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  1. What, just October? It’s been Christmas at my work since July lol. Anyways I had that problem today too. I had a customer get mad that weren’t going to be open on Christmas day.

    • Seriously? I have always heard about that but assumed it was people just being ‘funny’. Having a customer ‘go off’ because we were closed on a major holiday (XMas, New Year’s Day and Easter are the ‘big three’ around here) is something I haven’t ever experienced. Guess my faith in humanity is *still* too high!

        • @the guy

          What a coincidence. People get mad seeing Christmas stuff out that early. I tell them it’s for crafters getting ready for bazaars. Then they get mad that we don’t have stuff at the last minute. Hey people, the stuff has been here for six months.

    • At my store we start getting Christmas stuff right about when we start getting Halloween.
      We also get stuff for Valentine’s stuff (out store has a smallish section devoted to the more intimate part of human nature) starting at Halloween. We start increasing our inventory on stuff that involves couples after Halloween….

    • I will admit… I realized on 12/24 that I hadn’t gotten an important gift, My mother was missing much more than stocking stuffers.

      BUT. going out before 10 am on Christmas Eve wasn’t too bad.

      If I NEED a gift on 12/25, I will go to a gas station to get a gift card (for gas, food, etc, those gas stations have gift cards for WAY more than their location) or I’d give cash/check and apologize for a lack of present.

      Most people I know realize I work retail and don’t always get out and about to do shopping. So I have an out…

    • That would be nice. As it is, I’m happy to be off at 4pm, and we close at 6pm. We’re not opening until 8am on the 26th, but the openers have to be there at 5am to take down the Christmas displays and set up new ones. I’m really happy I’m missing that.

    • As a retail worker who has been so busy working the past month I’m glad they don’t close that early. I have to get presents for like five people still and this is the first day off I’ve had in weeks.

  2. There’s something called “smart shopping”, and with Christmas sales going on since November, people like this one are those that I have no sympathy for because many of these kinds I dealt with in the past were wanting to come in 5 minutes after closing on Christmas Eve because they hadn’t even STARTED their Christmas shopping yet, as if they were oblivious the entire month and a half to the fact that Christmas was coming. Christmas sales could last 10 months out of the year and you’ll still have people who “forgot” to do their shopping until it’s too late for them to change that, so they’ll throw a tantrum when they see all the stores closed up.

  3. …and then there’s always the fine gift selection at your local 7-eleven (or any of it’s bretheren) . Who wouldn’t love to find a pack of Marlboros or an icy Big Gulp put under the tree bought mere minutes before arriving for Christmas.

  4. I think this year, retail, especially clothing, will be happy to accommodate the last-minute shoppers” My thoughts are that the last minute people are the same ones who are always late for appointments, work, weddings, etc. It’s their pathetic way to garner attention, albeit negative. Back in the day, my manager closed the doors about 15 minutes before closing time, and he and the assistant MOD would start herding people to the registers. I don’t remember when we opened on Dec. 26 – Boxing Day! – but between then and New Year’s Eve, the Christmas decorations came down, the remaining ornaments, candy, home decorations went on daily mark-downs, and the Valentine themed aisle caps, candies and cards came out. Segue into the next holiday!.

  5. Cooper – Oh yes I really care! I care so much that I asked the store manager if we could stay open til midnight just to take care of the lazy slobs… I mean the wonderful customers who were so busy that they couldn’t help but wait til the last minute to do their shopping but she doesn’t care, she said, “No, we’re closing early! I want to spend Christmas Eve with my husband and my little girl!” Can you imagine such selfishness? She cares more about her family than she cares about poor little old you!

  6. “How dare you! You retail workers don’t have families!”
    “I am the most important person on this planet, so you had better change it because you clearly have the power to do so.”
    “I waited until the last minute and expect you to acquiesce to my every demand. You will be open until midnight so I can finish my shopping.”

    Ugh. Why are people this narcissistic allowed to breed?

    • We had a power outage from 11am to 3pm on the 24th. Most of the major stores in town were without electricity. As much as I would like to think it will teach people a lesson about the dangers of waiting until the last minute, I’ve been working retail long enough to know better.

  7. I used to sometimes finish my shopping on Dec. 24, but I never expected the stores to be open late to accommodate me. I just left the house early and got it done as fast as I could. The only reason I finished that late was I had trouble finding the things I wanted to buy and I was limited to two malls because I had to take the bus. Now I buy most of the stuff online.

  8. Our store is closing at 11pm.
    Kill me now.
    Plenty of time to see idiots in the seasonal area waving their arms wildly asking: “Is this ALL you have?!”

    • Right? We’ve been fielding “Why are you out of X? Don’t you know it’s Christmas? Why wouldn’t you have Christmas decorations now?” questions. I can’t really say anything but “sorry”, but what I wanted to say was “You realize that, ideally, this whole thing is sold out when I close up on Christmas Eve? I don’t want to sell all this at 50% off for the next three weeks!”

  9. Ah the Christmas Eve phone calls asking about hours. This is when I modify my phone greeting:

    Me: Thank you for calling [store name and location], open until 6pm tonight. How may I direct your call?
    Caller: *click*

    • I once had a supervisor chastise me for answering the phone that way when we had holiday hours because it wasn’t the “correct” way. I told her that she could man the phone for the rest of the day, and after about 20 calls that consisted of nothing but “What are your hours today?” or “What time do you close?”, she got so frustrated that started answering the same way I had been.

  10. A bit of a devil’s advocate here, I’ve lived many years too afraid to even do any Christmas shopping until the 23rd because I have an unpaid two week vacation that the school is closed and most years have a minor disaster of the pricey variety occur.
    Still, that two week unpaid holiday does mean I have the entire day the 23rd and 24th to shop if I need to, and I always know exactly what I am trying to buy.
    If the web inventory is correct, I know if the store has it in stock too but that’s a rarity.

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