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  1. Cub Foods, a Grocery store chain in my area, is 24 hours. That’s good for me (the consumer), since I can just pop in after work and buy what I need.

  2. Working at Tim Horton’s is like that. 24/7, with three three dedicated shifts. 7-3, 3-11 and 11-7. I worked straight nights with Mondays and Tuesdays off because I did not want to deal with the white trash that waddled in during the daylight hours.

  3. Eleven is early? Not if you’ve been on your feet since two or three o’clock! I think if everyone was forced to work retail for just a year, they would have a lot more sympathy for us. We would all be on the same team, so to speak.

    • Eh. Try being a factory or oilfield or emergency services person trying to get shopping done after/between shifts when you’re working swing shifts.

      There’s actually plenty of reasons to like stores being open late. I get why most main retailers don’t, particularly in small/mid sized cities (just not enough people shopping at 2 am to make it worth it) but it isn’t like it’s that unreasonable

      • And those jobs all get extra pay for working those kinds of shifts (at least factory and ES jobs around here don’t know about oilfields). Now do that for no extra pay or incentive and just for the ‘team’ (re: corporate overlords who, ironically, NEVER work 24/7)

    • Although I agree that everyone should have to spend some time working retail, I do know from personal experience how quickly people forget. I have several family members who worked in retail in the past, and after being away from it for at least a couple of years, most of them are now as clueless as every other “civilian.”

      • That’s because retail changes from year to year–literally. Payroll gets cut every year, regardless of sales. Demands get higher every year regardless of payroll. I’ve worked retail for 7 years and when I started we had at least 3 people in each department at any given time. Now we’re lucky to have 1 person working the entire Salesfloor at all times. Even during 4th quarter we only have one person closing in the electronics AND toy department (that’s ONE person to close both of those hot areas) when we’ve done $200,000 in toys and electronics sales alone. It’s a stressful, meaningless, aggravating, and thankless job. Luckily my store starts its employees at $4 above minimum wage because we’re extremely high volume.

  4. Some people expect EVERY store to be open 24 hours for their convenience. In my opinion, you should be able to squeeze in an hour or so in the 12 hours or more most stores are open.

  5. I heard an ad on the radio yesterday saying Kohl’s is 24 hours until Christmas Eve. I kind of want to go in there on my way to work Monday morning (5am) and see how many shoppers they have. It’s hard to believe it’s worth it from a financial angle. We’re open until midnight and don’t have much traffic after the mall closes at 10. I probably won’t actually stop but I’ll peek at the parking lot.

    • My wife was trying to convince me it was a good thing and that we should go to Kohls due to that. She, unlike me, didn’t work retail for 12 years, so I had to explain to her, for a good 10 minutes, why it’s bad. (No overtime, cut your hours and hire more people, no time-and-a-half, etc etc)

      Thankfully, I convinced her it’s a horrible thing for a store to be open 24-7 and we aren’t going to Kohl’s

      As for their 24-7 thing, they can bite me. That’s a horrible thing to do to employees.

    • One of my coworkers has a second job at Kohls. She was complaining about that…it baffles me in our area. I can see something like NYC or Chicago having enough shoppers maybe, but our tiny little city of 150k?

    • I got a mailing that said that. Worked at Kohls from 2005 thru 2006 and I am so glad they weren’t doing that then. I can’t see that they would be making any money. Actually, I’m so glad to be retired. After over 10 years in retail (closer to 15 if you count the years I worked in a bank).

      • It’s true. I work at Kohl’s (fortunately not overnight), and they started this two years ago. The first two years it was from the 20th to the 24th (closing at 6pm on Christmas Eve). This year however they decided to start on the 17th and go until the 24th. Most of the people that work overnight volunteer for it. I’ve heard from about midnight to 6am the store is pretty much deserted allowing the staff that’s there to unload the truck, get merchandise out on the floor and do general recovery. I thought it was ridiculous when we started staying open until midnight right after Thanksgiving, this is even more ridiculous.

        • What I’ve heard it’s that 24 hours works for supermarkets because they need staff for stocking anyway. So it’s only adding a cashier to be “open”

          • overnight in a supermarket you do get a decent level of traffic, not much but normally you only have a single register open so not a huge manpower drain. mostly the shoppers at that hour are the ones who are to busy during daytime so they have to do it at night. I can see the justification for a supermarket but yea I fail to see how a clothing only retailer can really justify it.

          • I’m desperately glad for any store open 24 hours. I work graveyard, and I’m much too zombie during daylight hours to navigate a crowded store. 2am is about the speed I can handle.

  6. Just wait and see if Corporate doesn’t decide next year or very soon that Grumbels will be open 24 hours for the Christmas season. I’m surprised they haven’t done it before this.

    • She does, but as someone commented on another strip, it’s probably the new dress code. The clothes she wore before (her own style) were bulkier and looser.

  7. My store is open from 9-6 most weekdays. We’ve extended it to 9am-9pm for the last two weeks of Advent, and while I don’t work those extended hours (hooray for contracted hours), my understanding is that the store is dead in those hours. It’s almost as if opening for longer doesn’t magically grant the average customer more money.

  8. I look at my hypermarket in france . ( I ignore how say this in english . Like a department store but with food moreover, a department store without food didn’t exist in french, I believe). All close at 21:00 ( 9:00 pm) on Saturday
    and for grocery store or supermarket on saturday
    supermarket : 8:00 PM.
    grocery store : 10:00 ( I notice that the grocery store near at my house , close on Sunday at 1:PM usually, but today, he open again between 5:00 PM and 8:00 pm, for Christmas eve -and surely too next Sunday for new year eve)
    And a well-know store near at my house who send CD, DVD, Video games,books computers, etc close at 7:30 pm on Saturday (yes , even before C hristmas)

    After , in most touristics places, stores open maybe later , but Amiens isn’t a small town

  9. and , i believe that I called convenience store ” “grocery stores” ,

    Yes, in Amiens , a store closed at 10:pm ( the most later ) is store with about eight “sections”

    ( ah , my sister say that only two store near at her house close later . Christmas time ? I ignore , but one in 11;00 pm, and other in 2:00 am ( open all saturday night) but it’s always sunday , of course , but it’s always same lady who say that “her life it’s this store”

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