18 thoughts on “February 14, 2018

  1. *sigh* Marla….

    This is the difference between you and them. Brad and Mina know how to make things happen, while you’ll always be a slave to the powers that be.

    I suppose the world needs dutiful followers and with your attitude you will never rise to more then what you are.

    • Josh, Sad to say this …I agree with what you said. I treated my employees with respect,lead them to make their own solid decisions and ALWAYS let them reap the rewards. but,corporate shut down my store because I ” wasn’t aggressive enough” or ” I would never make within their guidelines because I was not a slave to their ways” In other words,i still believe in fairness,equality,and yes,i do sleep great at night and don’t regret the way I ran the store. As a matter of fact 3 of the 7 employees I had are now managers at other stores and all have told me it was because I gave them the confidence to do what was right.BAMBOT I WAS NOT!..First 3 letters is your clue to what company I am referring to.

    • Mina knows how to “make things happen?”

      You mean like cause mass defections of her own employees (how long did Brice put up her crap), undermine her manager by giving him false information, and set her own employees against one another?

      Sure, if that’s your model. But Marla’s not a slave. She’s trapped in her job more by her responsibilities as a parent, and she’s definitely not a “follower” of Grumbel’s corporate; she’s a problem-solver that makes her store work despite the road blocks thrown in her way.

      The reality is that when the world works its because of people like Marla, and it feeds on its young and self-destructs because of self-absorbed “leaders” like Mina and Brad.

  2. So he’s bragging that Mina learned all her nasty ways from him. Is that supposed to impress Marla so much she’ll give him the time of day? I’d be even less inclined to talk to him now. Later Brad!

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