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  1. I’ve luckily never had this happen to me before. I’m guessing it is because all of the places I worked at would consider it soliciting and would have them escorted out.

      • Up where I live, there is a trend where members of a certain church in our area (notorious for encouraging very generous financial donations and some sketchy behavior) enter a store, flag down the first employee they encounter, and then proceed to monopolize that employee’s time with a really high-pressure religious pitch, often even going so far as to press for personal details like contact information, working hours, and so on. And ‘no’ is an answer they can’t seem to get through their head.

        They get away with this by randomly asking questions about whatever product happens to be nearby on a shelf, so the employee cannot gracefully extract himself or herself from the conversation without risking a complaint of being ‘rude’ – and yes, they’ve done it. Management seems to be unwilling to do anything about it.

        Personally, I find any church or faith that engages in such tactics to be repulsive, and I not-so-subtly slip that into the conversation, while still being as ‘helpful’ as I can.

      • You are wrong, they are selling a religion. And in my shop you if you want to sell something you have to have my permission. And anything religious you are getting your behind booted out and don’t let the door hit you in said behind.

      • My hospital considers it solicitation. I’ve had these nuts try and monopolize my time when I was trying to get to patient care, to give me their pitch.

        “Please leave me alone or I’ll call security” is my go to response.

      • That’s a question of semantics. I’d argue they are selling something. Not for money, but for time and commitment. Very valuable commodities. And in some cases, they want money, too.

      • Nope, it’s not okay. It’s considered customer harassment and I have kicked many people out because of this crap with the blessing of my store managers and district managers.

      • “If the are not selling anything, it’s not soliciting, it’s perfectly ok”

        Handing out tracts is solicitation. No, it is NOT okay. Where I work multiple ‘witnesses’ have been trespassed off the premises with an escort from the Sheriff’s Office when they persisted in soliciting after requests to cease and desist.

        And, oh, leaving a pile of tracts is littering.

        I have absolutely no problem with evangelists ‘witnessing’ on public land, so long as they don’t block my way. They can talk all they want; I will ignore them. They can hand out tracts; I will throw them away. However, if they come into my place of business and attempt to waste my time, I will tell them to stop. If they won’t stop, I will call the cops and they WILL stop, if only because they get a visit to the county lockup. Witness somewhere not my place of business and we’ll get along fine. Attempt to force me to listen and you will NOT like the results.

      • Is that why the church groups are always hiding their brochures in the stack of flyers at the store? or sneaking into the employee break room to leave business cards? Any request to join a group or to examine/discuss “wares” (physical or intangible) is solicitation. I might be polite to your face if you’re brief, and also because that’s part of my job (which is another way this behaviour is cringey) but your brochure is still going immediately into the trash.

  2. I just usually give them a tract and say here’s something to read on your break.no pitch.information is on the back, the way to get to heaven is in the tract. They can join our church if they want. We don’t force people.

    • Ew. I hate to say it, but that’s basically just as bad. Means the person can’t decline your tract, in fear of the customer complaining.

      And yes, I have seen that happen at my place of work. Unwritten rule at my job is to take it even if we don’t want it. So it can be “forcing” people.

    • How incredibly rude. Why do you think its okay to bother people about religion, even if its just to hand them a pamphlet, while they’re at WORK? Go harass people on a street corner if you’re that keen to find new members instead of people who aren’t allowed to tell you where to stick your tracts.

    • That is extremely rude and intrusive thing to do. You go to someones place of work, were they have no choice but to be polite and listen and you force your religion on them.Whom or whatever a person chooses to believe in is a personal choice that nobody has any right to infringe upon.

    • I hope you’d feel it’s acceptable for the store employees to walk into your church and interrupt your services and hand out store flyers during sermons and hymns.

      If not, that would be awfully hypocritical of you.

      But no doubt you would think that’s wrong because like all religious people who forcibly ishove their religion upon others — be it at work or their homes — it’s all about you and your agenda. You really don’t care about the people you’re bothering.

      • Holy shit. The poor guy just shared his witnessing tactics, but you’d think he confessed to hitting on customers at the latest hip tween store.

