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  1. I imagine this is what it was like when Beanie Babies and Furbies were the big thing.

    Still amuses me that there is DoD policy that bars Furbies from being brought into sensitive areas.

      • Ah, but Cabbage Patch Kids didn’t listen to voices around them and then repeat them later. That was the reason for the DoD ban – they were afraid the toy would repeat classified/sensitive information later, outside a secured area.

        BTW, both were in the 1980s IIRC.

        • Cabbage Patch Kids were indeed popular in the 1980’s, but Furbies didn’t even exist until 1998. I think you might be remembering Teddy Ruxpin, which while it didn’t repeat words it overheard (it would “read” you a book on tape that you inserted into it’s back while it’s mouth and eyes moved), was no less creepy and was also popular in the 80’s.

      • I remember in 1982 getting one for Christmas. My mother was good friends with the manager and asst. manager of Kay Bee Toys in our mall, and they held the exact one for me that she wanted (The blonde blue eyed one who looked like me at the time).

        She also got preferential treatment for NES games too, and I managed to get Super Mario 2 and Zelda 2 when they came out because they held her copies.

      • I can’t see that they’d bother to remove it. If it coming out that they weren’t really recording what they heard didn’t remove it, the toys being uncommon definitely isn’t reason to do so. (Especially if the ban was worded broadly, rather than “no Furbies” – I don’t know which it is.)

      • most laws and rules like that have no set expiration date, it would require extra time, debate and paperwork to remove the old harmless rules so most just stay in place. You can still find traffic laws about haw cars and horse drawn carts interact on city streets for that reason.

    • Furbies were a nightmare. I have a scar on my ankle from putting those bloody things out. I was on a ladder, jamming the stock where ever when one of my coworkers noticed. He yelled out “if you are looking for Furbies he was a ton in that aisle.” I was mobbed. Some one started shoving the rolling ladder out of the way, someone grabbed my sneaker thinking it was one of the pure black ones, someone else fought them for my sneaker.

      • I actually saw a Furbie this weekend! Surprised and amused us all to think that one of them was still around. And then it started moving and talking…

        And yes, it was a pure black one.

    • @J.F.F.

      Don’t be bring that evil in here! Y’all are speakin’ da devils words! Had enough of them devil spawns show up at my work that every morning we get flooded with phone calls askin’ that we have them.

      • That’s what a now defunct Connecticut based Electronics chain did on Black Friday. The store opened a 8AM and employees of the store came outside at about 7:40 and started asking the people in line what they wanted and gave out tickets. When the store opened at 8AM the customer would just go to any sales associate give them the ticket. They would get the item ring you out and send you on your way. I was in and out of the store by 8:05AM with a Sony Cyber Shot digital camera that still works to this day. I waited longer for the traffic light to change from red to green when I was leaving the shopping center than I did in the store. LOL. I paid a little more at this store than I would have if I had gone to Walmart for Black Friday but I didn’t have to camp out at 3AM. 😛

        • This “pre-ticketing” system works like a charm for small and mid-sized retail operations. For my first Black Friday, I was expecting the typical mad rush, but instead it went smooth as could be. Even though there was a considerable backup at the registers for a while, the customers were more sociable than antagonistic toward each other. I just can’t see this working, however, for a large-scale retailer.

          • That’s how it’s done at Sam’s Club for extremely limited quantity items on the big sales, like Black Friday. Laptops, video game systems, etc. As soon as people start lining up outside, crowd control is out there handing out tickets. They have one hour to pick up their reserved item before it gets returned to regular stock, and it works like a charm.

    • I googled hatchimals and I don’t get what’s so amazing about them. It’s just a stuffed animal toy. Why not just buy any stuffed animal toy?

      • shoe guy,
        Good question. These things sell for $60 retail and are going for over $200 on Amazon and e-bay.
        They’re just a stuffed animal inside an egg that hatches. It doesn’t unhatch. It only does it once.

        • SOOO, $200 for a one time show and tell then just a stuffed animal after that? Yeah sounds like a money waster for kid.

  2. I dunno if the author reads this, but I just wanted to point out that you have this strip tagged with “Carl’s Crystal Castle” which, while I’m sure is quality television, doesn’t seem like quite the same thing.

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