31 thoughts on “February 11, 2018

  1. Weird thing is…. I saw a stuffed valentine squirrel once. It was the kind that came with a little container of candy. It had a nut mix and had “I’m nuts for you” on the container.

  2. Walmart has sloths, red pandas, llamas, camels, pink flamingos, and koalas in their Valentine’s Day plush line this year. I really want the red panda.

  3. Probably not as noticeable is the absurdity of the 3rd panel “Do you know anyone else in the mall who has them?” We in retail get this kind of question all the time if our retail chain does not carry a particular item. Yes, we are not only suppose to be experts on everything that our chain carries we are suppose to be experts on items that we don’t carry.

    • Yeah stores that would be considered your competition. “Do you suppose Delman’s has them?” I’d say “I don’t know Delman’s merchandise. I work for Grumbel’s. If you want to see what Delman’s sells you’ll have to go over there.”

    • For general merchandise maybe, especially for seasonal. But I think it’s a fair question for specialty things. For example, an automotive parts store.

    • Well, I think (I hope) that it’s more of a “you walk through this mall more often than I do so you’d have more of a chance of noticing the item I’m looking for at some point.”
      When I worked at PetSmart if we didn’t sell something in store or on the website, I’d mention other pet stores I’ve seen it at. Since I worked at a pet store, it can be assumed I had a lot of pets and have been in other specialty store catering to them. It’s just good customer service.

  4. My sister actually has a stuffed squirrel (the toy kind, not the kind that Cooper’s thinking of! Ew!). She got it from a friend.

    Frankly, I have never understood the obsession with stuffed animals that some people have. Yes, they’re cute and all, but for an adult relationship, if someone’s going to give me a gift, I’d rather have something that pertains to a hobby or other interest – not a stuffed toy.

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