10 thoughts on “February 13, 2017

  1. You think thats bad, the craft store near me already has the bits and bobs for Christmas already in for the crafters to start their stuff!!

    • That one actually makes sense to me, though.

      Hand crafted things can take a while to make, and it can be stressful make a bunch all at once during an already busy time of year. If you know that you’re going to be making gifts (or decor to sell), why NOT start early?

      • Yep, craft/fabric stores are the one that don’t inspire rage when I see Christmas stuff early in the year.
        the last wreath I made took me a good three months of evenings.

    • Which one? I was just in Michael’s yesterday looked for a specific model kit, didn’t have it, ended up buying 2 others I didn’t need instead with the 20% off coupon, and I don’t remember seeing X-Mas stuff.

  2. They ought not to put out the candy already, in fact it ought not to have even been sent yet since it gets stale. I wonder how those huge chocolate hearts are selling?

  3. Retail stores do not exist to celebrate holidays and keep them on schedule according to when celebrating the holiday coincides. No, retail exists to make MONEY off of the holiday. Since all the holiday stuff is completely WORTHLESS the day after the holiday, yes ma’am, WE WILL be putting it OUT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Deal with it! And YES, I DO SEE YOU BUYING IT while complaining that it is out! Yes I do see that!

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