        As a formerly religious person, let me share some perspective. The religions that get their members to witness to outsiders really and truly believe that belief is a matter of life or eternal death. So when a member hands you a tract, they are not thinking “Hahaha, Imma shove my religion down this asshole’s throat;” they’re thinking “I want this person to know eternal peace, so I’ll give them this tract and hope they make the right decision.” Do some take it too far? Absolutely. Those are the ones that you should be bitching about. But people like Bill, who simply hand over a tract with no pressure added? Leave them alone. When I got tracts from those people, I’d smile and thank them. They’re trying to do something nice. So lay off.

        • You are still missing the point.
          How would you like it if you went into the store and the employees started evangelizing THEIR various religions at you?
          NOT advertising for the store, but promoting their particular religion, because it’s just as much a “life or eternal death” situation for us. You would yell and scream for the manager to get us to quit doing that, wouldn’t you?
          But, you see, we CAN’T go and complain to somebody to get the customers to quit bothering us about their religion. We are STUCK! We are a captive audience and YOU think it’s easier and safer to bother US than it is to hand out your tracts on the street. (and you’re probably right)
          I Corinthians 12:4-11 “There are varieties of gifts, but the same Spirit that activates them in everyone…”
          WHY do so many people think that they’re Called to be Evangelists? Or does it just seem to be easier than going and feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, caring for the sick, comforting widows and orphans in their misfortune, etc.?

          • Er, actually, no. I would not yell and scream for a manager, because I’m not a bitch. But thank you for assuming I am. Real nice of you there. Sure makes your point of view seem rational and caring.

            And yes, I have been there. I’ve been a retail employee who has been evangelized to, and you know how I handled it? If we weren’t busy, I smiled politely and let them finish before giving a noncommittal answer and moving along. If we WERE busy, I’d nod and politely excuse myself from their pitch with “Hold on, I need to help the next person in line” or “Hang on, someone is waving me over to a different section.” The reminder that I had a job to do would get them to move on.

            As for the rest of you rant, I’m not going to comment. You seem dead-set on hating the religious and religion, so I’m not touching that bit with a 39 1/2 foot pole. Stew in your hate.

          • Dani, you clearly did not listen to a word that I said.
            When I have been told that I and my family and friends and fellow Churchgoers will burn in Hell because the Episcopal Church elected a gay Bishop, tell me then who are the hateful ones.
            And as for the rest of my “rant”
            James 2:15-18
            “Suppose a brother or a sister is without clothes and daily food. If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.”
            In other words, too many busybodies go around TALKING Christianity, instead of actually LIVING and WORKING Christianity.

        • Dani, those folks should refer to Matthew 6:5:

          “And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.”

          Passing out tracts to people who don’t want them is the same thing. “Witnessing” in this way is the same thing. It’s pushy and it’s selfish, not selfless. You may THINK you’re saving souls, but you’re not because that’s not how souls are saved.

          You save your own soul. You can’t give someone else grace by scaring them or badgering them.

        • “They’re trying to do something nice. So lay off.”
          They’re trying to do something nice BY THEIR STANDARDS. Which I don’t share with them. And they don’t care about MY standards. So screw them.

        • Chick tracts (which what I assume is the pamphlets we’re talking about) are the absolute worst thing to try convince someone to join your religion. They’re maliciously homophobic, anti-semitic and misogynist horses**t and you handing me one would convince me you subscribe to the type of church that fosters those attitudes

        • Simply because their religion brainwashes them into thinking it’s necessary does not make it okay.
          Yes, handing out tracts is a form of solicitation and trying to coerce people to being Christian.

    • Using someone’s workplace and taking advantage of their inability to escape or decline is rude. In addition it is stealing the employer’s use of the staff member. Would your church condone having the staff shoplift and then give the items as donations to your church ? Because that is exactly what you are doing when you go into a business with no intention to purchase anything and start making the staff listen to your needs.

