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    • Between 15$ an hour and increasing costs to run business, especially with healthcare costs, we’re going that way.

      More and more kiosks are going up and more and more “scan with the phone and pay” apps are coming out.

    • When I worked at Toys R Us, that was their thinking. We went from having about 20 people working to 5. I was the Electronics Specialist working in Electronics AND my register was the only open register. So, I would constantly have a long line and somehow still had to do all my duties in Electronics.

      • Yup. I’m working at Target right now and we’ve got a whole bunch of seasonal. Including me, whole bunch is… a whopping 3 more people.

        There’s 1 full time electronics guy that isnt also going to school.

        It is absolute chaos getting coverage for breaks and lunches.

        God forbid you have to leave when there’s a crowd of customers.

        Or the customer that will just not. Fucking. Stop. Asking. Questions.

    • The conflict theory of Draper and White on the supposed incompatibility of religion and science is no longer considered valid by many historians of science today. The history of the interrelationship of religion and science is long and complicated, and by no means entirely antithetical.

      • scmedic,
        Science and religion are only not antithetical because human beings have an amazing capacity for compartmentalizing. Science and religion require entirely different thought processes, but most people are able to shift from one to the other as the occasion demands. Which means, absent the ability to move the mind from one distinct room to another, science and religion are entirely antithetical.

        • They are antithetical in your opinion, which is by no means representative of such religious scientists as Sir Isaac Newton and Galileo Galilei, let alone the whole of humanity.

        • Jackie, it’s really not that simplistic. For example, acknowledging the emperical evidence that supports the theory of evolution of species can be compatible with religious faith.

      • You obviously know nothing of either, then. Science was actually started BECAUSE of religion and the desire to prove it.

        Also, when you know real science, you see how wrong secular science is with it’s “maybe”, “mights”, and “if-then” theories which don’t hold up.

        • Know nothing of either? Science started because of religion? “Real” science? What is that, the kind found in the Apocalypse of John? Please, sir or madam, can you provide the address of your tinfoil hat supplier? Their quality must be of the very highest.

          • ….woah. Your condescension made me LESS inclined to answer your questions. Wow. So weird how that happens.

    • There are plenty of religious individuals who are scientists, many them died for it because while they were still religious they had the courage to wonder if the church had everything right. There is a difference believing in a divine power and trusting everything the church that uses his name blindly. So next time you start insulting the dead try looking up a bit more detail on why they died.

  1. Funnily enough, this is why I am somewhat in favor of a basic income. It gives people the opportunity to vote with their feet again.

  2. I’m amazed Stuart didn’t suggest that Cooper put in more hours to make up for it. This corporate “logic” makes even less sense than usual. If you don’t have enough people to put merchandise out during your busiest time of the year, how are you going to sell it?

      • And no doubt there’s some efficiency expert at the corporate offices who can pull up the figures that ‘proves’ the allotted store staff should be able to get it all done, on schedule, with the allotted man hours.

    • Where they will wipe their ass with it, find out who submit it, and then retaliate against them in ways you can’t prove is retaliation.

    • In the retail world, HR is a myth. They really don’t care. The complaint number is just there so they can find the chronic complainers and deal with them rather than the issues.

    • Um, NO. HR is NOT there for the employee’s benefit. That’s how they present themselves, yes, but they report to corporate. And we all know how corporate handles problems.

      Anonymous? No such thing any more.

    • In the real world if you want most companies to fix a problem like this get the news involved. Unless there is some aspect of Stewart’s order that is illegal HR will not touch it, in fact they likely are unable to do much unless that is the case. Get some bad press flowing around and then corporate might do something.

  3. And again Stuart defends Corporate. They obviously can do no wrong where he’s concerned. I hope one day they decide to “retire” him early, then we can see if he still thinks all their decisions are right.

  4. Worked at an art store as part their replen crew last year.
    Truck was not only two hours late, but also filled up completely and all for my store. We were supposed to have seven people on hand only four showed up, and I was the only one unloading the truck.

    We finally get it all done after having some morning people help because we were short staffed and the boss storms up to me. This is what she says:

    Her: Do you know how many pieces you were supposed to throw in an hour?!

    Me: (not even knowing what she means, nobody knew what she meant) Um, I’m sorry?

    Her: Do you know how many pieces from the truck you are supposed to get off the truck in an hour!?

    Me: Oh, well, no..nobody ever told-

    Her: Four. Hundred. and Twenty. SE-VEN. Do you know how many you did!?

    I’m fighting temptation to say “Well..if I said ‘no’ the first time.” I just said “No, I don’t”

    She then launched into a rant about how I personally was always making her truck late, defending her corporate time sheet which always that a fully loaded truck can be done in two hours, no questions asked..it just went on.
    I tried to explain that we were short staffed, but she wanted to hear none of it.

    This became a recurring thing, no matter how hard I tried. So I did what I thought was right.

    I quit right before the Christmas season this year.

    Forward to three weeks later, I walk in at around 2pm..and sure enough a massive truck was there. I asked the supervisor what happened and she says “Truck came in at 3am..and we had to put out massive displays too. It sucks”
    Then I see my former manager fuming about how that truck and all the displays should’ve been done three hours before, she looks at me, and basically vanishes.

    I call that a win for me.

  5. The smug look on Stuart’s face is archetypical of all managers who use their position as the last bastion of cognitive dissonance. “It doesn’t matter what I say, I’m always right, because I’m the manager.”

    Management tends to attract people of low competence who enjoy exercising power over others. When one encounters the rare manager with common sense and compassion as well as competence, it’s a breath of fresh air… for as long as they’re there, before being forced out by higher managers who are jealous of their success.

  6. I am reminded of Target.

    A couple years ago, Target made a big announcement, smugly telling the world that they were going to be Generous and Nice this year, and Permit their long term, loyal employees to earn more money over the holiday season by giving them more hours instead of hiring a ton of seasonal workers to leech that sweet holiday pay away from those hardworker year round employees.

    What us Target Employees heard was

    “Yeah, we’re too cheap to hire you any help this year. Make sure that you still get everything done as fast as during the dead season though”

    • Some things haven’t changed since ancient history! This is like the story in the Bible of when Moses went to Pharaoh and said “Let my people go” and Pharaoh decided his Hebrew slaves weren’t working hard enough so from now on he wouldn’t give them straw to make bricks but expected them to gather the straw themselves and still make the same number of bricks. Incredible!

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