26 thoughts on “December 31, 2016

  1. I am not certain if Lunker have off the “screen” or vanished again. Vanished would be grand, but it is probably the former.

  2. Behold the mythical Lunker. It disappears for weeks and appears later to offer wisdom before disappearing into where it came.

  3. Frankly, I doubt aliens would bother to attack us. Our planet doesn’t really have anything that they couldn’t get from a myriad of other planets and asteroids. If they’re advanced enough to get here, they’re advanced enough to make what they want or need from uninhabited celestial bodies.

    If they decided to attack us just because, we wouldn’t have a whisper of a chance against a species that is advanced enough to get here. It’d be like rats rising up against us.

    Face it, we fantasize we’re special enough to attack for our resources, but we’re really not. We fantasize that we’re capable of fighting off such an attack, but we’re really not.

    • Well, we might be tasty, and there are enough of us around to make harvesting us worthwhile.

      See the epic documentary film* Corpse Grinders 2 for a possible scenario.

      *Not really, but it’s a really good bad science fiction film if you’re in the right mood.

      • Beef is tasty, but you don’t go out to the woods and kill a cow when you want a burger, do you? You go to the store and buy meat from domesticated animals. They could kidnap a few of use and breed us for meat. Much easier than invading and conquering the planet. We’re just not that special.

        If anything, the planet could end up being a battleground for TWO superior alien species to fight. We’d be the woodchucks that burrowed in at The Somme the fall of 1916. Wrong place at the wrong time.

      • I couldn’t think of a more toxic mammal to eat on this planet than the human population.

        Malnourished, more body fat than pigs, full of antibiotics and other drug residuals.

        No thanks. I’d think they’d prefer our cows.

    • I don’t know why so many people keep repeating this “puny humans” business.

      What if it took the universe this long to develop to where it could support intelligent life, and humans are the first sapient species to arise?

      I prefer to think that we’re the real-world’s Q, and we’re just getting started.

      • Yeah, we’re definitely the dominant species on this planet, but we barely have the technology to launch rovers to Mars. We can’t even keep ourselves from destroying our homeworld through overpopulation and overconsumption. Do you honestly think we can repel an alien invasion? Heck, all they gotta do is sit back for a couple decades and we’ll do the job for them.

        • Not too worry – Earth’s too big and regenerative for man to destroy. I’ve found that the view that Earth is overpopulated and wrecked is only prevalent among those who live in big cities.

          I’ll agree with you on the Mars project, though I think it’s because we’ve collectively decided to focus our technological development on gadgets rather than anything substantive like space travel equipment.

          We’ve got enough Angry Birds – now time to make nuclear rockets.

          • Yeah, we can’t DESTROY the planet, but we’re doing a bang up job of ruining the environment, which is necessary for survival as we know it. It regenerates, but at a VERY slow pace. We’re destroying much faster than it regenerates. And no, I live on a farm in a very rural area. The biggest city near me is 30 miles away and has 58,000 people. My entire county is 1200 sq miles and has 51,000 people in it. I see it here, too.

            Think of out environment as a house in your neighborhood. It is made uninhabitable through abuse and neglect much faster than it is completely destroyed. It can still have four walls and a roof, but be unusable.

          • Earth will survive, man will survive. Maybe not in the numbers we’re used to, but we’ll survive.

            As for as moving to other planets, I can see us starting a colony somewhere else, but I think it takes far too much energy to make mass-migration feasible.

  4. Oh Lunker the aliens are already here. They’ve been hiding in plain sight using advantage disguise and cloaking technology.

    No I’m not on meds why do you ask?

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