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  1. I know the stores at the mall around me actually have a thing for this. Basically the mall has a special kiosk area thing where you pay a certain amount for basically a locker from them, and then they will hold it for you while you shop and/or carry it out to your car. I know depending on how much stuff you have they will give you discount. The biggest I think I have ever seen someone put into those lockers was a 50 inch flat screen TV.

    • My local mall offers carryout service for free. Car break-ins are a hugs problem because the mall is sloe to an interstate, so the mall does not want people taking purchases out to their cars until they are ready to leave the property.

  2. Not completely unreasonable, really. LL Bean offers free shipping in store as well as online. I’m sure other companies do as well.

  3. She seems to want them to give her free delivery of this stuff to her home instead of her having to take it to her car herself then go on shopping. It might be convenient but I’d rather have it that day rather than wait for it. The locker idea is a good one only you might still have to shlepp all that stuff through the mall to the lockers. Maybe they ought to have carts you get for the mall itself rather than one for each store so you don’t have to shlepp your purchases from one store to another. You can lose them that way, once I had a bag from one store and set it down to look at stuff in another store and left that store without the bag. Naturally when I came back to get it it was gone.

    • My mall used to have carts. They were free but people would just leave them everywhere instead of returning them. Then they started charging a dollar but you got 50 cents back when you returned the cart. People still left them all over, but it was a boon for me because I’d put them back and pocket the 50 cents.

    • I would say an excess of entitlement rather than lack of intelligence is at play here, they are both common conditions that can present similar symptoms. It is also very common to have both at once but not required.

  4. Actually, I don’t see this being all that unreasonable in some situations. It is the Christmas shopping season, and if the customer is gift shopping, it would save her the effort and expense of mailing the things herself. Of course, this assumes that she’s sending at least $100 worth of gifts to a single address, but if that’s the case, so much the better, and it does give her the ability to examine for herself the items she’s buying.

    Though I doubt that’s the case here.

    • the only way it makes real sense is if it is a large item like an appliance. That could easily be her entire purchase right there and having the store staff do all the extra work to package and ship the items is putting more work on an already overworked and understaffed store with corporate expecting it to not slow them down at all.

    • I could tell you why, but that wouldn’t be very polite of me.

      Thing is, we aren’t talking about an appliance purchase, or even a store that sells appliances.

      • Yeah personal insults are always a great way to make a point. Keep at it. If that’s the only way you can argue, you’re one of the good guys.

    • There’s a now lost silent Laurel & Hardy comedy (Hats Off!) where they played door-to-door washing machine salesmen. They later reshot the short for the sound era only they were delivering a piano in that one (The Music Box)

  5. Actually not a bad idea. It would encourage people to buy a lot instore and if limited to a single address wouldn’t be that expensive to implement.

  6. I was going to say “Why don’t you just get a cart?” but then I remembered Grumbels is part of a mall. I don’t think any malls have shopping carts you can push around the entire mall…. do they?

  7. Actually, not that crazy of a request.
    Back in the “Golden Era” of retail in the early 1900’s, here in Canada the 2 major department store chains: Eaton’s and Simpson’s did this as a matter of course.
    Madame would go out shopping, have her purchases charged to her account and they would be delivered to her home later that day.
    Although the stores did try to encourage customers to take their purchases with them with advertising slogans that read “The purchase you take with you arrives at your home when you do”, so I assume that even then, the companies were trying to cut down on this practice.

  8. Unclear on the concept.

    Online purchases HAVE to be shipped. Getting it for free is just icing on the cake, and incentive to spend more. If you’re physically at the mall, you schlep your stuff around. You can always buy a wheelie cart like people sometimes use to take grocery shopping, and take that with you.

    If companies aren’t willing to give stores enough payroll hours to have a decent ratio of staff to customers, they sure as hell aren’t going to staff enough people to handle shipping – especially for free!

    • Maybe the extra holiday help they hire can do this, hire someone just for it. Because it would be worth it. I have often thought “Oh I want to buy this too but I simply can’t carry anything else through the store, what I have is heavy enough already!” I may think I’ll come back for it but I don’t. If they did have such a shipping service I would be inclined to buy more. I’m sure others would feel the same. Have it only during the Christmas buying season though, and discontinue it afterward.

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