31 thoughts on “December 9, 2015

  1. Okay that is one i can kind of understand getting the mix up on for someone not from the modern generation. Still i wouldnt say no to a dyson those are good vacuum cleaners that aren’t cheap.

    • Agreed, if it was me I’d just laugh at the misunderstanding explain the mix up and say thanks for the vacuum. If the granddaughters a teenager it would be an important lesson on showing pics and giving a detailed description of the items you want. Even if he had know it was a tablet computer she wanted there are so many on the market its best to tell people why that is the one you want.

    • I’m rather disappointed with my Dyson tbh. It has some not very well thought out features that really make the whole experience of emptying the container rather frustrating.

  2. Not to be a total a** but a Surface Pro is actually also a vacuum, it is a professional wet & dry vacuum made by Dustless and goes for about $280 retail.

  3. I want a grandpa like that. What a sweetheart.

    I also want a surface pro, but seeing as new ones are $1200 CAN I won’t be asking my grandparents for one

    I mean my grandparents are generous but c’mon

  4. I’m sure Cooper will direct Grandpa to the correct department but I don’t know if Grandpa will want to spring for it. I’m a grandmother and we’re getting our granddaughters a new computer for Christmas. But not a Surface Pro.

    • I have one. But it’s impossible to change the belt on it. I simply can’t budge the arm or whatever you call it that pulls it into place. We don’t have a car so I can’t take it to the Kirby shop to have them do it. It’s basically a very big paperweight right now, but I keep it because my brother, who is gone now, gave it to me.

      • I imagine if you strapped it onto a luggage roller so it’d be easy to roll around outside, you would find that while you’d probably get more than a few funny looks, it wouldn’t be impossible to get onto a public bus to get it to a place that can service it. I’d check at your local thrift store in the luggage isle for a two wheeled luggage trolly and tie it on with a couple luggage straps.

        • alternately, you could check the local classifieds for a local general handy man and see if any in your area would be able to do it for a fair price.

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