15 thoughts on “December 23, 2012

  1. You know, what’s really hilarious is that the company who handles just about all pre-paid cards, such as cell phone, green dot, and gift cards had a pretty major failure today making it so for a few hours most stores accross a very large part of the US could not sell the things. I had people coming into my store saying they couldn’t get the gift cards at Walmart and I had to tell them I couldn’t either.

    • Yep, happened where I was as well. Luckily, most people were understanding and were content with us just getting contact info down so we could call them back when the system came back up.

      …Also, I was the “lucky” soul who discovered the problem in my store when the register froze after ringing up a few iTunes cards.

    • Wow, we got lucky at my store then! Our card machines are still on dial up (pokey as all get out, but still worked!) and or gift cards must be someone different all together.

  2. This happens…. all…. the…. time… and ALWAYS at the most inopportune moments, for no reason at all.

    I think the internet has a sick, twisted sense of humor and enjoys inflicting misery whenever possible.

    • Not the internet, it’s the Skynet testing the boundaries of it’s power.
      Since it severely lacks unchecked acces to our nukes, it’s trying new ways to make humans try to kill each other.

  3. Happened to me — busy wine store, on New Years Eve. We probably lost $30k in sales due to people just leaving their carts when they saw the lines. We could process credit — no debit — as an offline transaction, but only have 1 offline machine, so it was a nightmare.

  4. I know the feeling, Marla. Mother’s Day 2012 – the company’s server bugged out and we couldn’t run Visa cards. We missed weekend sales budget by a couple of thousand dollars, but (as Norm says in the book), the buck stops with me. Just because we couldn’t run the most popular type of card (for our store, anyway) is not a valid excuse for missing numbers – according to corporate.

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