    • I used to belong to this kind of church (don’t tell me, let me guess, IFB, I will not spell it out), and we went door to door not to stores and businesses. That’s just plain wrong. At the door they can tell you they’re not interested and you can move on. Since we’re on this topic, Bill I surely hope you’re not among the Christians who go to restaurants on Sundays and leave a tract instead of a tip. They assumed that the waitresses were unsaved because they worked on Sundays. Why did they work on Sundays? Because the Christians (and others) came out to eat on Sundays. So it was rather hypocritical of them to be part of the reason why the waitresses could not go to church. I wanted to go to church but could never get a Sunday off. So I was doubly chagrined at these people since they not only stiffed me and my coworkers out of tips but then had the audacity to judge us for working on Sundays. I tried to witness to my coworkers but they’d mention these Sunday people leaving tracts instead of tips. I’m not accusing you personally of this Bill but you might ask your fellow church members if they do this. It’s flat wrong. And it sure does put a sour taste in people’s mouths regarding your message. Just saying…

    • This is extremely rude – the employee cannot refuse it for fear of you reporting them as rude – talk about captive audience. I have found these tracts in the freaking BATHROOMS and what do I do when I find them? Flush them! Nobody needs to be inundated with religious mumbo jumbo 24/7/365. Let people live and let live.

      • well, that’s just a bad idea, solid paper can clog toilet pipes, they’re not designed to handle it. That’s why toilet paper disintegrates in water.

    • I hate people who push their religious tracts on me.

      HATE IT. It’s just more trash that goes to the landfill, or to the recycler since we have it where I live now.

      I have a church. I love my church. When I want to change my church, I’ll look around on my own. I don’t need people banging on my door all the time pushing their crap on me, or bothering me when I’m trying to take care of sick people.

      And quit leaving your crap under my windshield wipers. That’s also horrible.

      You want to reach people who need Jesus in their lives? Sponsor pot lucks and put up flyers on billboards. Anyone who shows up deserves what they get; price of admission is to listen to your pitch. Just don’t put it in my mailbox.

    • I do not accept said tracts. I’m perfectly happy with my current spiritual beliefs, and none–I repeat, NONE–of those silly little booklets are going to change my mind. Especially not the ridiculous “comic strip” style ones showing screaming people burning in hell. But even if all your tract says is here’s a list of our beliefs and our address, I DO NOT WANT IT. It’s the age of TMI and If I WANT a new church, temple, whatever, I can find one online in .03 seconds. If by some chance I am caught off guard and take one of those stupid tracts, it goes straight into the nearest trash can, but for the most part I’ve trained myself to not take those things when some annoying person tries to hand me one.

      If you really want to do some good in the world, instead of pestering people at work, on the street and other places, why don’t you go do volunteer work like helping to build homes for the homeless, feed the hungry and clothe the underprivileged? You know, like that guy you’re always talking about used to do. He didn’t hand out printed materials but somehow he managed to get his message across just fine, by walking the walk instead of talk, talk, talk.

    • Here’s the problem. You’re probably a really nice, unthreatening person. You are not the problem. But I want to give you some context.

      I’m a female cashier. I live in a fairly religious area, so we have people doing this fairly regularly. Most of them are rude or forceful. Some of them were so terrible to me that I was actually afraid for my safety. So every person that hands me one of these while I am literally trapped at my register is now creating a potentially scary situation.

      Please don’t do this. It makes cashiers anxious. Our day already sucks, most of the time. If you want to share your faith with us, a simple God bless or such as appropriate to your religion will usually get you a smile and returned sentiment. It leaves a much more positive impression of you and your religion.

      • Hey Syl, you said “Some of them were so terrible to me that I was actually afraid for my safety”. Can you elaborate that ? I’m curious, just that … Never saw this kind o thing turn into violence.

    • My mother’s boyfriend is quite religious, but he never talks about it because his personal belief is that someone’s relationship with God is between that individual and God. His religion is no one’s business just as their religion (or lack thereof) is not is business. THAT is the type of religious person I like. It never comes up in conversation, EVER, and he does not do the pamphlet or tract thing.

      I question a religion that requires members to do this, or a god that takes attendance. It makes me feel like there’s some sort of spiritual commission for them when they convert someone or hand out their pamphlet quota. I’m not interested in buying your religious extended warranty.

      It is wrong to do this to people while they are working, just as it is wrong to ask a salesperson for their phone number or hit on them while they are working. This is because they cannot even politely tell you to go away, they HAVE to listen to you, or face a possible reprimand from their manager.

      Also, saying that “the way to get to heaven is on the tract” is judgmental to those who may have a different way of getting to heaven, as if their way is not the right way. Can’t we all just go our own way and meet in the end (death)? Why does it matter how we get there? We’re all going to die eventually, anyway.

