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    • dog1984,
      What riots?
      I’m old enough to remember when Bull Connor turned fire hoses on what he called “rioters” was live breaking news. I get flashbacks.
      Funny how when drunk football fans trash downtown, they don’t call it a “riot”,
      I live in a university town. I learned a long time ago that going downtown on a football weekend is not a good idea. Win or lose, picking fights and trashing downtown and adjacent neighborhood is just part of the fun. Funny how affluent white college kids never get called “rioters”

      • I’m from Kentucky, with arguably the most devout basketball fans in the country. After big wins, the drunks (not all of them are collegiates) destroy most of downtown. We call them riots.

        • Jo,
          I live in Iowa and during basket ball season, it’s too cold to riot. But, yeah, we, the locals who have to live with this, call what they do “riots”. Unfortunately, people who don’t have to live with it don’t recognize them as riots

      • When any sort of demonstration involves destruction of property it’s a riot. When it involves calling for the RAPE or murder of someone it’s a f**king riot. I don’t care what other riots you’ve seen, that doesn’t take away the fact that these were riots.

        Spare me your “but white kids” crap. Whites were part of the BLM riots and being white didn’t stop them from destroying property or hurling molotovs.

        • dag,
          Nobody is arguing that damage wasn’t done. The argument is over whether those events in Ferguson and Baltimore rose to the level of an actual riot and who was responsible.
          You want to put the disturbances in Baltimore and Ferguson into the same category as Detroit 1967 or the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King in 1968. And you want to blame Black Lives Matter based on no credible evidence whatsoever.

      • It’s a riot of people disagree with the person making the observation, plain and simple.

        Solid freedom of speech in the US, you can yell any obscenity. That’s very valuable.

        But if you protest, cops will arrest all of you. That’s not very important. Rich people never protest in the streets anyways.

      • needfuldoer,
        Something like that. Throw in what a lot of Trump supporters apparently thought was the “fun” part of a Trump rally.
        Or how about that post election spike in reported hate crimes and harrassment

      • Needfuldoer
        Yeah, something like that. Throw in what a lot of Trump supporters apparently thought was the fun part of a Trump rally, add the post election spike in reported hate crimes and harassment along with “butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-their-mouth denials that Steve Bannon is alt right white supremacist and who is David Duke, and we have a stew of racism and hate that we haven’t seen since Lester Maddox stood in his doorway with an ax handle.
        Ain’t Kellyanne Conway a peach

        • How about what Clinton supporters did during those rallys? It’s been proven that Clinton supporters (or at least anti-Trump people) came in and started crap to get Trump labeled as a bigot or supported violence. Also post proof that Steven Bannon is a white supremacist. I have never seen anything pointing to that except the whining of spoiled brat leftists.

          • Dag,
            Been proven by whom?
            As for Steve Bannon, you know, well stuff he’s said. More succinctly, after Bannon took over Breitbart News the website morphed from conservative to alt-right. Alt-right is a loose term but the alt-right has a lot on common with neo Nazis, white supremacists, and that kind of trash.
            Maybe Bannon thought providing a platform for people with some very problematic ideas was a good way to earn money. Maybe he doesn’t believe any of the stuff that gets published on that site. Maybe he’s just the journalistic equivalent of a prostitute and he’s faking it.
            But I don’t care. It’s a matter of by their fruits you shall know them and lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.

          • “t’s been proven that Clinton supporters (or at least anti-Trump people) came in and started crap to get Trump labeled as a bigot or supported violence. ”

            This turned out to be a hoax written by Paul Horner, who’s made millions by writing fake news on Facebook posts. Sarah Palin retweeted as if it were fact, and people bought it. Just as people bought Horner’s story that Trump wanted to put badges on Muslims.

            As for Bannon–just read his website. The anti-Semitism and bigotry and support for the white alt movement (a PC term for white supremist nationalist) is beyond glaring. And before you label me as a spoiled brat leftist–I’m a conservative Republican and devout Christian. I just don’t turn a blind eye to hate when it smacks me in the face.

