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  1. Don’t you just LOVE it when people decide to share their personal stories/lives/rants/troubles/prejudices with you?

    “Why yes, i’d like to know that you just got off of work after being called in help deal with a murder victim who was stabbed thru the heart by a trans-gendered woman, which you eloquently called a “Crossdressing Faggot?” ,

  2. The person who makes the decision on what to sell here is someone that neither you or I would ever be able to talk to even if we tried.

  3. I’ll admit that I am political in my purchasing decisions but I never harass the store employees like this. If I don’t like the manufacturer I simply do not buy the item.

      • I refuse to shop at a well-known discount store. However, I don’t make a fetish out of my refusal. I just don’t do it. It has gotten to the point where people take an obnoxious stand on everything and demand everyone conform to their expectations. Not gonna happen. I will say, I’m delighted the store’s stock is in decline.

  4. “Ma’am, if the purchasing decisions for all of Grumbel’s were in my hands alone? That brand would be GONE. But my advice is never going to get anywhere near that office. Won’t be tolerated if it does.”

    • At which point, Stuart will show up having overheard the whole exchange, and my job there will end in predictable fashion and speed.

  5. It’s amazing that people don’t know that some lowly employee (and it could’ve been anyone on the other side of this woman’s rant) has no decision making power at all as to what the store sells. Or decisions about prices etc. She could’ve been ranting at any employee in that store. She has no idea of a head office that makes such decisions. When I worked for American Greetings some woman acted like I alone priced the cards and she ranted at me that $3.50 was too high a price for a card. “We only spent $7.00 on the gift!” Hey lady I only put the cards out, I don’t write ’em or price ’em.

    • So she’s upset she had to spend over $10 on a gift? Hope I don’t get her as a secret Santa, cause she sounds like a cheapskate.

  6. “And how do you live with yourself, bullying some store employee who has no say at all in what merchandise the store carries? If you truly cared about the issue, you’d contact the CEO and tell him about it. Instead, you scream at some poor minimum-wage worker whom you know isn’t allowed to fight back or tell you off, then you walk away all smug, thinking that you’ve Stuck It To Da Man!”

    I hate bullies. 🙁

  7. I live with myself by toiling away at this thankless job listening to boobs like you yell at me. Maybe some day I will win the lottery and be able to yell back at you on my final day.

    • It is a fantasy that can somewhat come true. The last day I worked in retail I had a guy yell at me about a section being a mess (post weekend sale) and he insisted I dig through the mess to find a size/colour he wanted. I quickly found what he wanted. Of course, he said I’ve changed my mind. I looked him in the eye and told him “sir, you only wanted to bully an underpaid, overworked retail associate. Today’s my last day and I can tell you this – I will never, ever talk to any person the way you talked to me. Good day.” He of course complained to the manager who had the choice of sending me home or keeping me on the floor help with the sale clean-up and go-backs. I finished my shift.

  8. Yes. Making an ethical stand by protesting to someone who can’t do anything, and thus annoying them, just to make yourself feel better.

    (sort of like what I’m doing but shut up 😉 )

  9. FINALLY. I’ve been wondering where Heather has been for the past couple of weeks. And it’s amazing how much control she has over what brands an entire department store chain carries! I had no idea that one simple store employee made all of those decisions.

    Oh wait.

  10. Earlier this year I had a customer demand to speak to a Manager to protest my companies’ support of Planned Parenthood. (I was the manager in question here, I just listened to the customer ran for a few minutes and assured I would pass her complaints along…)

  11. I once had a customer insist I escort her out because she was afraid of “the Mexican guy” in our store (this was a very busy store with no distinct customer base, so no ethnicity was unusual to see). Bonus points: the guy in question was in a wheelchair. If she was that scared, she must’ve dug up a ton of courage just to leave her home.

    • I’ve given out the corporate number a few times to complainers, and I can almost guarantee none of them actually took the time to make a formal complaint. Even the online form on our website – people just don’t want to actually go to any effort to get these things changed, they just want to yell at someone about it, because they’re angry.

      I had a woman not long ago get upset because we no longer gift wrapped our packages (we never did this, by the way), and she insisted that she’d gotten some wedding gifts wrapped just a year or two ago, right at my store (we did no gift wrapping in the last five years I’ve been there). She went on and on about how awful it was, how she’d have to “get someone to wrap this for me” (which is a big hint as to her annoyance), and so on. Bear in mind we’d already boxed her item in a gift box – it’s not like she would have to wrap a basketball or something odd shaped. We offered to give her the customer comment contacts, but she declined. She just wanted someone to wrap her gift because she couldn’t be bothered to.

      I almost offered to wrap it, if she’d pay me my hourly rate at work, but I thought better of it – she wouldn’t have paid anyway.

  12. Yep, typical self-righteous idiot. What’s she even doing in the store? Your average dept store is going to be filled with stuff made in China, from companies owed by billionaires, whose main goal in life is to make sure the stock holders are happy. You want fair trade items or something like that, go to a small, locally-owned store that stocks handmade, organic, locally-made items. But of course, Ms. Complainer probably also wants to pay as little as possible, doesn’t she…

  13. It’s the topic of her rant that gets to me. I have a cousin who at the slightest mention of politics at Thanksgiving, will go into how amazed she is every day that the sky isn’t on fire since Obama took office. I’m sure everyone has one person in their family like that for every high official to local school board president.

  14. “Oh, thank God you said something! I happen to have here a petition on that very subject, addressed to the CEO and CFO of the company; all you need to do is sign right here with your full name, and then fill out the places for your home phone, work phone, snail-mail address and e-mail addy; and as soon as the petition is filled up I’ll be sending it in for you, don’t you worry.”

    Watch her run.

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