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  1. Insomniac here. 🙂 I go to energy drinks when coffee isn’t cutting it anymore. That being said, after a couple weeks of energy drinks I feel lousy. So, for me, it’s coffee unless I’m desperate and can’t miss work.

    • Did you know that a cup of coffee has more caffeine in it than a can of energy drink? You must just need a different taste now and then. Coffee is also cheaper than those so called energy drinks.

      • Energy drinks have more than just plain old caffeine. I was in college when Red Bull came out, and a single can did the job of several cans of Mtn Dew, but without as much of a horrid “wired/strung out” feeling, plus fewer calories and less sugar.

        Sadly, I can’t drink that stuff anymore. I can drink large amounts of caffeine, but half a Red Bull does weird stuff to me (hint: it’s the other stimulants). I do miss it. I’m trying to learn to drink coffee, but it just tastes like bitter, dirty water.

  2. I would submit that even people who don’t like coffee would agree that it smells wonderful. And good coffee actually tastes as good as it smells. Whereas energy drinks smell nasty, to the point I can’t even get one close enough to my face to find out how it tastes. So that’s where Cooper is right and Donnie is wrong.

    • The “better” energy drinks smell like liquid fruity Jello at best; but often they just smell and taste horrible.

      I started drinking coffee in my 30s for the health benefits and don’t drink it after 2 pm, and everything is OK. I tried an energy drink once, because my SO likes them, and after a few swallows I felt sick for hours and my heart was racing. Never again.

      • Actually, the “5 Hour Energy” energy shots aren’t bad at all. They kind of taste like sour candy. Or course I guess I’m not really qualified to discuss the merits of either coffee or energy drinks as I drink neither.

        • 5-Hour Energy isn’t an energy drink, per say. It’s mostly vitamins and enzymes, which provide a boost to your metabolism. It uses the energy already present in your body, rather than pumping it in from outside.

          • stimulants don’t actually provide any energy either, they just trick your brain into feeling energetic

    • I can’t stand the smell of coffee. It permeates everything, though: the break room where it’s made, people’s clothing… and I have to put up with it. Energy Drinks I can’t smell unless I’m actually trying to drink one myself, so it doesn’t matter so much if it smells nasty.

      • Same here, don’t like the smell of coffee, not fond of energy drinks, I tends to stick with things like Coke, Mountain Dew, Dr. Pepper, and Iced Tea for my caffine.

    • I hate the smell and taste of coffee. It used to give me a headache anytime I’d join my friends at Starbucks so they could get their coffee fix. I’ve been around the smell enough now that the headaches don’t happen anymore (thank goodness!), but I still hate the smell :/

    • I used to dislike the smell of coffee because like some others here, it gave me a headache, but I’ve learned to appreciate it. Regularly drinking cold brew these days, but I still don’t like the taste of hot coffee. Too acidy. Brewing it cold reduces acid content significantly, which is why I prefer it.

      But as the strip says, everyone has their own taste buds. I love root beer, for example, yet some people hate it. It’s an acquired taste.

    • Before I retired, I used to have to be in the managers office everyday after lunch because my job required I be at the computer. He would sit at his desk drinking Red Bull and everytime he opened one, I could swear a baby had just messed it’s diapers. Used to gag me.

    • Actually, I can’t even do the smell of coffee, largely because someone once left their coffee in the break room for a month and let it go moldy since there was a strict rule against touching someone else’s food/drink. That coffee turned green.

  3. Energy drinks aren’t so bad but I’ll only use one in an emergency. Coffee however, I have to have to live. Well almost. If I had to give it up, I would feel life very dreary indeed.

    • Only until your system adjusted. It’s the caffeine; your body gets addicted to it, and like any addiction, there are ‘withdrawal’ symptoms.

  4. The difference is easy for me: One gives me migraines (or at just uncomfortable jitters, depending on the brand), and the other generally doesn’t (have to be super careful with cold brew, though). The more vitamin-y, less caffeinated energy drinks can be a nice boost, though.

  5. I love the smell of coffee and espresso beans, but cannot stand the taste; it’s like that aspartame taste found in diet soda. I’ll take an energy drink like Monster or Red Bull any day, even though they just give me the jitters.

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