26 thoughts on “February 11, 2015

  1. UGH!!! I’m paperwork on top of paperwork. And fewer hours of course means that the checklists the associates do takes up even more of the time they could be on the floor. TRIPLE UGH!!!!

  2. Is corporate even keeping track of how many hours they cut? Eventually, there’ll be so few that there will be nobody to run the store because they ran out of hours to give out?

  3. What new this week. Corporate just killed vacation pay for our part-timers. How did store level management find out. Part timers coming to us with questions, if they are reading the letter they received correctly. Why yes you are going from 80 hours vacation plus 3 sick days to zero. Thank you for your ten years of service. It just make you sick to your stomach.

  4. Yep. That’s about right. Any ridiculous email from corporate is usually accompanied by a heads up that they’re cutting hours again.

  5. “Bob C: For some reason, the movie “Office Space” came to mind when I saw this.”

    Ummn yeah, if you could just waste some more time on paperwork, that’d be great.

  6. And they wonder why there’s no loyalty. You treat people like crap, of course they’re not going to care about their jobs. Fewer hours available means fewer associates on the sales floor, and customer service, which is already in the toilet, suffers as a result. They’re just screwing themselves, but they won’t admit it.

  7. Sad thing is, I didn’t even blink at this, cause it reminds me of when Walmart went to their ‘task managment’ system, where workers have to scan their badges and ‘task in’ to certain things they have to do every day. It was a joke overnight, they’d give you 3 hours to stock say, pharmacy, and then there would be 4 pallets of tiny bottles. We just laughed and laughed. To fight the tears of frustration.

  8. At least you would have a reason that all of the stores went from dust to dust. All because they had to work less and got less done in a day.

  9. My work has this, Management has a checklist that includes checking the staffs checklists and they have to write in the number they checked and fax it to the DM.

  10. Once again, I swear that Norm is sitting in our back room watching the cameras, cause I think our corporate makes our managers do things like that too…

  11. “Why yes you are going from 80 hours vacation plus 3 sick days to zero. Thank you for your ten years of service.”
    Race to the bottom. Don’t like it, you can find another job elsewhere. Good luck with that since everybody but Costco operates like this. Even Costco shareholders keep demanding they cut back on employee compensation in a bid to boost profits and dividends.

  12. I worked at Toys R Us for 4 years and this basically is what happened.

    We had 4 people running the whole store. Those were dark times.

  13. The Toy’s “R” Us I worked for was doing that by the time I left in 2001. Sad too, up until that started, it was a good place to work before that.

  14. I had a manager who hired someone to be a supervisor only because she was “an expert in Excel.” She had the personality of a cobra, and zero people skills, but hey! She could create an Excel tracking sheet!

    Which we still use, though she is long gone, and as far as we can tell, nobody in management EVER looks at the damn thing 🙁

  15. To explain how they can ‘keep cutting hours’ and never hit zero the reason is the hours get raised around the Christmas season. How is supposed to work is during the busy time you get the huge amount of hours, hire on new help then the hours get cut in January according to how well they did during the holiday seasons.

    In theory you should have enough hours after that first cut to keep on a few of the new hires ether to increase you staff levels or replace a few who have left over the year. The hours are then adjusted over the year according to the eb and flow of sales.

    Problem is the sales targets are always set higher and higher than the previous year so where once a few hour cuts for a bad month wouldn’t have hurt much. They now just keep cutting the hours right down to Christmas so often even with the injection of holiday time, you don’t actually get back up to the house you even had at the end of January. *rinse and repeat until store closure*

  16. Arthur’s last word balloon is totally unneeded – it’s an email from corporate – OF COURSE there is a note about cutting hours! How could there not be?

  17. We are still showing this one? Corporate have cut hours so much there’s no time for the cartoonist to do his daily squiggle? Come back Norm,we miss you!

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