12 thoughts on “December 29, 2016

  1. Ugh no kidding. I have worked in a really ritzy upscale neighborhood (it was a common sight for professional athletes and politicians to show up in the area) before and a lot of soccer mom’s/trophy wives act like this. They would buy 3 or 4 thousand dollar worth of junk for “retail therapy” then a few hours later return it all just so they could go and do more retail therapy.

  2. Translation: “But the world revolves around me! WAAAAH!”

    Did it not occur to you that you’ve chosen to be miserable instead of trying to seek joy in such a gift? Some people…

  3. I have this woman who come in shopping every year, every day, during 4th quarter (we never see her the rest of the year) and she treats us all like her personal shoppers and calls us her “friends” (I don’t think she has actual ones) she’s strung out on speed and when she doesn’t get her way she literally says “waaaahh!!!” And “booo!” Like a child throwing a tantrum. It’s disgusting and I hate her. 😡

    • I hate the ones that act like we’re their friends so that they think we’ll break the rules for them. I hope I never see this guy again, he would say he wants to return milk that went bad, but he “had to throw it out.” And then he would bring stuff to refund all the time without a receipt until it got to the point where my manager told him he has to have a receipt from now on. Haven’t seen him in a while. Good friggin riddance.

  4. Bless you retail folks. Im serious, you have my utmost sincere sympathy.
    It takes special fortitude to put up with the likes of the above mentioned asshats.

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