15 thoughts on “December 19, 2016

  1. Well on the plus side, At least all the tacky Christmas stuff is coming down and there will be less glitter in my retinas when I go home….god I need out of retail.

    • All the tacky Christmas stuff is coming down… Except for the little robot Santas that play music and say the same three hilarious phrases everytime somebody walks by. Those sit on the clearance shelf until May.

    • At my new job, I’m going on lay-off starting Friday, not exactly sure how long, but considering the it will 25 years since I’ve started working and in that time have only had 1 week after Christmas off, because my Aunt passed away 18 years ago and we went out of state to go, I’m actually going to try and enjoy some of it!

      • As a radio listener, I can’t stand most Christmas music anymore. It seems like there’s only 12 different Christmas songs – but the radio executives think that having them done by different artists counts as different songs. There’s a few artists I like simply because they can some up with a unique arrangement as well as some new songs.

        • I’m quite lucky, in that the local morning show is hosted by the same person who does the weekly music show, so any Christmas carols we get are always rather unique

  2. Well, lucky you. When I worked in retail, there was st. Nikola (Dec19), first xmas (Dec25), and then the fun begins – New Year presents sale (up to Dec31). Then comes 2nd xmas (Jan7), 2nd New Year (Jan13, though no-one really celebrates that stupid thing), st. Jovan (Jan20), my birthday (not many people celebrate that, Jan21), st. Sava (Jan27), and then finally Valentine’s (Feb14) which is marked by people hating on it and still buying presents.

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