26 thoughts on “December 17, 2015

  1. Sears has stuff like this, prominently displayed by the door. Prewrapped (expensive) items such as battery operated lint removers, electronic golf scoreboards (there’s an app for that), etc. They are so incredibly tasteless and thoughtless that a person would be better off just buying a gift card.

  2. Spending money on something useless can be fun, if you’re there when it’s opened you can experience the excitement of seeing what it is that you gave away!
    Here’s a gift card for Burger King! The giftee will know you are just going thru the motions, with a “Generic gift” you might end up looking like you actually cared!

    • Giving gift cards can be fun, if you know who you’re giving it to.

      Make it look like a stuffed animal is holding it. Tape it inside a Barney DVD. Slip it in a loaf of bread. Put it on the seat of a thrift store chair, then wrap the entire thing so it’s obviously a chair. There aren’t any good prizes in cereal boxes anymore? There are now!

  3. Oh no! Not gendered generic gifts !

    I a man and I imagine already to receive.
    soccer or rugby match tickets ( my favorites sports is swimming . I like too dance, canoe, badminton, tandem, walk and adventure park, But I hate watch soccer or rugby .)
    A video games coupon ( I prefer board games at video games , I play rarely at video games – and rarely at “gendered” video games).
    Or something : automobile coupon ? . For me , the only importance for a car , it’s that the vehicule go.

    I dislike genereric gifts, ( Luckily, I believe that isn’t exist in France , not again) but gendered would worst for me . with my friends in my late class, we start a petition for “degendered” toy store department …*

    * I did’nt refuse that girls dance or a man playing football . But some girls prefere foot and some boys dance The best mean for do pleasure, it’s to buy according to friend’s tastes
    (sorry for my english , I’m French)

    • I can sympathize. While I did like Barbies as a kid, I also really liked “boy” Legos instead of “girl” ones (because the “boy” sets got all the cool stuff and the “girl” sets got pink and purple and “here’s how you build a cutesy little house”) and preferred soccer and archery over more girl-themed activities. And I never wore makeup so I ended up with a collection of eye shadows and nail polishes I didn’t use.

    • I enjoyed the way you expressed yourself! People who don’t know another language well often say things in quite interesting and creative ways… it’s like poetry. 🙂

      I imagined you sitting at your desk, thinking, “How *do* they say this in English? Is it this way? Oh, that’s close enough!” 🙂

  4. I think this is a great idea!!!! You could do a whole business of generic gifts prewrapped. You could divide them by price, gender, or random. Kind of a Russian Roulette of gifts.

  5. Did people miss the part of the sign that says they are gifts for ‘people you don’t care about’? Frankly I think these would be the #1 seller of any XMas gift ever conceived.

  6. We have a line of these at Office Depot. They’re called the “Co-Worker Collection” and they literally have signs above them saying “I had no idea what to get you but this looked cool” and other similar sayings. We also have a stand of already wrapped junky gifts for those “The secret santa I don’t know anything about.”

    Retail has made me really hate the holidays.

    • Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with the first thing you mentioned there. I hate secret santa, but getting a coworker you don’t know very well a gift is still a nice thing to do. Especially if you get them something nearly anyone could use. Things like coffee cups/mugs, computer mouse or keyboard, things that break and need replacing. Next time, they won’t have to buy a new one because they will already have a spare.

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