19 thoughts on “December 26, 2016

  1. Lol, I’ll have to forward that to my Sister, she has a coworker who is honeymooning at Disney right now and sue and her BF are planning to go back next year.

  2. I don’t even fool with returns or anything until at least two weeks after the holidays are over. I have better things to do than stand in a queue.

  3. I don’t really understand what the rush to return is. Wait at least a couple of days for the return crowd to die down. That’s the true “fast pass”.

  4. At my old job we were still busy the week after Christmas with refunds and kids using their gift cards. My favorite time was just after New Year’s, so we could finally catch our breath and put the store back together.

  5. Quite a few stores here that will simply NOT accept returns until the the 28th or so to allow staff to focus on the Boxing Day sales and stuff.

    • It’s a variety of things, items were broken/defective straight out of the box like your TV, ended up broken in use, were duplicates of other gifts or were already had be the person who got it, didn’t fit, didn’t want/need (as in wrong for person), “my son isn’t playing with a kitchen set!” (Not a joke, actually saw that one 20 years ago!), “My kids don’t deserve to give this as a gift.”(yup, saw that too.), ect.

    • Because many of them are selfish, thoughtless and ungrateful, and they don’t realize that the important thing is that someone thought enough of them to get them a gift.

      • I do have to wonder what that dad who returned the play kitchen set his kid got thinks of all these shows that show men cooking nowadays, though……….

        • Depending on his son, though, he might not’ve wanted it. My sister’s boys want tools and balls, vehicles and nerf guns. They would never want a cooking set.

      • um, why would there be an obligation to keep a gift even if you don’t like it? Thank them for the gift, then quietly return it (unless it was something handmade or similar) and get something you actually would like. I agree that you should appreciate the person if giving you a gift, but that doesn’t require you to keep it.

  6. Best to wait until December 30th at minimum. Funnily enough, the longer you wait, the less you’ll have to wait… if you know what I mean.

    Me, I exchange gifts if they’re clothing that doesn’t fit or broken electronics. I never return something unless it’s a duplicate of what I already have (and I get something companionable to the original, if possible). I’m not ungrateful for any gift I receive. In other words, I’ve never had to return anything. Yet. Only store I went to today was the grocery store.

    • again, why would ti be ungrateful to return a gift you plain don’t like? thank them for the gift, then quietly return it.( with one slight caveat- i would use the money to get something I actually did like)
      An obvious example is if someone bought something like power tools, and you happened to know that a different brand were superior for the same price- returning them for the better ones isn’t inherently ungrateful.

      • I think it comes down to whether you act like you don’t like it in front of the person, or complain about the gift or something like that. Just returning it probably wouldn’t be so ungrateful, but it might be seen as more beneficial to give it to charity or something. My ‘goodwill’ box does tend to grow around the holidays.

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