  3. One of the rules we are told as LDS missionaries, though some stupidly don’t follow it, is that we aren’t allowed to preach near places of work unless someone asks a question, which we can answer, but are told to not continue on afterwards, unless requested. Also, not supposed teach near other houses of worship, or graveyards.

    • Now that’s funny. Why not near other places of worship or graveyards? No matter what church I’ve attended the people who lived on that street did not attend our church. It seems easier pickings to me… as for the graveyards, that seems strange. Unless you were trying to evangelize the dead??? LOL

      • My guess would be that they didn’t want to be seen as trying to exploit the grief of the recently bereaved.
        LDS missionaries are more polite than most, in my experience.

        • Yeah, that’s pretty much why. As for not teaching near other churches, it’s just not on their property or to those who are obviously walking to or from church, to be respectful of others beliefs and practices.

  4. I despise religious fundaMENTALists who do this in stores or knock on my door.

    I once asked a lady who knocked on my door if I could bring my tv to her church, lay on one of the church pews in my underwear and watch golf all Sunday afternoon.

    Of course she said no.

    My response? If I can’t bring my tv to your church and watch golf on a Sunday why do you think you can bring your church to my house??

    She then told me she was to spread the word of (her) god.

    I told her Arnold Palmer was The King and he said to spread the word of golf.

    She’s not been back since….

    • I had JW keep coming buy my house and I decided to keep knocking on my door. I told them I was not interested and they kept coming bac (this time with kids in tow). So They started preaching I corrected them on the passage. They said I was very knowledgeable. I told them I was studying to be a Baptist minister. (not true). They grabbed their kids and ran to their car. Never bothered me since.

      • The JW’s have always run away from me when I told them I was a Baptist and started witnessing to them. And no they don’t come back. You just have to know what to say to get rid of them.

        • Been an agnostic/atheist since I was a tween. However was baptised Catholic. With JWs, I just say, “sorry, Catholic” and they’re gone.

          • Haha ! Here in Brazil JW are quite relentless. Some years ago, every single day they blocked my way into the subway station until, in a impulse, I said I was with the “candomble” (a african religion, slavery heritage). They abhor just the mention of candomble so they covered their mouths and got out of my way since then.

        • In my college days, i had a friend who would save all the tracts from the various churches. When one would knock on his door, he would counter them, offering the tracts of the one of the “competition”. He maintained that it was rather effective at shortening the interaction.

      • I worked nights for many, many years at the hospital. I had this one religious nut who was CONSTANTLY banging on my door in the middle of the day (ignoring the Day Sleeper sign) to push her crap on me.

        I kept telling her “I’m not interested, I work nights, quit waking me up!”

        One day I fell asleep in the living after watching a bit of TV after I got home from work (not my normal habit). It was a very hot summer day so I was sleeping in the nude (that IS my normal habit in summer).

        Nutjob wakes me up yet again, and this time has her kid with her. I respond to the door, wrapped in a blanket. “Not you again. Get lost,” and try to close the door. She sticks her foot in the door to keep it open!

        I drop the blanket and say, “Look lady, I’m a Satanist!”

        She runs dragging the kid behind her. Never saw her again.

        Thank God.

  5. The worst is waitressing. People used to leave me tracts instead of tips, especially on Sundays. Even if that were trying to be nice, I can’t pay my rent with that.

    • Aha, we were both in the same boat. Our restaurant was within distance of 2 Baptist churches whose members came after church every Sunday. Read my comment above for more. The worst was a tract that looked like a dollar bill and said “The best tip you’ll ever receive.” I can’t tell you how angry that made me and my coworkers. They actually thought it was fine to stiff us on tips because they thought they were giving us a “far better tip” but as you say you can’t pay your rent with it!

      • I cannot think of a worst way to try to bring someone into the church than to pull a stunt like that. A friend of mine kept a collection of all of these and then went to their church one Sunday and left them in their collection basket. Let them think they hit the jackpot!

    • If they do it in person, throw Deuteronomy 24:15 at them:

      “Pay them their wages each day before sunset, because they are poor and are counting on it. Otherwise they may cry to the LORD against you, and you will be guilty of sin.”

      and James 5:4

      “Look! The wages you failed to pay the workers who mowed your fields are crying out against you. The cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord Almighty.”

      Cheap ass bastards. No you can’t pay your rent with that. They’re trying to make themselves feel good about not tipping by “spreading the good news.” It’s a crock, and they know it.

