15 thoughts on “December 16, 2015

  1. And if Grumbel’s was open on Christmas Day there’s a 99% chance she’d be in the store doing last-second shopping, and a 99% chance when she reached the front of the checkout line she’d say “It’s a shame you have to work on Christmas”.

    • Yeah, my store stays open 24 hours a day everyday gf the year. Christmas is the busiest day of the year for us so we have to have extra coverage making it so more people have to miss time with thier family.

    • And she’ll probably say they shouldn’t be open on Christmas because it’s disrespectful to work on a holy day…all while she’s piling her purchases on the counter.

  2. There should be a Retail coupon for this. For one day customers won’t be oblivious to the comments they make like the one in today’s strip.

  3. I spent two hours at my mall last night, where I used to work. TWO hours, and that was plenty! And at least 45 minutes of that was in my old store. If I didn’t HAVE to be there, I wouldn’t have been. I do not miss that place one BIT!

    • I hate to ask the obvious but, IF you don’t work there anymore, Why did you HAVE to be there? Especially for 2 hours? Sounds to me like you really wanted to be there or you could have gone somewhere else.

  4. Do people have no sense of who they’re talking to? It’s one thing to mention this to a friend who’s shopping with you or to a family member but to say this to a clerk who has to make her living working in a mall? Get some sense lady.

    • Yeah, reminds me of the time my sister complained about turning 30 – to my mom. My mom responded, “how do you think it feels to be the mother of a 30 year old?”.


      • Or when my grandmother teased my mother about becoming a grandmother herself. My mom said “Ok, great-grandma,” which caught grandma completely off guard. She hadn’t yet thought of her new status.

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