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      • quneloe,
        It wasn’t a big fat lie. With the exception of Josh, every single Grumbel’s employee he approached would rather stay put than go work at Delman’s.

        • I see you can’t even with a straight face repost the key word here – “happy”

          That’S what she said. Not what you posted. She said “happy”

      • Bradley is the District Manager. Mina got her Store Manager, Greg, fired and took his job.

        Chloe, the employee that would complain to Brice (Or really anyone who would listen) suspects Bradley and Mina are having an affair.

  1. Ok, Marla, here’s a thought. This is the district Manager of Delmans. As DM he has the power to hire or fire people. Your job security isn’t all that great and you know it. It is unlikely that Delman’s can suck more than Grumbel’s. Maybe, just maaaybe you should reconsider antagonizing him right out of the gate. After all, the worst (and only) thing he did was offer your employers a job. Hardly up there with Mina, Josh or even Stuart.

    • Actually the worst thing he did was try to poach her employees behind her back. It’s one thing to offer her employees a job, it’s another to aggressively recruit her employees in her own store.

        • Eh, I wouldn’t say “and a half.” He’s nowhere near the same level of jerk/weasel/human waste as Josh (by far the worst in the strip). He’s not the insane type of jerk like Stuart, either, who in his pitiable deranged apathy thinks everything he does is right. Nah, he’s just a regular, run-of-the-mill jerk.

          • I don’t even feel he is that much of a jerk tbh. He went to Grumble’s and handed out compliments and business cards and came by once or twice to drop a line about how much busier Delman’s is. Big deal.

      • I don’t see it this way tbh. He owes no loyalty to Grumble’s or Marla, why *shouldn’t* he offer her employees the opportunity for a job interview? It’s on them if they take him up on it or not.

    • Marla tends to hold a grudge and I guess from a certain perspective he was insulting her back then. To her trying to recruit her people was probably like saying “Hey your boss sucks come work for me”.

      I do agree with you though, she shouldn’t really antagonize him right away. It was nothing personal, it was just business.

  2. Uh oh, look out, Marla! He heard Grumbel’s is closing down some of their stores and he probably thinks your store is one of them!

  3. I wonder if Mina flamed out and he’s realized their store here is in serious trouble. You shouldn’t write this off too quickly Marla, it’s not like Grumbels has any loyalty to YOU.

  4. Oh no look what the cat dragged in. I’m with Marla. What do you want Brad? To offer a job? What about Mina? We never found out what happened after Brice quit on her. I think she probably asked Chloe to be her AM but maybe that didn’t work out. There were a lot of hard feelings between them. Maybe Brad wants to offer Marla an AM position under Mina in which case Marla will laugh him all the way out the door.

    • Mina managed to drive every decent employee away from Delman’s, so now it’s just her and the summer help that Marla rejected….

  5. I called it! Several days ago, called that Delman’s would be involved.

    (Had the details wrong but it still counts as a win, nyah!)

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