  1. Name five things Trump wants to do.
    Name five things Hillary wants to do.

    The fact that you can easily answer the first question (whether or not you agree with it) and have a hard time answering the second question IS WHY he won.

    • What Trump said he wants to do? Or what he really wants to do? It’s become obvious they’re completely different things. Of course he flip-flopped so many times during the election who really knows what he really wanted to do. Hillary had plans for what she wanted to do too and was clear about them. But the media spent all of its time covering Trump and his lies and no time on Hillary except her supposed scandals which were a joke.

      Trump is going to be a nightmare for this country. The fact that Congress is Republican too and therefore no check on his recklessness won’t help. I can’t unify with Trump until he proves that he won’t destroy the country trying to protect his business interests.

    • heybro
      1) Build a wall and round up and deport 11 million people back to Mexico and make Mexico pay for it. Not going to happen. Former presidents Vincente Fox and Felipe Calderon, likely speaking for current president, Enrique Nieto, and all the people of Mexico, told Trump to “eff” off. Trump already lost this one in an attempt to make the locals pay for a fence separating them from his golf course in Scotland. Took it to court and everything. Add the billions a wall would cost plus the estimated trillion dollars over five years such a plan is going to cost in lost productivity and deportation expenses. Besides, half the people here without papers are not from Mexico
      2) Read China the riot act because of unfair trading practices and all the rest of it. Except Trump is in debt six or seven hundred million, at least, much of it to the Bank of China.
      3) Throw Hillary Clinton in jail. That’s not going to happen. Hillary Clinton has committed no crimes and besides, going after political opponents with threats of arrest and imprisonment is what petty dictators do. Not what we do
      4) “Drain the swamp”. By choosing to fill top appointed positions with people from Goldman Sachs? To which, by the way, Trump owes a lot of money in business loans.
      5) Save us from terrorists by treating American Muslims as if they were all terrorists? Talk of registries, internment camps, banning Muslims from entering the country? Isn’t that what the Nazis did to European Jews? Is this the kind of people we are.
      As for Hillary Clinton, she offered stability and continuity and a thirty year proven track record, but she got drowned out by the Donald whose outlandish behavior and tweets sucked all the oxygen out of the room. But somebody must have heard her because she’s, at last count, 2.5 million votes ahead. She won the election, she lost the Electoral College. Which, by the way, is a left over from slave days

      • >>3) Throw Hillary Clinton in jail. That’s not going to happen. Hillary Clinton has committed no crimes and besides, going after political opponents with threats of arrest and imprisonment is what petty dictators do. Not what we do.

        Did you live under a rock during the email server thing? Compromising national security for her convenience alone is worth jail time.

        • I remeber all of that, and her server was actually more secure than that of the State Department, which was hacked, unlike her’s…… Funny that Donald promised/threatened to jail her multiple times during the race, yet one of the people he’s looking at for the same job actually got caught letting classified info go to his mistress and is currently on probation for his crimes.

        • Dag,
          Were you living under a rock when FBI Director James Comey delivered his report, after months and months and months of investigation, that while Clinton may have been careless, she did nothing illegal, nor was there any evidence that her account was hacked or that classified information went to people who weren’t supposed to have it. Or, just before the election, when he dropped the bomb linking Anthony Wiener’s e-mail account to Hillary Clinton’s and then his last minute announcement that there was no connection.
          Now you can explain why Trump thought General Petraeus would be a wonderful pick for Secretary of State after he was forced to retire from the CIA for passing classified information to his mistress. Petraeus is on probation. He’s damn lucky he’s not rotting in jail.

      • The Electoral College forces candidates to spread their appeal. They can’t just go to their power centers and drive people into a frenzy. Once they win a state, they have to find more states to win. Clinton took California by a 4 Million vote margin. Without that margin should have lost the popular vote. But she can’t use that to overturn Florida’s 120,000 vote loss. Clinton’s appeal is very strong, but only in very limited and populace parts of the country.

