27 thoughts on “December 18, 2015

  1. I hate how in retail you get to be the brunt of the people who do not prepare. If you don’t study for your test at school, you flunk. If you don’t plan your christmas, well, you get to yell at the retail worker! Sucks.

  2. You don’t want to know how many times I had this discussion this week.

    Just substitute;
    Laser Light Star Shower
    Long strands of lights
    Live Trees
    Live Wreaths
    Character Ornaments

    • With absolutely no instructions or experience except some basic hot glue gun skills, I managed to make the very first wreath I ever hung on my door. It really doesn’t take much, and that wreath looks better and has held together better than a store-bought wreath for the same price.

  3. This is why, unfortunately, people need to buy their Christmas decorations before the leaves are off the trees. If you go looking for them a week before Christmas, guess what? They’re gone!
    And the circle goes round and round . . .

    • Yep. If you don’t buy your Christmas stuff in September, you won’t be able to get it. I refuse to, so I’ve learned to do without. There will eventually be a year with sluggish sales where I can stock up on after Christmas clearance.

  4. What’s wrong with you Val? Didn’t you know you were supposed to save one back for her royal highness since she couldn’t take time from her busy schedule to come in way before this? The world revolves around HER you know, and you should’ve seen to it she’d have her wreath and not be disappointed!

    • Actually, the last few times I’ve asked to “check the back”, I’ve been rewarded.

      In one case, they don’t keep that model out – you have to ask for it. In another, they said they hadn’t gotten to restocking yet – too busy. So it pays to ask.

      • When I was in retail, we never minded people asking, so long as they were willing to accept the “no” the that magical land of “the back” didn’t have what they wanted.

        Lot of times things are back there, if there hasn’t been time to restock, or a product just came in. But… not always. Yes customers, we actually are sure 😛

        • Yep – we’re not hoarding them in the back just to annoy you.

          Now, what gets me is when my sales staff asks “Are you sure? The computer says we have five of them”.

          Yep, I’m sure I have none back here. They’re on the floor. Go look for them.

        • Also someone might have brought one up front and decided not to buy it so asking could save them the trouble of restocking it on the shelf in some cases.

  5. You want things in retail stores that are holiday-related, you learn the retail cycle. It makes a perverted sort of sense from the supply-chain/warehousing point of view, even though it seems utterly wrong based on the calendar. If you don’t want to buy into that nonsense, make your own or shop a year in advance. But don’t come into a store and expect them to conform to your cast-in-concrete notions of the way the world should look. You’ll just end up looking like an @$$hat.

  6. My mom actually made a wreath out of broken artificial Christmas tree branches.

    The tree looked fine with a few pieces missing, and they’re basically metal wires with green plastic stuck to them, so my mom bent them into a circular shape and called it a wreath.

    • Right? People asked me that today – when will we get more ornaments in? We won’t. Ideally, that display is completely empty this Thursday at 5 p.m., so I don’t have to condense it down on Saturday morning and sell everything at half off (our ornaments are already 30% and selling quite fast).

  7. She should check a different store. I work at a grocery store and we still have some Christmas wreaths. Heck a few years ago I worked at a different grocery store we had so many wreaths left over on the 24th we gave them away for free to all the customers. When they questioned “Why?” we told them “Customer Appreciation.”

  8. Yet another reason to love Trader Joes.
    They didn’t put out their wreaths until Thanksgiving, and they keep bringing out more. 🙂

  9. My work has “ugly Christmas” sweaters, shirts, hoodies, etc, as well as tacky Christmas clothes, socks, and decorations. People have been upset that a week from Christmas we don’t have the right size ugly sweater for their party. I’m like “we put these out November 1st.”

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