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      • However, I wouldn’t want to be seen placing things in my car and walking away. That just tips off thieves on which car to break into.

        Assuming this isn’t the last item, what I’d do is make a note of it and then come back and buy it when I’m ready to leave. If I don’t remember it, it probably wasn’t that important.

  1. I’d have to bite my tongue not to respond with “bitch I service hundreds of people in a day I’m not going to remember them all”

    • I probably would have. Which is one of the reasons I’m glad I don’t have to work retail any longer – I’d be fired so quickly.

      • I would’ve done it in the most saccharinely polite way possible. “I’m terribly sorry, Ma’am. We get so many customers through here each day and I have such a terrible memory that I can’t remember them all. Thank you so much for reminding me about your bags, and here you go.” Plus cheese-eating grin. Tends to bother them even more that way, but who can complain? I was polite and blamed myself!

  2. There are so many people with this attitude. Like they ought to stand out amongst everyone else. This woman needs to check her attitude. Not to mention why she thinks Amber is her personal bag holding service.

    • Amber: Bag? What bag? No, I don’t have anyones bag.

      As if the woman received a receipt for her bag.

      Next time lady, rent a locker form the mall. Most malls have them.

  3. There are a lot of ungrateful customers. Story time:

    Last February we had an extreme cold snap. Highs were only in the low teens with wind chills well below zero. Not that it’s relevant to this story I was the guy who rounds up the shopping carts in the parking lot. I was getting out at 7, a coworker at 730. He agreed to give me a ride home so my Mom wouldn’t have to go out in the extreme cold.

    So 7:30 comes. I don’t see my co-worker anywhere. I ask the Assistant Manager “Where is G?” He tells me “G” is running an errand for him and he’ll be back shortly. About 5 mins later “G” comes back. He says “Sorry Marc, John had me run an errand for him. I’ll tell you about it on the way home.”

    So on the way home “G” tells me about it.

    G: So John had me deliver an item to a customer that they forgot.
    Me: Since when are we a delivery service?
    G: So get this. At 6:30 this customer calls up the manager and tells him she forgot her lamb chops. Can someone deliver them to her house?
    Me: Why can’t she get her lazy ass back to the store?
    G: She said it’s too cold to go back.
    Me: It’s been cold all effing day. It’s about 10 degrees colder now.
    G: I know. So John had me deliver them to her house because I’m so nice.
    Me: Was it far?
    G: No. It was right abound the corner from here in Plainville.
    Me: That’s good. At least you didn’t have to go too far.
    G: So I get to her house. I have the bag in my hand. I ring the doorbell. She opens it. I say it’s “G” from Stop & Shop I have your lamb chops. She snatched the bag out of my hand, gives me a look that it was my fault she forgot her lamb chops and closes the door without saying thank you. I get back in my car and hi-tale it back to the store.
    Me: What an ungrateful bitch. You weren’t her Cashier or bagger. Therefore it’s not your fault she forgot her dumb lamb chops.
    G: I’m not doing that again. The only good thing is I’m getting some gas money from the store.
    Me: It would’ve been funny if you had been “smoking” and you had blown “smoke” in her face when she was rude to you.
    G: Yeah it would have.
    We both chuckled.

    • That stupid cow ought to have given G a huge tip for bringing her the stupid lamb chops. Not just grabbed the bag as though he owed it to her. I’d want to tell her the store did that to her as a favour, it wasn’t part of the service, next time she can come back and get the lamb chops herself and I hope she freezes her hiney off!

  4. Ugh, I hate people like this. I have issues with face-blindness and have helped someone and five minutes later seen them and been like, “Hi! Can I help you?” It’s embarrassing enough without people patronizing you, especially when Amber was doing this chick a favor to begin with.

    • I have the same issue, and I`ve had customers expect me to remember what they asked me three weeks ago! I usually do remember after I`ve been given a few details, but when all a customer has done is said hello, and “don`t you remember,“ I don`t have any idea what they`re talking about. And when I`m on the other side of the counter I`m not nearly self-centered enough to expect the person to remember me, even if I just spoke with them yesterday…

  5. I work with teenagers and feed them every week for free (well it comes from my operating budget) and I have a couple girls who will come into my office and ask for candy or chips that I have and I say no. Then they complain and say that’s not fair. The one time my fiance sent me over chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva and they thew a hissy fit that I wouldn’t give them my treats and threatened to complain to my boss

    I’m always frustrated at their entitlement over thinking that they have a right to free food and to my own personal treats. And then I remember retail– we’ve trained and taught our children through retail and by being litigious that it is their right to get whatever they want, whenever they want, and to reject other people’s feelings. We’ve allowed our children to become selfish brats..

    • If nothing else, I doubt chocolate-covered strawberries from Godiva was the food being given out for free.

      But yeah, the girls were unreasonable- even if they were eligible for the free food, there’s no guarantee you get to pick what, and particularly you don’t get to take food a staff member has put aside for themselves.

