28 thoughts on “December 26, 2015

  1. We Trust You Returns.
    You drop off your package HERE,
    and you take your money back from this huge bin of pennies.

    We Trust You to take the correct amount.
    (because you don’t want to walk around with 50 pounds of pennies)

  2. Pretty sure I had some people wondering why my SMALL, TINY, ITSY BITSY store only has 2 registers and MAYBE 4 or 5 employees on duty at a time. I don’t know how many times I tried to attend to customers in line by informing them that the wait wouldn’t be too long, and that we only have 2 registers open. And I’d inform them of sales to make sure they were 100% ready to check out…

  3. 2 Walmarts in my area have up to 4 registers solely dedicated to returns in addition to the Customer Service Desk. Depending on the crowds determines how many of those 4 are open at any given time.

  4. If only it was possible to wait several days before going to the mall. One might even avoid the worst of the crowds by such a radical action.

    Alas, we live in a totalitarian state and December 26th shopping is mandatory. C’est la vie.

    • What makes it even odder is the number of stores that don’t accept returns on the 26th.

      That said, there have been times when there is only a narrow window – say 30 days – for returning gifts, and if the person who bought your present didn’t wait until the last minute, then you have to return it really quickly after you find out that the gift doesn’t work.

      • That’s why Tesco operate an extended returns policy for things purchased in the month of December.

        IIRC it’s until the end of Jan.

  5. I’ve got a better question: why aren’t people satisfied with the gifts other people give them? I can see if it’s the wrong size or wrong style, but sometimes customers will return things for no reason, just because they can. How about a little gratitude?
    Say thank you, and then tuck the thing away in a drawer, never to be seen again.

    • Sometimes it is the wrong size or wrong style or a duplicate or something understandable like that. But generally, many of the returns customers just wanted cash.

    • It depends on what you are planning to use the money for, I’d say. if you are planning on (functionally, anyway) exchanging the gift for something you actually do want, then I’d say it really doesn’t matter. (Say, for example, you get a truly horrible sweater, and you take it back, getting a much better sweater with the money from the return.) I you’re effectively turning it into a gift of cash, then yeah, it’s a bit ridiculous.

  6. There’s a longer window of opportunity to return a gift than just the day after Christmas. They have chosen the worst possible time for the task.

  7. Us yesterday at the movie theater. We pretty much sold out of EVERY show during the 7:00 round. Lots of upset people who drove “All the way” from the next towns over. This happens every year.

  8. I only ever tried to return something December 26th once, and only because it was a duplicate. I couldn’t even park at the mall, so I gave up and decided to do it another day.

    This year I have to return another duplicate, which was totally my fault, I put the wrong volume on my list. It was purchased online, so all I had to do was request a shipping label and I’ll drop it in the mail whenever that comes.

  9. All the partners, wives, and girlfriends are in the return lines today. “My husband bought me this!” is usually the comment. The item size was determined by looking at the store clerk at the time and saying “You look like my wife’s size.” If you want your wife’s size in intimates or just regular clothing, look at a tag. Her underwear drawer will tell you what she likes, what brand and color she wears, or what store it’s from, and what size. Also remember that intimates and bathing suits sometimes have a no return policy. We did gourmet and favorite food Christmas stockings only this year. A big success!

      • Why can’t they learn? I’ve never understood this “I don’t know what to get my wife/girlfriend” thing. You live with someone and you have no idea what her interests are, what colors she likes, what kind of clothes or jewelry she wears, or how to find the sizes on her clothes?

        Not saying women don’t do the same thing sometimes. But you did say “male” and I don’t buy this excuse that they don’t think this way. Learn!

        • Well, she’d like a horse, but they’re a bit pricey. A bigger house would be nice, and that’s in process. She’s not all that interested in clothes or jewelry. This year we each picked out something for ourselves and the other paid for it. I’m not recommending this for everyone, but it works for us.

          If I were involved with someone who cared greatly about clothing or jewelry, I’d learn. Fortunately, I’ve never had the need to strain my primitive male mind* to that extent. Now where did I put those shiny things?


          *I’m joking! Joking, I say! 🙂

          • This is why Hubby and I make wishlists for each other. Long enough to have a good spread of ideas to choose from, and so that the gift we end up receiving is still a surprise. I actually find my husband more difficult to shop for than he finds me, if only because there’s usually not much he wants at any given point, so he has to strain to come up with a list.

    • to be fair, if the intimates or bathing suits are clearly unworn- as in, clearly never removed from whatever packaging they are in- then an exception really should be made. (the reason for the no return policies is hygiene, so if the intimates clearly haven’t been worn… It’s why- in the UK- I’m 99% sure it’s more common for no return policies to specify that opening the packaging is what makes underwear no return.)

  10. My only trip into town is to Barnes/Noble to get a calendar (one for desk and one for home). They are 1/2 price the day after Christmas, and they go fast!

    That and we’re out of eggs.

  11. I was going to Best Buy today to exchange a DVD storage album I bought for myself for a cheaper but just as effective CD album, but after reading this I’m going to wait until Monday. Thanks, Norm!

  12. Our store will not issue refunds NOR exchanges during the Boxing Day sale (which is mainly tomorrow since stores were closed today as well for us). We will probably start issuing them on Monday.

  13. It is pissing me off at our local supermarket. They NEVER have all the registers open, not even on a super busy Saturday following and preceding holidays (ie Easter Saturday with Good Friday and Easter Monday being holidays here) but they built the register line very crammed so it’s really hard to move around there. One less register, and we’d have all the space we need…

  14. And before Christmas, if you were in a long line, you most likley shrugged it off, as being part of the season. How quickly we change!

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