault.

      • I love those customers at the casino… especially since I’m friends with the surveillance guy, and he has before called my cubicle and told me I have to get over to surveillance right away and “check this shit out”… oh, always so amusing to watch.
        Granted, my favorite surveillance clip, was one from before I even started, but it has been saved so it doesn’t autodelete like most old content does, of a guy trying to rob the cage, security starts to chase him off, and out of nowhere you see the former (he retired shortly after this, not because of this incident, but because he was going on 70 years old) CFO who had just happened to be walking towards the cage to talk with the cage supervisor, jump out in front of him and tackle him to the ground. That was something, watching a 70 year old man in a suit take down a 20 something punk.

  4. “Fine, Stuart. Let’s get in touch with the stores that have done outstanding sales this season, and find out what they’re doing. Which ones are those?”

    “…. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh” (brain blows a circuit)

      • To be honest, I believe that Stuart has long since run his course as a character and needs to be written out. Whether that involves killing him off or leaving the company, whatever. He simply needs to go, maybe because he reminds me so very much of the people I used to answer to. Senior retail managers are almost all EVIL.

        • I fear that’s why he’s being kept around, as there’d just be another incompetevil agent of corporate standards getting underfoot. besides, it’s difficult to say if Norm would put him on the bus by having karma catch up with him finally, or having him continue to fail upwards, becoming too important to deal with Marla and co. anymore.

        • Stuart is the face of corporate. He’s a convenient shortcut to illustrate the head office. As such, he’s less of a character and more of a concept. The concept is central to the strip – I don’t see that changing. I don’t think Norm is going to replace him unless he wan’t a different face for corporate. Perhaps a different style of “evil” or incompetence.

          • There’s always Darla’s, er, Marla’s “favorite” former DM, Jerry (I forgot whatever became of him – I suppose he’d have to be demoted/rehired to return to that spot).

            Or that weasel Josh, the assistant manager she canned a couple of years ago – wouldn’t put it past Corporate to forgive him and hire him back to be Marla’s boss..

  5. Stuart reminds me of the corporate offices of a convenience store I used to moonlight at… this chain would be a good case study in miniature of why the Soviet Union collapsed. Literally every decision that wasn’t a hiring, termination, or scheduling decision (and even then, hiring had to be approved) was made by corporate. Even small things like how many donuts to stock were determined by the corporate office (and no, they weren’t running numbers through some advanced software to determine how much each store stocked, they had decided that they wanted “consistency” across all stores, because that was what customers wanted, so literally every store stocked the same number of donuts, the same number of well everything). The store even got in trouble because we had a small deli section, and we noticed that a lot of our locals would add jalapenos to the breakfast burritos that we sold, so our kitchen manager decided to start making some with jalapenos already in them to make it easier for the locals who preferred it that way (and ideally bring in more local traffic). Oh, no, corporate had determined that wasn’t “consistent” and had to be nixed.
    But then corporate gets upset when, even though it was corporate who determined that there are to be a dozen chocolate glazed and a dozen maple glazed donuts, that the store only sells 18 donuts instead of all 24, because the chocolate sell out but only half the maple glazed sell. Obviously we weren’t doing our jobs right, because if we were, local preference wouldn’t be for chocolate over maple, we’d get our customers to want both equally. Of course, we all knew the way to sell more donuts was to put out 18 chocolate and 6 maple, and we’d probably sell out every day, but then we wouldn’t be “consistent” with the other stores.

    • Someone read the story of how Ford’s assembly line revolutionized auto sales, and concentrated on the what and completely missed the why and how of the story.

    • Yep, Zellers bought into that insane cycle and it wound Yep, Zellers bought into that insane cycle and it wound up doing them in. Too bad, I stilled loved shopping there. The quality of merchandise completely kicked Wal-Mart’s ass.

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