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    • All protection plans do, Im pretty sure its by law. Grumbles legally COULDNT have a protection plan like this, so Norm kinda messed up on this one,

      • I do warranty work for some big box stores and overlapping plans are common place. People buy a 12 month plan thinking they are getting at total of 24 months and are only getting a total of 12 months are both plans are running at the same time. It is legal and common place.

  1. You’d have to consider how the warranty would be handled. With the manufacturer’s warranty, you typically have to send it in (at your cost) and in about a week (give or take) you’ll get a “factory refurb” product. I think with a number of the retail ones, it’s more like an extended return/exchange period. Take in the bad one, walk out with a new one. Also some retail protection plans will protect against accidents. Manufacturer’s warranty never protect against accidents or abuse.

    • Yep, that’s the main selling point — protection against accidents. I always have to tell them how safe I am so nope, don’t need the warranty.

    • Yep, this is why I get the protection plans for tablets/phones, other pricey portable electronic items. It’s saved my keister more than once.

  2. Protection plans are can be a good idea if the item in question is somewhat fragile and/or expensive and there is the potential for mishandling. A new iPhone or one of the more expensive Androids would be excellent examples.

    But a $4 ‘extended warranty’ on an $11 hammer? Gimme a break. Odds are good I won’t even keep the receipt.

    • The ones that get me are on sim cards (from the activate your own phone kit things) 99.999% of the time something like that is going to work right or be DOA. A DOA is covered under normal exchange policy so why bother?

  3. It looks like Harris is boring Cooper. And maybe Harris is overthinking this. If he finds he can’t continue selling something he thinks is worthless, he may not stay at Grumbels since selling this stuff is part of the job.

  4. What does it matter? All products are designed to self-destruct two days after ANY warranty ends. (I thought everybody knew that.)

    • I followed your link. It’s not free any more, it’s $1.88. And it doesn’t look like my sort of book. If it was free again, I might download it and might review it, but my review might not help you since it didn’t sound to me as if I’d care for it. But good luck to you in finding people who do!

  5. Headphones and wireless mice are the only two things I buy the protection plans for. At The Source (in Canada), they are for 3 years and it’s come in handy more than once for me. On top of that, they keep track of it in their systems, and you don’t even need to keep the receipt (maybe others do that as well, idk).

    I’m super careful with everything else, and I’ve never cracked a phone screen.

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