22 thoughts on “February 15, 2017

    • I think this is commenting less on the weather in April and May, and more on the fact Spring items come out in January. Someone tries to find a coat in February-March because the kid out grew one or theirs got ripped, they are probably out of luck and can just find swimsuits

      • I’ve been caught on both sides of that this winter. My daughter has been complaining that her rain boots are too small (not only did we have a two-week thaw, it’s warm enough here that salt gets used, so there can be puddles of slush or water when it’s below zero, so rain boots are needed). But they aren’t available this early. Then, after the rain boot problem, she damaged her snow pants, but with only a month or two left in snow pants season, no store is stocking them. With luck, her size would be available in clearance, but I was extremely glad when my in-laws figured out a fix, so I didn’t have to try and buy new ones.

      • You have to put the most wanted items in the back of the store (or on the third floor if you have one) so the customers have to walk past all these other tempting items and do some impulse buying.

        • on the other hand, you only see umbrellas for sale (and parked near to the entrance) when it’s raining out. At least here in Maine, anyway.

  1. One year when we had a March Easter, we had a day afterwards when we had the first of the summer seasonal products up, and it was snowing outside.

    • You must not live in New England! 🙂

      We got 8″ of snow the end of the week, 26″ over the weekend and another 12″ish due in tonight into tomorrow.

      No where to put it anymore – spring can’t come soon enough for me! 🙂

      (I’m in midcoast Maine)

    • I know there’s people that like long winters, I just can’t understand it. I’m on the high plains and ready for that last freeze to GO AWAY. For us that’s usually mid March.

    • Yes! Stick around, winter!

      I live in a tourist town, your winters is what makes my winters “green”. (See, you knew there was a reason ya’ll hated me. )


    • “I gotta get the bread and milk. I gotta get the bread and milk! They said SNOW! HOGAAAH I GOTTA GET THE BREAD AND MILK!”

  2. I lived in Connecticut for 11 years so I can empathize. I live in Arizona now. Believe it or not, I still miss real winter now and then.

  3. Lived in Maine so I understand New England winters, but live in the south now. I want “winter” to stick around just so it’s not 96 degrees and humid. Last week was in the mid-80’s. I miss feeling cold from time to time…

  4. Down in the deep south we’re experiencing ‘whiplash weather’ – shorts & tank tops for a day or two followed by several days of sleet & ice.

  5. Vancouver Island. Got close to 3 feet of snow last week, the second big dump of snow this winter, where it NEVER snows. We got in 2 days what we would normally get in 10 years.
    6 days later and due to warmer temps and our typical RAIN… it is almost all gone.
    Blowing rain is still dam cold though.

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