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  1. I’m so glad to longer be in the video game business…………….not that I’ve had wifes, mothers, and girlfriends any happier with the radio controlled goodies I’ve sold the men in their lives………….

    Don’t have to worry about being in the son’s shoes either, if I’m gaming, it’s almost always Forza 4 or Horizon and my family is cool with me playing those or with my own R/C’s.

  2. During college I still lived at home, and had a sister at the age of 8. From time to she would go into my room when I wasn’t home. Anyways one day she found a stack of games I never let her play. Well she played them. Needless to say when I got home, she was in trouble and so was I. In fact that was the last time I got grounded.

  3. Not sure how to think. My son is 29 and we quit telling him how to live his life a long time ago. Of course he’s also self sufficient. Sounds like momma is his biggest problem since she still allows him to live at home and play video games.

    • There’s nothing inherently wrong with an adult living with their parents if both sides are happy with it. There’s definitely nothing wrong with an adult playing video games. I’d share a house with my children no matter how old they were, if they wanted to share a house with me.

      I think the problem is more likely that she WON’T agree to his moving out, and that she still expects to control his choices.

      Yes, he should say, “Sorry, Mom, but I’ll move out whenever I choose, and I’ll play whatever games I want to.”

      But she’s imposing *her* preferences on *him*; he’s not imposing his on her.

      • I’m in that boat right now Arian, my sister and I still live at home and beside working full time jobs and paying our bills, we help our folks out when needed. Mom is currently crippled for all.intents and purposes now so we help her when ever Dad isn’t there to and our schedule permits (Dad still works 1 week a month, so I try to stay near her between the times he leaves for work and I have to do the same). They don’t charge us rent (I’ve known some that do or that all but boot their (step) kids right after highschool or as soon as they turn 18, still in school or not), and we not only appreciate that, but they also appreciate us helping them out as well as “Babysitting” Mom ( as she puts it).

        • I too still live at home with my parents. I also believe that as long as I am living in their house, I should respect them and their rules, especially since I am living rent free. My parents had certain restrictions on movies, video games, and music while we were growing up, and even though we are all adults, it would be disrespectful to play games they don’t like. Since the only TV is in the living room, none of us really play games at all unless home alone because it prevents anyone else from using the TV – or the living room, for that matter.

          • All that being said, it is absolutely not the salesman’s fault for ANY customer’s decision to buy a game, and if the game has age restrictions, it is the cashier’s job to check them. Since the customer is older than any age restrictions, this is between mother and son. No reason to air your dirty laundry in public just so you can blame someone else.

  4. Every time I see something like this, I get reminded of the 8-year-old king on Game of Thrones whose mother still lets him nurse. Only slightly less disturbing.

  5. As a game designer myself, I can honestly say that parents like this, and those on the opposite end of the spectrum (those who don’t pay attention to the countless warnings, buy the game for their kid, and then get mad at developers for trying to make an honest living) is one of the biggest irks in the industry. Why do parents expect society and government to do the job they, the parents, are supposed to do?

    • As a retailer who sells games, I agree 100%. The two parenting extremes are a real problem because they just can’t take responsibility. (Which is super easy these days too, with Google readily accessible to see if there’s any content that they find objectionable in the game….)

      • As a person with a brain, it’s obvious all the way around.

        Parents don’t want to do the job because they vote people in to think for them. It’s not the jog of those elected to think for the public, just like the police are only hired to do what the common man is supposed to do, but doesn’t have the constant ability. Guess which political party this is the most common with?

        • Both. It just depends on which particular values you’re talking about. The party that claims to be all about “get govnt out of our lives” has no problem trying to impose laws that govern what happens in other people’s bedrooms.

  6. I went to a video game store with my son. He is 10 and we just bought him an X-Box 360. I don’t know X-Box games at all. My son loves American History especially the Revolutionary War period. He wanted Assassins Creed (3 I think). I said I think that’s violent but chose another game and we’ll ask the clerk. Got to the counter and asked if the game was violent and if it had blood. The clerk answered me I said to my son he couldn’t get it and he said “Ok Dad, it’s not for me then.” The clerk looked at me and said it was odd to see that happen as the parent either doesn’t care or the kid bitches until they get there way. I was a proud dad at that point.

    • Jeff, I used to work at a Toy’s “R” Us and never saw that, usually the kids were trying to pull a fast one on Mom/Dad/Grandma and get a game they were to young for. I always made sure that the adult knew what they were buying, some put the order card down and scolded the kid while others bought it anyway not seeming to care. Gotta give your boy props for what he did, and you for raising him thag way!

    • Glad you did some parenting on it.

      Now, you don’t need to know about games since there’s a detailed rating system ON THE BOX OF THE GAME. It is actually MORE detailed than a movie rating!

      • Trueness, I live in a fairly low income area with a large immigrant population that is in a county that is anything but liberal, yet have worked in areas that are rather wealthy and conservative for over a decade. One thing I have noticed is that it is easy to find somebody on either side of the political spectrum who has this mentality. I’ve been lied to by people on both sides, watched them steal, and caught crap from them because whoever my employer was at the time wouldn’t bow down to their particular ideals.

    • 1) good job
      2) it was #3 (and you can only like it if you don’t mind Desmond interrupting.)
      3) for a kid into history, I’d recommend Civilization

  7. I would have wanted to say to her “So is your son named Ed or Norman? You don’t happen to have the last name Gein or Bates right?”

  8. This is pure gold! Mom griping about a violent video game, worried about her little man, said “little man” an overgrown twenty-ager still playing stupid games and living with his picky, fussy mother, mom blaming the store for even selling the game, the grown son whining with all the logic of a 6-year-old… ah, all the classics.
    Read all the comments, made me thoughtful. My son still lives with me and does help out, nice there are exceptions to “loser living in mom’s basement” image.

  9. My own mother had a tendency to treat my brother like a small child well after he became an adult and was living on his own.

    (She always tried to curb this habit, but not very well.)

    If she was still alive, she would probably be treating him, my sister, and myself the same way even now.

    I’m not a parent myself, but I hear all the time that it’s a common tendency.

    The thing is, though … My mother understood the difference between her PERCEIVING her son and daughters as little children, and her son and daughters actually BEING little children.

    She would never, for example, chew out a retail employee for selling an age-restricted product to one of her children after we turned 18 …

  10. Reminds me of the time I worked in the now-defunct KB Toys. This was back when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas first came out, but before the “Hot Coffee” controversy. Anyway, ten year old kid comes into the store, wants to buy the game, no parents to be seen. Since the kid is only ten, I refuse to sell the game to him, so he runs and gets mom. I tell her why I won’t sell her son the game (swearing, excessive use of the n-word, graphic violence, drug use, sexual situations), so she tries to spin it like the game is for her. My manager stood by me in refusing the sale.

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