    • Me too! I hated it when a customer would come to the counter and begin the conversation with “Remember the conversation we had two months ago?” The honest answer, of course, would be “Not just ‘No’ but ‘Hell no!'”. According to corporate policy, unfortunately, “honesty” is not the best policy.

    • This. But, to the extreme. I don’t even recognize my friends/family sometimes, if they appear in a location unusual for them, wear different style of clothes, or something like that. I came to realize that I don’t recognize people by their faces, but by those patterns, “movement style” (way they walk, wave, etc) and their voice. If there is a large discrepancy in most of those variables, I find it hard to recognize someone, even if I knew them my entire life (my parents and my sister – it happened). Keeping up with the movies is also difficult. 🙂
      And yes, customers did often get offended, but as I said – I’m kind of extreme in that aspect – many acquaintances got offended too. Most of them calm down when I explain the situation in a few words. Well, only most.

      • Oh, and on that note, I got robbed at gunpoint three times in my former workplace. The robber didn’t even wear a mask the third time. When police asked what he looked like, and I was only able to say that he had no mask and no facial hair, they got kind of angry. Oh well, they did get him eventually. 🙂

  6. It’s attitude. The customer probably comes from the office cube culture in a company with some kind of cache. Retail workers are beneath her. She is middle management and boy, would she have Amber’s butt on the line. One Christmas, we had all the registers open along with baggers to speed up the process. I was on the floor helping a customer that wanted to buy an armchair. While I was on the ladder, maneuvering the big box to the floor, another customer, irate about standing on line for check out, came over and started berating me for not helping check-out, that she worked in HR management and I need to get out front right now. Stunned I stared at her and she snapped stop staring and get out there. I was still on the ladder. Luckily the store manager came along and introduced herself, told me to continue helping my customer and guided Ms. HR lady away. Afterwards, my manager begged me not to get upset and please don’t quit … there were still two days plus Christmas Eve to get through. I reminded her fortunately I have the luxury of taking most of January off to recover my usual good humour. I returned by Valentine’s Day.

    • I have to wonder what register all these “Go help get the lines down!” people are expecting you to use (when all the registers are open, at least). One Black Friday I worked, the only register not physically open and taking customers was one express lane, which had a busted register. The register had been busted for quite some time, and in fact the inside cart corral had been pushed over blocking the space a line would’ve gone in the first place. And still someone griped about how there was one register not open. Took the wind out of their sails when told it was broken and there were literally no other registers to check people out at, because both garden registers, layaway, and jewelry were all taking customers that day too.

  7. People who think that retail workers’ so-so short term memory is a sign of poor performance or less deserving nature don’t realize that switching off the kind of engagement that would let one remember faces or numbers after the register has processed the transaction is what keeps the phrase “Going Postal” from becoming “Going Retail.”

  8. I’ve switched from retail to call center work (oddly, there are a lot of similarities, but the customers can’t see my face or hand gestures). and this reminds me of a call I had yesterday.
    Me: Thank you got calling *bank* my name is Jennifer. Can I have your name please?
    Customer: Yeah, you may have been who I was speaking with earlier but *goes on with information*

    I’m thinking “I told you my name. Surely the last person told you THEIR name, so unless we’re BOTH named Jennifer, there’s no reason to assume you just spoke to me. There’s hundreds of people you could have reached. but ok. I’ll play along.”

    I hadn’t talked to her, so I checked the notes, blah blah blah and helped her. But dude. Come on. You expect to call in and get the SAME person you got earlier? It happens all the time.

    But then you DO get the same person twice in a day and it’s actually kinda weird.

    But yeah, the things customers expect us to remember is insane. We talk to hundreds of people a shift (no matter the job, really) and you expect us to remember you asking us to hold your bags? no. just accept that you weren’t someone we’d remember hours later and don’t be a jerk.

  9. [[Customer: Yeah, you may have been who I was speaking with earlier but *goes on with information* ]]

    Unless I’m missing something, it sounds to me like the customer is trying to be nice and save themselves from embarrassment in case they did get the same person and you just happen to remember them.

    • Exactly. I did this just the other day when calling tech support of a hosting provider. I don’t expect the person on the other end to remember me, or my problem, but I only mentioned it after I realized they didn’t ask for me to spell out my (not-at-all-common) name or the domain name. And, it wasn’t months, it was 2 days between the calls.

    • Tone probably determines a lot in this kind of thing. The actual text makes it hard to tell between condescending and simple politeness. I’ve certainly had a TON of people whose WORDS weren’t the problem, but they way they said them…

    • Assuming you mean the customer in the strip, the issue is when she said “I wish I could use that excuse in my job”- there, the customer is acting as if she expected them to recognize her immediately, which is inherently unreasonable unless you’re talking about a regular.

  10. Don’t be so hard on her, Amber! Maybe her job consists of being a test subject for some face-recognition brain implant technology. That’d make the excuse valid, but still – she must realize that not everyone has the same job. They should make a brain implant for that!

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