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  1. That lady would hate my store.

    Where I used to work, store credits were the bottom line. If a customer wanted to return something, it was store credit or exchange. A refund was just a concept that did not exist to this store. And before anyone asks, I am absolutely certain this was legal to do. If it weren’t, I’m sure the legal team at head office would’ve said something.

    The only time a legitimate refund would be allowed is in case of staff error (such as double-charging, price adjust, etc.).

    What a miserable store to work in. No wonder they permanently closed their doors two years ago. The last few months were not a fun time, as head office decided that gift cards & vouchers (ie. store credit from returns) would no longer be accepted. I got the very cliche response of “I’m calling head office!” or “I’ll sue!”; for once, I was actually on their side. I was practically BEGGING them to sue the head office, because that was the only recourse left.

  2. OMG I hated people like this. I mean, if it’s a small, specialized store, a store credit is kind of a problem because of the limited range of merchandise But I used to get people like this in huge, multi-department megaretail stores that sold practically everything. It’s not like you can’t find something to spend the credit on. Hell, we even sold groceries. Hey, everybody eats, right? Spend your $30 store credit on groceries.

    It’s not like I wanted to deny them a refund, it was that I was simply not allowed to do that under certain circumstances (usually no receipt).

    I’ve had people melt down in a shrieking, incoherent rage like in the comic. I’ve had people break down in tears. I’ve had threats of lawsuits, violence, and financial ruin. Me, personally, because I am paid to follow a policy created by some anonymous, ivory tower-dwelling, six-figure executives in a faraway land who could not give two shakes of a rat’s wrinkled a$$ what happens at the cashier level.

    Ugh. I’m so glad I’m out of retail.

  3. Ah, this is why whenever I’m asked if store credit will be alright they act like they’ve just pulled a pin on a grenade and are more than a little relieved when I respond “Oh yeah, sure, no problem.” with a smile.

    • Yeah, these are painful to watch even if you’re not a horrible customer. I can’t understand what bends people out of shape over these things. I mean, I’m fine with a store credit…

  4. It’s the end of the month and you know the major reason for people returning things (who knows when they got the merchandise because there is no receipt or proof of purchase) ? —- Rent/bill payment. When their plans for getting quick cash goes awry they can become totally unhinged.

    • Wow, “Clearing out the bookshelf to abuse the loose return policy for holiday shopping money” is one thing I can wholeheartedly sneer at, but that? That’s just sad…

      I can’t bring myself to make fun of bill panic.

    • Which is why so many expensive items were returned. Not infrequently a spouse would go overboard early in December only to have the other spouse do a reality check in the between-week. We also only did store credit and the panic of not getting either cash or credit card refund was palpable.

    • From my short stint a computer repair for the end-user, I believe it. I suspect it was behind one meltdown over a refund I saw.

    • The dodge I used to get (haven’t had it in a good long while) is someone would want to return something they’d bought with their debit card, but would want cash back. Their logic was that since it was money coming directly from their checking accounts, it was basically cash, and the same thing as if they’d gone to an ATM and paid me in twenties.

      This was either someone trying to return something they’d stolen with a stolen receipt, or someone wanting some quick cash without letting the significant other know about it.

  5. I don’t think I could handle this. I’d either get back in her face and call her every name in the book and order her out of my store or break down in tears weeping. Poor Marla. At least she’s used to it, having worked in retail so long.

  6. THIS! I hate this most about working retail. Is is so hard to understand without the receipt, or if you opened the box you will ONLY get store credit.
    I never knew just how self-centered people were until working behind the counter at returns season.

    • Especially since that’s a pretty universal return policy – you shouldn’t be shocked to encounter it.

      At Borders we had a big sign that clearly stated our return policy, up on the wall right behind the registers. Plenty of times someone would say “You never told me that was your policy!” or “That policy’s not stated anywhere” and I’d point to the sign directly over my head, or pull off a strip of receipt paper and show them the policy printed on the back. Two shots at it wasn’t enough, apparently, and of course nobody would think to ask about the policy either.

  7. Wow, and here I thought it something REALLY heinous, like refusing a return of something that wasn’t even bought at Grumbels…. 🙂

  8. I returned an item recently, and the cashier was nervous when she asked me to swipe my card to process the credit. I was just happy I was within the return time!

    • Turn-over for cashiers is generally pretty high, training poor, and cash registers are extremely complicated to operate. It’s more likely that the cashier was afraid of the register than she was afraid of you

  9. “I wish upon you all the pain you can stand in life and more, you worthless, degenerate monster!!”

    Sooo, you want me to keep working in retail then? Gotcha.

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