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    • JDB,
      He’s what is generally referred to as a “chicken hawk”. Gay men who hit on teenaged boys are not held in high regard in the gay community.
      On the other hand, now Donnie knows what it feels like.

      • Do we really know how old Donnie is? I always assumed he was in his 20s at least considering he was going after Amber who definitely looks mid-20s at least and nobody (I.E. Cooper) has ever used the “she’s too old for you” line to discourage him…

        Anyway, it could go either way based off of the art, but IMO Donnie is quite a few years older than “teenager”.

        • I always pictured Donnie to be in his 20s, at least over 18 (mainly because most states have labor laws that would prevent him from doing a lot of the jobs we’ve seen him do as a minor). Based on how he acts and with the ambiguity of the artwork, I’d put Donnie in his early mid 20s (22-24).
          So, the customer is hardly a cradle robber… still lacks any class, but hey, I’m not going to pretend that being gay magically makes you immune from all the less desirable traits of humanity.

  1. It’s a sucky situation regardless of gender. You’re at work, you don’t want to be hit on and your co-workers or superiors don’t respect you for it.

  2. So Donnie, she ought to be flattered when some guy she doesn’t know calls her “hot stuff” and acts like she ought to be honoured he wants to go out with her? Well, are YOU flattered? Too bad this is a Saturday strip, I wonder how he answered.

  3. Am I the only one sorely disappointed with Donnie’s thoughts on this? So he thinks that harassment is something she should be grateful for? Just cause she’s pretty doesn’t give random strangers the right to talk to her like they know her, or throw out rude ‘invitations.’

    You used to be cool, Donnie.

    • I get the impression from years of being party to conversations about this that some guys really are operating under the mistaken assumption that it’s flattering (rather than just being harassing jerks). Those are the guys who actually tend to benefit from being educated on the subject. So I’m willing to cut Donnie some slack as long as he’s willing to accept that it’s not nearly as flattering as he seems to think when it’s explained to him.

    • The occasional compliment or flirtation is hardly harassment. Just because she is tired of getting them doesn’t make it harassment. Now if it were the same guy over and over then yes it would be harassment. I swear today’s tumblr generation have diluted the meaning of that word (and several others) so much it’s ridiculous.

      • The occasional compliment or flirtation is indeed hardly harassment, at the right time and in the right place… while someone is at work is neither the right time nor place. At a bar, or club, or any other gathering place that people go to with the intention of meeting other people, if the girl doesn’t like what you have to say, she can very safely tell you to go flog yourself, at work though, she has to walk the fine line between telling you she isn’t interested without running the risk of “providing bad service”, and it is that fine line that guys who hit on girls who are at work are counting on… which, frankly, pushes into the harrassment side of things.

        • The fact that it’s at work is exactly the part where it becomes a problem. Just like it would also put a retail worker in an uncomfortable position if a customer were to try converting the retail worker to their religion while the retail worker was on the clock. Especially if you’re working for a company that subscribes to the policy of “the customer is always right” where corporate bends over backwards even for customers who are clearly in the wrong.

          If this was on the street or at a club, Amber and Donnie are in the position to give a very forceful and emphatic “no” and can drop a few f-bombs and other curses if the more civil “no” is being ignored. At work, they are not.

          • Any unwanted advances is harassment. And like was already said, the fact she is at work is what makes it absolutely harassment, because its not like she can just leave, or tell the guy to F off.

            If they were on the street, it wouldn’t make it any better. “Hot stuff” cannot possibly be a sincere compliment. He’s just being a douche. Doesn’t matter who he’s actually talking to.

          • yes and no- it’s not the advance being unwanted that makes it harassment, it’s when it is either an inappropriate location- like, in this case, it being when they are at work- or if you keep doing it. (for example, when Donnie asked out Amber, it wasn’t harassment. Ill-advised, yes. Harassment? no.)

      • As others have argued the ‘time and place’ I will argue the ‘flirtation or compliment’. Catcalls and similar are neither because they aren’t meant to make the other person feel good, they’re meant to make the speaker fel mightier, just like an insult does.

      • Yes he did condone people asking out other people at work in a rude way by saying it’s not harassment. And using ‘sjw’ doesn’t make you any more intelligent, or your argumentation more poignant.

    • They take it seriously because it’s so true to life. About 99.9% of the situations depicted in these strips have happened at least once to a large majority of the readers, so they feel the need to comment on things that they’ve experienced.

  4. I notice there are some strong opinions on Donnie’s thoughts, but nothing said about Amber being presumptuous. She had her back turned to Pink Panther and just automatically assumed he was talking to her. If a guy had been so quick to assume, he would be labeled as obnoxious or self-absorbed.

    • Probably because it’s not the first time random strangers have expected her to want a date with them. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone (man or woman) ask a random man out for a date.

      • Amber he had her back turned to him, and acted like no one else was around. Sorry, but I’m not chalking up her presumption to some hypothetical experiences. And of course you wouldn’t witness a random person being asked out, why would you? I’ve never seen a random woman get asked out, but that doesn’t mean it never happens.

        • Except they aren’t hypothetical; the comic has shown her getting harassed before. It isn’t obnoxious or self-absorbed to react to something that happens to you all the time. She was mistaken in *this* instance but that doesn’t make her reaction unreasonable.

          • Ah yes, because implying someone is gay because he’s wearing something pink isn’t presumptuous, lol.

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