        • board worker
          Why not.
          Aside from the fact that it’s in the Constitution and its primary reason for being was to protect the interests of slave owners in slave states. The electoral college tilts toward lower population more rural states. That’s why you get the radical imbalance, both in the electoral college and in the House.
          Tilting the balance of power toward yayhoos is dangerous. Just look at what it’s done.

          • So you want all the power to go to those small yet densely populated area? You actually want tyranny of the majority?

      • Clinton offered the corporate democrats another four years of wall street politics and a cold war over Syria with Russia.

        Or maybe even a hot war. She didn’t really seem to care that what she demanded would have resulted in US fighters attacking Russian planes over Syria.

        I don’t really give a damn how bad Trump will be for the US. Clinton would have been worse for the world.

        • quiniloe,
          In case you haven’t been paying attention, virtually all of Trumps potential picks for cabinet positions have substantial Wall Street connections, most of them Goldman Sachs.
          As for Cold War with Russia over Syria. It’s over a lot more than that.
          This latest phase, if you want to call it a “Cold War”—which nobody is except you—began with the Russo Georgian War and the annexation of Crimea. Pay attention.

    • I voted for Cthulhu. It would have done a better job then either of the other canidates, and the Cult of Cthulhu is more sane than the Republicans or Democrats have been lately.

  2. Unity is something we desperately need in this nation again. We need to be able to disagree agreeably… You can’t have a debate if both sides are in complete agreement.

    • tbolt,
      Sorry, but I don’t feel obligated to play nice with people who insult me and threaten me and threaten my family.
      Asking all of us who found Trump appalling, and that’s putting it nice, to come together kumbya is like asking a victim of abuse to trust that the abuser is so sorry for punching the victim in the face and will never ever do that again.

      • Mom has dropped off Facebook because of how some of her relatives as well as friends of 60+ years from our home state who are Trump supporters behaved on there. She told me the day that she shut down her account that she didn’t understand where this came from, since they weren’t raised this way back.in the 40’s and 50’s. She’s actually pretty heartbroken by this.

      • And asking us to to ignore the left’s Trump derangement syndrome is likewise not going to fly. I’m not going to play nice for those calling to rape the future first lady.

        • Board Worker,
          Who said that? How is it that Trump supporters never fail to come out of nowhere with the most outlandish accusations

          • Jackie, my thoughts are that it’s fake news that is drummed up to feed the flames, or folks on the left that, after 20+ years of attacks on the Clintons and 8 years of attacking the Obamas by the right, have decided that they’re no longer going to turn the other cheek and fight fire with fire after this election cycle. Unfortunetly for Milania and Barron, especially if he is Autistic like there has been some speculation of, is going to.be unfairly targeted at them, just like has happened to Hillary and Chelsea and Michelle Obama. I know it’s not fair, but as the saying says, “What Goes Around, Comes Around”, and unfortunetly for the future First Lady and her son, we might be seeing the start of the “Comes Around” part of that now.

          • Board Worker,
            I did a google search and the only threats I found were anti-Semitic death threats sent to reporter Julia Ioffe after the publication of a GQ profile that Melania didn’t like.

            Response to Joe (see below). It’s fake news that’s not showing up on a google search. E-mail meme?

  3. Oh, dear, sweet, naive Val. “Unity”? We’ll see how long this “unity” idea lasts once you say “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Hannukah”, or “Happy Holidays” to the wrong person…

  4. To all who start, continue or just troll to incite arguments: Can we please keep the political debates out of the comments? This is a place we go to get rid of stress, not find more. Ask yourself this: would you want a customer to walk up and yell the political view you are about to type?

    • Mr. Fueti triggered the political comments with the strip’s topic. Not a criticism. Obviuosly, people need all the venues to vent they can get.

    • I do sincerely apologize for starting a political debate. I honestly did not think my comment would do that.

      PS: Only reason this is posted now and not earlier is because wordpress kept giving me some cookie error.

  5. Remember when Hanukkah coincided with Thanksgiving and all the stores put out their Hanukkah stuff two weeks *after* the holiday ended?

    At least that won’t happen this year.

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