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  1. Wonder if the recommendation letter is generic (as in no employee names) or if she took the time to each letter specific for each employee.

    • It’s probably a general letter with a single personalised paragraph for the employee. I and some other work mates got that before. It’s kinda cool seeing what the manager had to say in that few sentences.

  2. At least they don’t have one of those ‘you work for us, and us only, regardless of how few hours we schedule you’ mindsets. No, they can’t legally dictate what you do in your off hours (unless there’s some sort of signed agreement n place, which opens the door for other issues a company probably doesn’t want to deal with), but they can schedule you all sorts of bizarre hours that make holding a second job extremely difficult or even impossible.

    With a lot of companies, even a hint that you’re looking for other work (whether as a second job, or to leave your current job entirely) sends up red flags, and they’ll put you on the unofficial ‘minimum hours’ list. There’s actually a good (though not really legitimate) reason for this; it’s to minimize the impact in the event you decide to quit without giving notice.

    • I used to work graveyard for the dark-blue-team. When we were hired we were forced to sign an availability form. It basically said we were available 7 days a week during our graveyard shift. The year that they first decided to have Black Friday on Thursday they scheduled everyone during the day. A lot of us said that our availability forms didn’t permit that. They made us change our forms to available 24-7. After that, only our managers could schedule us, but I’d get phone calls asking if I wanted extra shifts, 24-7. I learned to screen my calls because a lot of AMs would get mad for not wanting extra shifts.

    • My husband once worked for someone like that. It was only part time which we could not live on but to him getting a second job was a betrayal. My husband had no choice but to quit that and get something full time.

    • When I was planning to quit my job in a Chicago camera store in a week or so, the owner got wind of it somehow. As I was leaving that night, he told me not to come back. Just as well; it turned out that I needed the extra time to wrap things up before my move.

    • I took a second job at my last job because after being there for four years I was still entry-level part-time. I had been passed over for promotion five times in one year (four of those five times they hired someone from outside and expected me to train them.) After finding out about my second job, they offered me promotion.

    • I ended up having to work at a retail store, and a drug/gift store. I actually had the assistant manager of the retail store cough and say ‘traitor’ every time he passed me working in the drug store.

      There was a time for a while where I ended up having to work three jobs, one full time and two part time. Thankfully, the years have been kind to me, and I’ve moved into a position where I only have one job that I enjoy very much. But yeah, I always cringe when I hear people say that the people working minimum wage jobs are often lazy. Sometimes they’re just exhausted!

    • Or maybe this is the end of Donnie in the strip. Potentially he’ll bring his girl Heather with him, because the two need each other to flourish as characters.

      At least Marla is understanding. Retail is a vicious world…

  3. Poor Marla. That cringe clearly says she wants to do more for her employees, but her hands are so tied in red tape it’s not funny. 🙁

    • it’s not actually red tape- she probably has a specific dollar amount she can spend per day in wages, and can split it up more-or-less how she likes. That’s something every manager ultimately has to deal with in some form or another, because it’s a function of the fact that Grumbels DOES need to turn a profit. In this case, payroll is restricted because it’s the slow months- particularly in the stockroom, because shipments aren’t often more than a box or two.

  4. I know how you feel Donnie …

    When I worked in retail, the first place they would cut hours was Shipping/Receiving. At one point we went from 120 hours per week to 40 per week, yet they still expected everything to get done. I finally got the “f**k it” attitude and told management if they wanted to cut hours, it was fine by me BUT the first complaint I get from ANYONE about stuff not getting done was gonna hear it from me (I was the shipping/receiving supervisor)! Needless to say, no one was stupid enough to say anything.

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