24 thoughts on “December 30, 2015

  1. Flying cars? We’ve had those already with minimal sci-fi, there was the General Lee, KITT, the Fall Guy truck, even the A-Team van and Detective DeeDee McCall’s Dodge Daytona’s were known to fly.

  2. The last thing we really need are moron drivers becoming moron pilots. The idea of flying cars sound great in theory, but just like everything fun, the idiots ruin it for everyone.

  3. I’ve been waiting for flying cars since reading Popular Mechanics in the fifties. It’s clearly not something I’m ever going to see in my lifetime, but when I contemplate the fact that I can drive my Prius down the road in a self-contained, comfortable environment, with GPS guiding me every step of the way, being able to find restaurants, gas stations, rest stops, hotels, and anything else my heart desires at the touch of a button or with a voice command, that’s pretty darn miraculous.

  4. I’ve wanted flying cars ever since watching “The Jetsons” as a kid. I also wanted that food replicator thing and the robot maid.

    • They have found ways to make 3D printers become food replicators to a degree. You have to put the materials in, so limited. With the right input material, they can produce makeup, food, and other items

  5. “At least reality TV will be better for a while”

    As momentarily satisfying as it would be to have “Snookie” and all her ilk hunted down a la Running Man, odds are the producers would have them replaced with someone equally asinine within days…

  6. The Information Technology guys took high-tech and ruined it. Sissified it. Seriously, we need to make technology lustworthy again.

    We should go back to the old Air Force standard of ‘higher, faster, farther,’ when the word ‘technology’ conjured up images of manly researchers and heroic scientists designing rocketships and androids and turbine-powered cars, not nerds-made-good developing facial recognition software and click tracking and airport porno scanners.

    Back when the newer version of a vehicle or a piece of equipment not only performed better than its predecessor, but looked sleeker, too.

    When High Tech meant armor that the Communists couldn’t shoot through, not IRS firewalls that tax-evading hackers can’t burn through.

    Sure, we’ve got great materials science these days, but instead of our best and brightest making the final push toward working fusion reactors, they’re designing personnel databases for HR departments and online advertising that stalks you like a paroled sex offender.

    You can keep your smartphone and your wall-sized TV, but I want my deep-space battlecruisers and warp engines and laser rifles, dammit!”

    Here’s to hoping Stargate SG-1 is a documentary.

  7. I’m satisfied with the trade-off of flying cars for the ability to carry a computer in my pocket. Last thing we need is these distracted drivers being distracted pilots.

    • Agreed on that point. Car drivers on the ground are dangerous enough. Hence the desire to limit access to flying cars to the abovementioned SHIELD agents and MIBs.

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