        • No, once you picked it up you could tell immediately it wasn’t a real dollar bill. But from a few feet away as you approach the table to pick up your tip (if any) it can fool you.

  6. I used to have the way people arachnid to me and I decided to use logic to pustules theological problems. Getting then confused made theme run for cover. After a while I was left alone

  7. I’m pretty sure that this sort of thing falls under harassment. I threatened to close a till and walk away during the busiest time of day (in a cinema/movie theatre) because someone was lecturing me about how I’m a ‘traitor to Christ’ because I was wearing a pentagram.

    Worth noting, this was an Irish traveller of the age where in all likelihood we were going to have to throw him and his girlfriend out at some point for indecency.

  8. It’s even worse at Call Centers. You can’t run away from these people and you can’t get rid of them because we are not allowed to hang up on callers and you can’t be blunt or snarky because they might give you a bad survey and tank your scores. It’s not like retail where you have to buy something to get a survey. ANY caller can get a survey.

    • I work on a chat line, and I’ve had only one so far. Once I figured out that they weren’t looking for our help, I pointed out the chat line is for customer service only and they promptly disconnected. It’s sometimes hard to tell if they’re preaching as we sell a lot of religious products, but I think that keeps some from trying it on us as they might assume they’ll be preaching to the choir and we’re not worth their time (oh the irony there).

    • Can’t you at least ask if there is something else you can help them with to try and wrap up the call? That’s what we sometimes have to do with people who refuse to pay their bill(s) and try to plead their case ad-nausium to us on the phones, thinking that if they keep telling us they don’t owe it for what ever reason, repeatedly, that we’ll cave and forgive the debt.

          • Holy shit!
            I just realized, by looking at the wikipedia entry on this Chick fellow, that I had read “This was your life!” comic, when I was a child! It was translated into my language (Polish) and edited here, in Poland. Wow, I didn’t know these baptists were active even here, even then.

            Luckily, it didn’t have much impact on me (I’m an atheist, thank you very much), but I remember some pictures from it to this day. So, I guess, they did partially good job with it.

    • They think they’re converting the nonbelievers totally accurately described within the tracts. You know, the ones who haven’t heard a thing about this Christianity business despite living in America all their lives and would totally believe if someone just told them… because that’s how that works.

  9. I used to live in the deep south where people would try to preach to me or hand me those stupid tracts whether I was just in line at a restaurant or walking down the street, and I’ve never been the sort of person to just tell people to shove it up their arse in public. Admittedly never happened at work, at least. But, since I’ve moved to the west, I’ve never had to deal with it ever again, and that enough was a good reason to move, in hindsight.

  10. Having done a stint as a missionary, I know some mean well. Still, I agree there are some places you need to let them come to you. Every religion has missionaries, even if they aren’t handing out tracts. And what you say and do sends a message about you and your faith louder than any scripted invitation to a god, goddess, spirit, or mathematical equation.

    This message brought to you by the “Can’t We All Get Along?” Foundation

  11. It looks like I am not doing a good job helping you find what you are looking for. Let me call a manager, I am sure he or she will be able to do a better job than I am. They might even help you find the door.

  12. I had this happen several years ago when I was working one of the registers at a gas station/deli/convenience store hybrid (Wawa, if anybody cares). A man got in line during the lunch rush with a handful of religious tracts in his hand and proceeded to question me about my faith. I told him, “Thank you, but I already have a church that I go to. Would you like to buy something?”

    He said no, and went on as if I hadn’t spoken at all. I just waved the person behind him up to the front of the line, and the guy continued to speak while everyone in line gave him the stink eye. I didn’t really know what to do, and I was afraid he’d complain to the manager or something, but I was also afraid one of the customers would do the same. I finally said, “Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but as you can see we’re very busy today. If you leave those with me, I’ll look at them.” This made him happy, and he left. 9_9

    There was a six month stretch where a lot of these guys would come in, and the manager would just tell us to politely disengage, but that he couldn’t kick them out unless they started harassing the other customers or kept us from doing our job. Technically, this guy wasn’t doing either. I figured he was gonna come back anyway, I might as well just take the tracts and get him to leave for the day.

