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  1. I was going to comment that the ‘respected’ news sources aren’t really that much more reliable. But since someone brought up politics…

    No, I’m not really going to. I will say that the recent election was essentially just a war of social media, which is partly why we had such poor choices to start with.

  2. You can’t flip through the internet or easily pick up where you left off. Half the time, the articles skip around on the screen as various ads load and reload. AND, our eyes are not meant for 24 hour screen time daily!

      • quinetoe,
        That’s right. Blame the victim for slow loading pages, misdirection, power outages, server down, malware threats and a whole bunch of other things, including web sites that look as if they were other web sites, unvetted web sites and so on and so forth that do not affect the paper version of the newspaper newspaper.

        • If you’re so scared of the internet, why are you here?

          You even feed your email address to this website. That’s very careless of you.

        • yeah, because “using it wrong” is just not possible.

          It should work the same for everyone, even if you just roll your face on the keyboard.

          Completely with you.

          Why are you responding to a troll anyways?

    • “the articles skip around on the screen as various ads load and reload. ”

      Ad? what’s an ‘ad’? I have an ad-blocker. And NoScript. And a heavily edited HOSTS file. There are certain sites which refuse to let me in unless I turn off the ad-blocker, and which block access to all content until I do; I don’t visit those sites any more. There are certain other sites which politely ask me to turn off the ad-blocker, while NOT blocking access to content. Those I might white-list. They tend to be sites which DON’T feature uberobtrusive ads. And then there are the sites which actively try to defeat my ad-blocker. They get added to the HOSTS file. See http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/27350/beginner-geek-how-to-edit-your-hosts-file/ for more.

      Nuke ’em from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

      • Sadly, there are no decent ad blockers for Android, and many pages are still not Mobile-friendly. Some of us do most of our surfing on mobile devices.

      • I always run an adblocker to avoid intrusive ads, but for sites I enjoy the most I turn it off so they can see some ad revenue (here, I’ve enabled the banner ads only). A site does not deserve that revenue if it’s going to deliberately try to hinder my browsing. I’ll have to start editing my HOSTS file – thanks for that.

        And like the above poster, I wish there was a decent AdBlocker for Android. Everything I’ve tried has been unsuccessful (a NoScript attempt made me completely unable to browse, AdBlock Browser only blocked 25% of ads and ate up too much data), so I do most of my browsing on the PC I built myself. I have Chrome set up to reload the same pages I last had up and run Malwarebytes at least twice a week. I also try to be smart with where I browse and avoid political arguments online…

        • And using adblocker makes those ads more intrusive, makes it harder for the creators you like to create and means you don’t use actually good and ligament services.

          • ads have always been as intrusive as possible. Before there were any adblockers, companies already started with autoplay video and sound ads.

            That is just unacceptable.

  3. I’ve been considering doing what Cooper is doing. The problem with getting my news online is that it tends to skew more heavily towards certain subjects and views.

  4. I love reading the paper when I have access to one. It’s that it’s easy to cut the newspaper out of your budget that keeps me from doing it more, not some smugness about the times and technology.
    Print doesn’t necessarily guarantee factchecking and honesty, but it’s easier and cheaper to succumb to the urge to read clickbait than it is to pay to look into a sensational headline, which is much easier on my well being, I’d say. And editorials tend to be more worth reading than comments sections.

  5. FINALLY! Somebody makes some actual sense. As a old comic strip character once said: “Reading a newspaper online is like trying to meditate in a all-night casino.”

    • The late, great White House correspondent Helen Thomas was once asked if computers were going to make newspapers obsolete. Her reply: “When people start taking their computers into the bathroom, newspapers will be obsolete.”
      Of course, that was before tablets…

  6. Still reading newspapers. At least a couple of times per day, they actually prove useful. Sometimes, the content terrifies me in ways it didn’t when I was younger…

  7. I like the dead tree version of the news. After your read them they have a ton of other uses, crafts clean up etc. Or you can just recycle or compost them. It’s also very satisfying to literally burn an article sometimes.

    • Another fun tip in wintertime, if you have an area that grows mostly weeds during the year, lay newspapers on the area and cover them with rocks to keep them from blowing away before getting snow, then when they get covered with it, the melting snow will take the ink with it into the ground essentially poisoning the weeds before they can even grow.

    • Who is “they”? The so-called and much-maligned media, the actual beat-reporting press, or the government they deal with?

      • I think he meant pets. Sometimes when I read the newspaper one of my cats would simply block it and insist that I pet her instead. They often interrupt me when reading the news, but I usually don’t mind. If they get that annoying that you think they always actively try to block you from reading some news, try to calm them, or train them better. Well, you may get a few scratches here and there (if we’re talking about cats), but if them blocking the news annoys you – I think it’s worth it. 🙂

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