36 thoughts on “December 2, 2015

  1. Coop! You probable know by now that Donnie wouldn’t think that would be funny. He would probable faint if someone was serious .

    • We haven’t seen Donnie’s girlfriend Heather in over two months. I hope she’s still around and didn’t get a job without us knowing a la Lana.

      Also, I won’t be going to Star Wars until a few weeks after it’s out. Want to avoid the crowds.

  2. My husband? Big Star Wars fan (at least the first 3 released). Me? Not so much but I’ll go with him. I am getting him tickets for opening day as part of his Christmas present.

  3. I never cared for Star Wars either, have never seen any of them. But since Donnie and Cooper love it so much I hope they can coordinate their shifts and go see it together.

  4. The release day is my birthday. Normally I would go to a movie on my birthday. But this year I am staying far, FAR away from any theater.

  5. Some people I know are so excited about it, have gotten tickets for the first five days of release. Which leads to the age old question and the last line in the movie Fanboys… “What if it sucks?”

  6. I want to see it, but not going on opening day. I’ll find some time to see it when a day off coincides with pay day or wait for DVD.

  7. For nerd movies; midnight showings are the best. Only hard core fans are there, it may be crowded but once the movie starts you can hear a pin drop.
    I have tickets for 10pm showing, super 3D vibrating chair, the whole kit n kaboodle. Now I have to remember to buy 2 tickets to a regular theater to take my wife who can’t do 3D…

  8. Sorry, but I don’t have the slightest interest in Star Wars (I think I might have accidently seen about 2 seconds of one scene of one random episode once while channel surfing but that’s about it) so I can’t really relate this time.

  9. I’ll go see it, but I will NOT be one of the rabid masses to see it at the first showing. I’ll see it further down the road before it leaves theaters.

  10. I’ll eventually see it (not on opening day), but I’m on the fence about it. On the one hand, after the prequels I’m glad that Lucas doesn’t have a hand in it, but on the other hand we were all excited for the prequels and we know how those turned out.

    • If you look at the plot and dialog of the original three alone… they were among the lamest movies ever written. What made them as good as they were was some absolutely brilliant casting. As a bonus, they had (for the time) really good special effects, too. But if they hadn’t gotten the actors they did, the movies would have ended up on MST3K.

      • “If you look at the plot and dialog of the original three alone… they were among the lamest movies ever written.”

        I understand it’s the “cool thing” to be edgy and opinionated on the internet, but you’re out to lunch with that comment.

        • To be fair, they weren’t deep, profound, high suspense films. But then, they weren’t meant to be. For anyone who dismisses them because they weren’t, they’re missing the point.

          I, for one, have totally given up on the Academy Awards for not nominating the first one for best picture. Movies are about entertainment and connecting with people, not meeting some ephereal standard. Star Wars did that, no matter what you might think of the plot.

    • My company is having an outing on Saturday to see it – but I’ll be too busy with a Christmas concert to go along

      I loved the first three movies. And then I caught it on one of the cable channels – and I realized the original was just a WWII movie with a futuristic makeover. :/

  11. This is why I don’t tell people I’ve just met that I like sci fi and anime.

    I don’t want them to think I’m one of “those” people.

  12. not only are we going to the first showing, my husband is going in costume. he’s in the 501st. hard-core star wars fans here!! woowoo!!!

  13. I saw only half an hour of the original “Star Wars” (I’m so used to calling it the first one, thank you SO much for the prequels, George Lucas, end sarcasm mode), before I lost interest in it. Though somebody did ask me if I was excited about the new one coming out, because on an online horse game I play, I often say “May the Horse Be With You,” as a joke, because horse rhymes with force, and they assumed I was a Star Wars fan.

  14. I like to say I’m hardcore skipping it. I’m going to wait until all three of the new movies come out in a dvd/bluray box set and experience it all for the first time in the comfort of my own home. It’s unlikely to play out that way, but the shock value is nice.

  15. Reasons to be optimistic:

    1) Lawrence Kasdan co-wrote the script with JJ Abrams.
    2) George Lucas has minimal involvement creative wise.
    3) The movie franchise has returned to its roots. No more unnecessarily shiny CGI landscapes
    4) The return of characters from the original trilogy, and last but not least…

  16. I found out today that Peter Parker/Spider-Man did NOT like Star Wars. It’s CANON, from marvel’s website.

    Somehow, I respect him a little less.

  17. For a moment there, I thought Cooper was going to be reasonable. But then he turned out not to be a Star Wars fan at all. Real fans wouldn’t give that overhyped little fanfilm the time of day.

  18. Mr. Feuti, thank you so much for saying “excited ABOUT” rather than “excited FOR”.

    One is, of course, excited ABOUT subjects, but can only be excited FOR –i.e., on behalf of–persons: “I am so excited for you about your upcoming vacation to Hawaii!”

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