18 thoughts on “December 20, 2015

  1. Were it not for the ability to speak in complete sentences, I would say that this Santa actually is Lunker. If nothing else, it would explain his ability to remain endlessly cheerful about the holidays even though he works in retail.

  2. Oh he works in retail, Grumbel’s specifically. That explains it. His DM is Stuart Sooo-chet who’s as unreasonable and ridiculous as they come. They hate each other’s guts. Poor Cooper is lucky to get one day off in a row and never on the weekend. Give him two gift cards!

  3. Yep Cooper’s request is tougher than the World Peace and US Congress requests combined. I like the idea of Santa being Lunker’s dad. It would explain a lot.

  4. The Grumbel’s song to the tune: “We Three Kings”. 1.Christmas Eve, is just days away; 2. Screaming kids, want toys though, today; 3. Shoppers shouting, Marla doubting, they’ll be closed Christmas Day! Oh-oh 4. Store is closing, out you go! 5. No more toys or mistletoe! 6. Stuart whining, bald head shining, we won’t make our quota, No!

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