10 thoughts on “December 30, 2017

  1. It’s a good idea for a New Year’s resolution!
    Time to surround yourself with positivity by getting rid of those who don’t have a single hint of it in themselves because they like to argue and pick fights. No shortage of people who do that!!!

  2. The Sanzen is already out of your life, Cooper. But what about Stuart? He’s your boss’s boss. Hard to get that out of your life…

    • Luckily Cooper doesn’t have to deal with Stuart on a personal level very much anymore. Poor Marla does though. He has been able to eliminate Sanzen and Brice has also left so that got rid of two jerks out of his life, that’s a good thing.

  3. You can’t agree with any one person all of the time so eventually you’d have no friends left. And it’s not possible to always surround yourself with only positive people since you have to work and sometimes you have to work with jerks like Stuart. And deal with unpleasant customers. And often there are family members you can’t avoid. But as much as possible it’s good to eliminate the negative people.

  4. Depends on how they’re disagreeing – and about what, too. If they just don’t agree on things that don’t really affect life too much, then ehh whatever – just try not to talk about that stuff. If they’re disagreeing about things you find are elemental choices, stuff that affects your life – yeah I can fully understand pulling a Cooper. Seeing a lot of it with American politics lately.

    (No, not opening that door here, just using it as an “Ok, I can see how that would be important enough at this point to jettison people that get crazy with pushing stuff.)

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