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  1. This is actually an entire summary of my time in retail. I am there to completely do whatever I can for the customers and for the most part I completely agree with everything they are making an argument about. All I want to do is get it done as fast as possible and please spare me the arguing because I am on your side and agree with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. To be fair a lot of those shops that set up over Christmas selling toys and other novelties are really doggy on returns for clearly faulty product so i can understand being high strung and ready to fight when the product you get is broken. Ya can probably chill at the big box stores though.

    • Some of the ones around here at Christmas time have found a good way around that, they’re closed up and gone by December 26th!

      How do I know, when their junk breaks and they find the kiosk gone, the folks who bought there come to my store to see of something can be done to fix it.

  3. I went to a local fast food establishment today, on a college campus (where I used to attend, I was getting a teddy bear with my alma mater logos on it to send to a close family member) and while I was there, I decided to get some food to take home. They were having issues with their card reader, and they ended up charging me twice (I checked before I left the premises). I mentioned it to the employees who sold me tacos and other tasty goods, and they told me I could talk to people at another part of the building. I told the cashier/manager/misc employee that I’d rather just have the food I paid for, as I was dealing with metered parking on the campus. She looked at m funny, but did it with a smile. The smile that said “you saved me from being bitched at for malfunctioning equipment.” I’m sure she’s used to dealing with college kids who can barely afford a couple cheap tacos, let alone a combo meal and a drink. I took the food I ordered, times 2, home to my boyfriend and life was good. I like avoiding annoying refunds on credit transactions that may cause problems for employees who were just trying to do their jobs…

    • Couple notes on Jen’s story about the double charge:

      1) Did it end up posting to your account twice? Many times the original charge will pend against your account and then drop off 3-5 business days later.

      Most credit transactions are a two part process. First get an authorization for an amount then finalize the transaction and get paid. If the finalization never occurs, the merchant never gets paid. Yes, you will see two transactions immediately and yes your balance (or available credit) is reduced by both until one of them drops off. But in the end, there’s no net loss to you; the hold against the funds is released and it is as if that charge/hold was never there (BUT a legitimate charge can still post even if it isn’t finalized before it drops).

      Also, those amounts can change. Check your account next time you get gas with a card. Chances are you see a pending transaction for $1 or somewhere between $50 & $100. Same with restaurants. You’ll see a pending charge for the total bill and a posted charge for your total plus tip (if tipping is a custom you practice where you are).

      2) IF you actually do get double charge (both charges post), you can call your bank and dispute the second charge fairly easily. Most banks, in my experience, have a simple dispute process for clear double charges (clear being the same amount to the penny on the same or consecutive days). Heck, for the bank I worked at any charge under $25 that was disputed as anything OTHER than fraudulent (double charge, incorrect amount, services not rendered, etc.) was simply credited back to the account holder IMMEDIATELY without any further investigation by the bank. Too costly to bother.

      • If you get double-charged or a similar unintentional error occurs, it’s best to call the store first and try and work it out with them directly – especially if it’s a small mom-and-pop type shop. Any time someone disputes a charge with their bank, the seller gets stung with a chargeback fee that’s typically around $30 (even for a $1.99 sale!), and if they get too many disputes their processing fees could get raised. It really hurts small sellers when customers do this.

        • this was a large chain, when I told the manager I’d just take the food I was charged for she smiled and said “ok!” They were willing to give me my food for free if the card reader wouldn’t work in the first place. so once I was double charged they were more than happy to help me. shocking for a large company, but I didn’t want to go through phone calls and talking to people when just receiving what i was charged for worked out for everyone.

      • I check my online statements/balance regularly, and this is the first time I’ve received a double charge (which affected by available balance) from anywhere. When I go out to eat at a restaurant an they bring my bill, give them my card, and then I am given a thing to sign and apply the tip, I am then charged for the pre tip amount initially, later I am charged for the full amount plus tip. But the first thing was pending.
        I’ve also seen the $1 authorization charges for things like gas.
        The fast food incident was fully taken out of my account twice. I’ve been using online banking long enough to know the difference between pending and fully charged. Most major chain restaurants do take credit transactions out immediately. small businesses (at least in my area) tend to take couple business days)
        I could have gone to an office on that campus and gotten my money back, but having more food was easier and it made my boyfriend happy.

  4. Wow Jen, I bet you made that employee’s day. Good for you.

    I remember one time I was visiting the store I worked at as a customer and witnessed a customer yelling at our assistant manager demanding a refund for something. She’d already said yes to the refund but apparently the customer had a hard time taking yes for an answer.

    • I had a customer get mad at me at work one day because when he returned an item and it was put back on his card he hadn’t yet received the funds. one of my employees said it took 1 day. When it really takes a couple business days. This guy was belligerent. I explained to him, as detailed and as calmly as I could, that the funds would return, but in a couple days, and if there were issues, he could take the receipt that said we put the funds back to his card to his bank and they should be able to rectify it.
      7 years in retail and I’ve had maybe 2 people act like that.

  5. Some people come in looking for a fight, and if you do anything as audacious as agreeing with them, they find something else to b*tch about, usually something that makes no sense. I once got yelled at by a customer because our department signs had no capital letters in them. Yeah, I’ll get right on that.

    • Technically, this comic is already a redo.

      There was another comic a few years back where the customer also had a “script”.

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