    I have my beliefs, and they’re more or less the same as the guy who came into my store, but I hate it when people try to cram their religion down someone else’s throat. I have atheist friends, and a couple friends belonging to different religions, and we all get along because we don’t try to push our agenda on each other. Being forceful like this just makes people pull away even more.

  13. I posted a couple of comments above, and I can’t reply everyone the same thing, so I’m posting another reply. God Loves you so Much he gave you the only way to Heaven, It’s your choice, nobody can make you choose Heaven, it’s a free gift from God, all you have to do is ask, I don’t Force People to read the tract, I Just pass them out, They can do whatever they want with them, ALL I can do is warn them, that Jesus saves, and this world has no hope, except Jesus, I can’t stop witnessing,I don’t want Hell to be your Home, trust In Jesus as your personal Savior. AndI pray you will be in heaven someday.

    • If you worked here, then an attempt to had out tracts would result in first a warning, then a write-up, then termination. If you tried to hand out tracts here but did not work here, you would receive a request to stop doing that. If you persisted, you would receive a request to leave. If you did not leave, you would be trespassed off the premises by the Sheriff’s Office.

      ‘No Solicitation’ means exactly that.

    • Speaking as an atheist in an English speaking country, regardless of the validity of your warning (a topic on which we disagree), the warning has been given.

      If you want to change minds and save souls, then you do have to do more. You have to have actual conversations that involve you listening and admitting that you are a fallible human being who could be wrong about a great many things. I don’t mean that you can be wrong about Jesus, but you can certainly be wrong about me, the number of times I’ve been “warned”, and the value of repetition of the “warning”.

    • “God Loves you so Much he gave you the only way to Heaven”

      And, by the way, which of fafzillion churches is the one and only way to heaven? Because, you know, they all say THEY are.

    • If you truly cared my soul you wouldn’t hand me garbage comics written by a hateful man. I seriously question the validity and philanthropy of your motivations

  14. I really don’t like people like that. I’m a christian, but that is just plain rude. You don’t force stuff on to people like that. Christianity is about loving others, but saying that everyone is going to hell is not love. There is a difference between religion and faith. Religion, in my opinion, is all politics, tradition, and rules. No love, and stuffy as my grandma’s attic. Faith is what it’s all about.

  15. Anyone who attempts solicitation, including religious solicitation, at the office gets a warning. If after being warned he (and it’s almost always he) tries again he gets a write-up. A third attempt results in termination. We do not care what your religious beliefs are, so long as those beliefs do not generate problems on company time and/or on company property. The company defines what is and what is not a ‘problem’. Handing out tracts or ‘witnessing’ have been defined as problems. Anyone who does not like the definitions used by the company may file for a change, if they work at the company. In this case, Coop could file to allow the ‘customer’ to ‘witness’, or could file to ‘witness’ himself. As the ‘customer’ does not work there, the ‘customer’ cannot file. If the ‘customer’ does not like this, the ‘customer’ is free to not let the door hit him on the ass as he leaves. He can ‘witness’ all he likes from the other side of the door. Those who decline to leave under their own power can be, and have been in the past, assisted to leave by the police. This policy is not likely to change. Those who feel they must ‘witness’ on the job will shortly be working elsewhere. And, yes, this policy has withstood legal challenges, because the company was very careful how it defined various terms.

  16. *sigh* You just know this comic strip is going to wind up as another piece of evidence in some GOD IS NOT DEAD fan’s stalker shrine of “evidence” about the NWO’s war on Christianity, don’t you?

  17. Ugh, the worst is when they come up to your register with merchandise to purchase (so they can claim to be an actual “customer”) and start off the conversation normally but then it degenerates into “You’ve heard of Kirk Cameron, right?” and your subsequent thought is “Oh, dear God, no! How do I get rid of this person?!?”

    • “No. Will that be cash or credit?”, completely ignore their pitch, “Next customer, please”. I know it doesn’t work everywhere (you will get rid of them, trust me, but you *may* get in trouble for not being “polite enough”), but screw them. If they do get you in trouble, go to their temple where they worship their god(s) and give out home-made “Satanic retail sale” or “Godly retail sale” flyers on their property (choose the ones they dislike). Never gotten in trouble, so I haven’t tested it out, but I’m sure willing to sacrifice my time to make a point. Those idiots deserve it, and I’m not willing to stand by and ignore their harassment.

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