16 thoughts on “February 1, 2017

  1. You have a friend try the best to be nice witch is good but it was unfortunately also an underlining of a lifetime problem you will have to deal with through the rest of your days which sucks… but hey you’re boyfriends cute so life is ok’ish.

    • kitenkaiba,
      I know it’s just the internet, but would it be at all possible for you to proofread before you hit that “post comment” button? Between the spelling errors, the mangled syntax and grammar and the AWOL punctuation, I have not the faintest idea what you are trying to say.

      • Jackie, after reading that I wish I could agree with Val, but alas, you have crushed my own oft-wavering faith in humanity. If you truly can’t figure out what was meant then I have to wonder how you manage to make it through any given day.

        Please understand that I normally wouldn’t care, but given the topic and tags of today’s strip, I thought it worth commenting.

        • On a phone, in the five seconds of peace I have from a toddler whose learning to climb bookshelves. But now after bedtime on a computer…

          -You had a friend trying their best to be nice, which is good. However it was unfortunately also an underlining reminder of a lifetime problem you will have to deal with throughout the rest of your days which sucks… But hey! Your boyfriends cute so life is ok’ish.-

          And yeah, I get not enjoying how that was originally written, but if you really could not understand the first draft ‘at all’ you have some problems.

          Also thank you J.F.F.

          • Then kitenkaba, if the problem is a hyperactive toddler (aka normal kid that age) and that’s why you posted gibberish, perhaps it would be best if you would wait until you have more than five minutes of peace. Trying to post while chasing a toddler off the bookcase doesn’t just make you sound stupid, it also puts that kid at risk. Multi-tasking in certain situations is a really bad idea.
            And before you start in on me, been there done that.

        • JFF,
          I don’t get paid to decipher nonsense.
          And trying to guilt trip me by claiming that my impatience with people who can’t be bothered when it comes to communicating with their fellow human beings leads you to not sympathize with a fictional comic strip character is not working. I do not care.
          Ten years in retail where I was paid to decipher nonsense and I came out of it with what’s called “attytude”. If you can’t be bothered to speak (write) clearly, then I can’t be bothered to listen. Had enough of people like you.

          • Jackie…that wasn’t jibberish. In fact it was quite clear, legible and easy to understand. I don’t know why you had difficulty with it, but fine. The thing that was pointed out was that apparently two people didn’t find it as incomprehensible as you claimed to find it. And given the churlish tone of your initial response post, a person saying that there may be a problem if you genuinely can’t understand that, that isn’t guilt tripping, that is commenting. And, given your own apparent obsession with spelling and the like, it is spelled ‘attitude’ not sure where the Y came from.

          • Jackie,

            Actually, you aren’t paid at all. As far as I know, no poster here is.

            Yes, it was a bit awkwardly worded, but it wan’t that hard to comprehend. If it was difficult for you to understand, that reflects more on you.

            Taking pot shots at a parent/guardian/babysitter who was just trying to make a comment during a busy time doesn’t show much compassion. Get over yourself.

    • With all that is wrong in the world today folks, spend your energy solving a problem instead of picking on grammar. Seriously.

    • If nothing happened to either destroy or restore Val’s faith in humanity it was a good day in retail. I wonder if this is the same day on which she and Marla had their chat about racism. And if she will tell Cooper about it.

  2. OK, at the risk of projection: I’m white. But I live in an area where whites are a minority (under 50%). So, every now and then, someone tries to throw that in my face. Does it phase me? No. I am what I am and I’m comfortable with that. I feel no need to feel bad about being a white male, even in today’s political environment. What bothers me more is the emotional impact of the speaker’s hate.

    So, at the risk of projection, I wonder if Val is feeling that way. The implied insult against her race doesn’t bother her as much as the anger behind it. Marla didn’t help. She meant well, but the underlying message tended to come across as “I’m sorry the customer pointed out you’re black” because she focused only on the racist content rather than the overall anger and poor behavior behind it.

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